Monday, September 25, 2006

Girls weekend

I am heading up North for the weekend for a girls only weekend with my best friend from college. We started this last year. We just pack all our SB stuff and set up tables and just scrapbook all weekend long. I need to start packing for it tomorrow. I have not done something for personal reasons in soooo long. Sure I do my monthly AC kits but I consider that business work. I am going to take all my pictures and hope that I make a dent!

Then my October is all about Maddy Moo. I have 4 parties booked. One for 10-3-06, 10-7-06, 10-23-06, 10-28-06. And I have a lady that is booking off the 23rd party. So I know I will have one more for sure. My goal is to get two bookings off each party. I want to keep busy up until Thanksgiving and then I take a couple of months off of all my side businesses. Just keep cleaning teeth. But that is it. It's family time.

Well, better get some stuff done around the house so I can spend the day tomorrow packing my stuff! I am hoping this will get me organized at the same time. I have stuff shoved in all different spots so it will be hard to find it all. But once I do, I will get it organized and keep it that way! LOL (hey, it looks good in print)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Busy Day

What a day. Our plumbing line to our main water supply broke today. We have been without water for about 6 hours. The boys don't care. They love that they can pee outside! LOL But I have just held it all day.

What a great topic, eh?!

Well I have been very busy working on projects. I got an frog album done, two envelope albums for the swap with KKG, and one for personal use. I got the pictures from last weekends wedding done and turned them over. Fixed our broken water line, well, ok....I held the flashlight and swept up the mess. And helped put the sink/cabinet back in place. Went to a SU! party. Found the cutest purse stamps!! I will be adding them into my Maddy Moo business.
Printed off the MM catalog.

Wow...and it's only 6:30pm.

Went on the school field trip on friday to Sauder's Village. Rained off & on but still had a nice time. One of the boys that was in our group said to his mom, "Mrs. Stiverson is yelling at me more than you, Mom." FUNNY!
Well, if the kid would not run off or go places that were off limits...not to mention...I waited for the mother to correct him and she didn't so I did! Geesh...How hard can it be to tell your child not to walk on the train tracks? The sign clearly said, DANGER! No One Past this point. Train is active.

Um...yeah....then don't let your 8 yo go running down the tracks. DUH!


Off to pick up the house. Looks like a Toys R Us store right now!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Zander! #8

7:41am....he is now officially 8! WOW....When, how did this happen? I only blinked. I promise.

We started the day off with a 2 hour delay because of fog. It's also picture day.

It's sure to a crazy day at school because of that. We got the cupcakes there with no major problems. Picked up the cake. Now I need to go clean the house to get ready for company tonight.

I am up to my eyes with Baby shower favors and scrapbooking stuff. I was working on a project and didn't get it done so it is all piled on my dining room table. Oh how I love digital scrapbooking! LOL No mess. Just save and close my laptop!

More later...

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11th

I can't believe it has been 5 years since the world was changed forever. I was not affected directly by that event but I have been to NYC to see ground zero. It is a sobering experience. I can't even explain the feelings that rushed over me as I stood there looking out over this huge pit in the middle of a city filled with people. I turned around at one point to look at what was around me and I could see in my head that cloud of smoke and debris coming up the street and the images of people running away. I wondered for a split second what it must have felt like to have lived thru such an event. I am thankful to the core that I can only wonder. I pray I never have such an event brush into my life. I still have that same feeling come over me every time I see the photos from that trip. I transport myself back to that time and I can just feel the goosebumps on my arms starting rise. I am so lucky that I could visit this area first hand. It really helped me to understand the magnitude of the buildings, the surface area, and how many people where really affected directly by that act. As I stood there behind the fence looking up all the other buildings around there I had to remind myself that the height of the world trade center was still taller than any other building in the area. Being a country girl, it was so hard for me to understand the greatness of those structures. The height of them was more than I could imagine. I still can't believe it has happened in my life time.

I did take a moment today to pray for those affected and to really think about how lucky I am to live in a country where we are allowed so many freedoms. I am happy to have my life and thankful for my family and friends. I am truly blessed.

God Bless Us All...and for that we thank YOU.

Monday, September 4, 2006

Back To School

I am 35 y.o. and still dread the night before school. I don't know why. I can never sleep well. His love of school is such a relief. I had always wondered if my love of knowledge would pass on to my children and so far it has. I get such a warm feeling in my heart when I see him with his face buried in a book. I remember how I was at that age. I would lay in bed at night with a little flashlight under the covers so I could continue with that Great Book of the moment.

I signed up to take a photoshop class on Monday nights. It's just 5 weeks. It's a second course. I just hope that this time around I learn something useful. Last time the teacher was not so good and the students were even worse. If you can't "right Click" you don't belong in a photoshop class. I was going to hit the lady next to me so many times. She wanted to know how to "right click" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There were a couple of aged people in there shouldn't have been. I have nothing against seniors learning computers but take the basics first. Not a photoshop class. Zoink...

I have the lunch sack packed and the backpack is ready. Clothes are picked out. Bathes are done. Both, err I mean, all three, KIDS are in bed! LOL I am just sitting here reflecting on what is to come and what we have completed. I wrote a tiny card out to Zander for his lunch sack. I hope he doesn't find it until lunch tomorrow. I just told him how proud I was of him and how fast he is growing up. I will surely miss him something terrible. I feel like a lose a small piece of him every new school year. I wonder if he will still always feel like my little boy. I hope he does. I pray he always knows...

Back to school...

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Labor Day

I really don't think Labor Day means that you labor over house work all day. But that is how I plan to spend it. Just need to get some Hard Core Cleaning done. Gotta get ready for Fall.

Off to clean...probably won't be on here the rest of the weekend.