Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's november!!! I love this month the best out of the months! Crisp air, Football, Burning leaves, Turkey, Family, Voting, Shopping, Birthday. Seriously...what's NOT to love?!

I've been so busy with my photography that I have not scrapped in a very long time. I'm just waiting to be kicked off my CT's! LOL I've got no Mojo for scrapping it seems right now. Our football team is kicking butt still! We have game #2 of playoffs this Friday at home!! I'm in heaven and even if the big L comes...I'm totally ok with it. I've gotten a chance to know a few of those kids one on one and they are amazing! Of course my ever talented cousin is the main reason I go! Go Drew-der! #22 rocks!

I'm a huge football nut. Love it all at any level. Pop-Warner, HS, College, Pro. I'm good with any kind of football. Of the American kind, I must add. Not Soccer. is calling my name. I'm wearing my new scrub pants! Size L!!! Wahoo! Go me!

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Amy Jo said...

I'm hoping the Tigers make it to State Finals again this year because I can't bring myself to attend a game until then! I might jinx them...GO TIGERS! Bring home another win this Friday.

And congrats on the new scrubs! You are rockin this weight loss thing. FYI ~ I had to pull out a pair of my "fat" pants today because I've outgrown my skinnies. Ugh...I need to get my butt in gear and get motivated.