Thursday, July 31, 2008

Craftymom update

She made it to Salina, KS so far...all is well. Went 8 hrs. today.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Schools Out

This is Krystal Hartley's latest release. And its FREE!! Just sign up for the newsletter to get the secret code/password and you can get this and MANY others for free for a limited time. You can also find my girl AMY SUMRALL there too!
This picture says it all. What a great year and the final hug from one incredible teacher. She is going to do well with her future as a teacher. I'm shocked that school starts again in a month. How will I manage my life this fall. I am a tad stressed about it all...but I know I can do it! (President of our Parent Group)
Where have I been you might be asking?! Well, just busy. Trying so hard to get ready for our city wide garage sale on Friday. Today was my last chance to get ready. I work all day tomorrow. UGH....I needed about a week more. Oh, well.
Plus I am a little down in the dumps lately. Not sure why. I just feel so inadequate. I was just working on my calendar and I am booked every single weekend from now until school starts. So I guess I am feeling the pressure of the 'end of summer' fun.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hoo's Funky-Amy Sumrall

Just to keep both sons feeling the love from's the other one with an owl theme!
This is the freebie kit from Amy Sumrall over at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns. For the Teacher's Pet contest. You must sign up for their newsletter for the password to unlock all the freebies!!

Template by Sine-Clean lines, coming soon.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

RAK'd by NATHY of Cinnamon Designs

I just found out that I was RAK'd this collab kit by Nathy (Cinnamon Designs) over at and JanaMdesigns. The kit is called Sweet Strawberry Cupcakes. And it's pink! What's up with me and pink lately? Kristin Aagard released Charmed Pink, KH & AS released Ooh La La, and now I win a pink kit!

As many of you know, I have NO ISSUES AT ALL scrapping pictures of my boys using pink.
So anyways....A HUGE THANK YOU TO NATHY AND JANA. You made my day! That's two days in a row that I got SUPER NEWS! I'm on a roll! Maybe I should play the lottery! Still waiting to find out some other important news. But not holding my breath for that one.
ETA: It's later!!! Here's my layout. All boy! From a PINK kit.

Houghton Lake 1986

From Left to right: Grandma Joyce, Amy Jo, Terry, & Mom (pregnant with my baby brother) at the Cabin at Houghton Lake in the summer of 1986.

Credits: Sunkissed By Krystal Hartley & Misty Cato.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Templates by Sine

Credits: Amy Sumrall & Krystal Hartley Collab- Ooh La La available at Gottapixel, FaithSisters, or PolkaDotPotato. Template by Sine. She can be found at ScrapOrchard.
Template By Sine: Available at ScrapOrchard. Elements are all a mixture of Kristin Aagard of PlainDigitalWrapper.
Template By Sine: Available at ScrapOrchard. Elements and papers are by Kristin Aagard of PlainDigitalWrapper.

Happy 6th Birthday William

My baby is now officially six! cliche' to say but where did the time go? I should feel very happy today but a small part of me is very sad. He's now a TWO HAND age for the rest of his life and then some! LOL But he's smart, funny, and loveydovey....what more could I ask for? He lives a great life for sure.

SO.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL! Mommy loves you more than you will ever know.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sunkissed by Krystal Hartley and Misty Cato

Publicly stating this here: I LOVE THIS KIT!!!! I think it just might become my all time favorite kit.
I also did a hybrid CD Holder with it!! Template for the CD holder came from by Amber Clegg

This will be available in about 2 hours!! Go to and you will find it on sale 20% off for SATURDAY ONLY! HURRY!! I promise you that you will LOVE THIS KIT! Don't just think summer...Autumn will be here soon and there colors will work perfectly with fall colors and pumpkins! Plan ahead!

Amy Sumrall Summeroo

Credits: Amy Sumrall-Summeroo

This is a picture that Zander took of us at the zoo. It not very often we have our picture taken together. So this is my reminder to stop and smell the flowers more often. Time flies and you can't go backwards. This is a lesson I had to learn the hard way. No matter how hard you try to go back and makes things right it just doesn't work. Just make each day count.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Libby Lou of Sweet Shoppe Designs

Credits: Melty Pops freebie on her blog. I just love these pictures of the boys. This was such an awesome time and I hope they cherish the memories as I do.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ooh la la By Amy Sumrall & Krystal Hartley

Hybrid Card: Who will be the lucky girl to get this one?! Date, Time, Location will placed inside for the recipient!

Ok...let me just say first off...I am NOT, repeat not, a girly girl. So this was very hard for me to work with! LOL But this picture was perfect. Don'tcha think! The kit is super duper cute and frenchy feeling. I know you will love to use for your own girly girls.

Available at Faithsisters, PolkadotPotato, GottaPixel, and SunshineStudio.

I will be back with links later.

Off to take my Grandma to the doctors today.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Charmed Pink by Kristin Aagard

Credits: Kristin Aagard Freebie on her blog. But she also has a new kit called CHARMED PINK available here. And get this....It's only $2?! What?! Please go check it out. You can't go wrong with a 60% off kit! HURRY THOUGH!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Amy Sumrall awarded me this special little treat! She's so stinking awesome I can't even being to tell you. I am joining forces with her little Creative Team on July 26th. As if I haven't already been pimpin' her designs already. But now it will be official.

The rules of the award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog. 2. Link the person you received your award from. 3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. 4. Put links of those blogs on yours. 5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated

MY SEVEN ARE: (in no particular order)

1. Kristin Aagard: I met Kristin during the scraporchard SYTYCD contest. She made all the way to the last round but had to drop out due to family issues. I am sure she had the goods to win a spot. But I just keep downloading all her freebies and then she asked me help her start up her CT. So I said SURE! She is selling at PlainDigitalWrapper right now. Go check her out.

2. Shelley Moore: Long time friend DirectSales Buddy. We have known each other thru several company folding and yet we still come out on top. She is just starting to dabble in designing. She is feeding me with templates currently! WAHOO!

3. Shell Mackay: My most favorite KIWI EVER! she's the only KIWI I know but who's counting. SHE ROCKS MY WORLD. She has the best accent and sense of humor to match it. She's raw. Which is a great thing. She keeps it straight and to the point with so much love you can smell it. I adore this woman.

4. Wendy Myers: My favorite Secret Sister! LOL I got to know Wendy, again, thru a failed business adventure. But she is so sweet and honest. She's always happy and so beautiful. She is very crafty and comes from a very crafty home. Her sister is just a talented.

5. Sonja R.: Another extremely talented Business Friend. She got the gift of talent for sure. She is a born leader. Her DH is away on business in Africa and she continues to run the home just as is he was right there beside her. I admire her so.

6. Lori: Lori's templates really make me smile. I love that she offers them up as freebie. She is very giving and sweet.

7. Summer Simmons: I have admired her designs since the first day I saw them over at PolkaDotPotato. I have framed her papers and have them hanging above my bed. It's art! It's so much more than just scrapbooking paper. And she can sew too! You can find her work at SugarGiggles too!Crafty crafty crafty!

So that's my list of 7. Thanks for thinking of me Amy Sumrall. And now go make someone else's day!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Birthday Card

Credits: Misty Cato: Black Alpha & Stars
Amanda Dykan: Monster and paper
William was begging me to make him a birthday card today.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Chicken pox

Well, we have had our first case of 'the pox' in our house. Will will soon be growing feathers. Or so he thinks! He's loving it. Crazy kid. Wait til they get all over him. He has 9 pox currently.

So I will be busy with comforting him for awhile. If I could be so bold as to ask....would it be ok if I asked a couple of you to send him a little get well card. He asked me just a few minutes ago when he will get his first Birthday and Chicken Pox cards in the mail. Yep...his Birthday is next saturday and now he has this problem!! haha I said...well, I don't know. No one really knows that you are sick yet. So if you need my mailing address...shoot me an email.

Pictures to follow later! ETA: Here's a layout for ya!!

Credits: Kristin Aagard-Oink Cluck Moo kit and Pieces of Him and Amy Sumrall-chickens from different kits

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Connie Prince

Credits: Connie Prince-Play Laugh Grow Kit available at
Top Layout: Template by Jennifer Miller of
Bottom layout: Template by Connie Prince on sale for get this....$1 for 4!!!

Happy Birthday Krystal Hartley

If memory serves me correctly...TODAY should be her special day!

Stop by and wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Tell her Rach sent ya!

Love ya like a sista my dear friend! Stop creating, designing, and just DO for YOU!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Toledo Zoo Flowers

This section is by Ellie Lash Designs
Template by EllieLash too
Word art by :Summer Driggs
Amy Sumrall
is a part of this collab and now a member of the Sunshine girls too! YEAH AMY!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy 14th Anniversary


I can't believe we have made it this far together!! Hard to believe times flies so fast. I have no photo to share since I don't have a scanner. But Enjoy your day!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

TOOT TOOT...Made you look

You have to see my WOW MOMENT! Click my WOW below!

I am just tickled PINK!! THANK YOU!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hey Amy K

YO GIRL FRIEND....I miss you!
Credits: Let's connect collab kit

ETA: this is my very best friend in the whole wide world. She and I went to Dental Hygiene school together and have been friends since 1990. But we now live about 3 hours away and only see each other about once a year. Last year we went to cancun together and had the time of our lives. Heaven- just hanging out with your BFF and no kids or hubbys around! Well, I am missing her terribly right now and really wish I could see her in person. So this was the next best thing...a layout of us!

Friday, July 11, 2008

FRIDAY! or Friday...

Depends on who you ask. I say last day of vacation is finally here. We went to an outdoor water park today for a few hours. It was fun and cheap! We all got in for $32 vs. the $32/person at the indoor one by us.

The lazy river had my name all over it. I lost count how many times I went around in that!!

So...let's see...I have some plugging to do today!

FIRST: Kristin Aagard has her bubble bubble on sale today.
SECOND: Krystal Hartley has a new freebie up on her blog that matches the MUSIC ROOM kit
THIRD: Jennifer Miller of has her template 35% off
4th: My dear friend Shelley Moore has a few freebies up on her blog!
5th: Amy Sumrall has new kit coming out on JULY 16th....seems like light years away if you ask me (wink wink) but its so stinking adorable. I can't wait to see it in full view.

I guess that's enough to keep you all busy for a few minutes!
I will try to get some stuff done tonight but no promises. Might take the night off.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

South Haven Lake Michigan

Yesterday we took another day trip. We went to South Haven, MI to play in Lake Michigan. Just the boys, my MIL, and myself. It was a little on the cool side (windy) but we still had a nice day. That water is freezing though... I got in up to my ankles. That's it for me, thank you very much.

This template is by Jennifer Miller. A simple graphic template which allowed me to work my magic on the rest! Fun!

Other Credits: All Krystal Hartley stuff. Just a hodge podge of all her fun stuff rolled into one! Some old, some new. Some red, some blue. Some recolored, some stayed the same too! LOL

Just a fun filled day at the great lake. The boys had a blast! And they actually got along well!

Credits: Heather Mannings- By the sea (shells), Standing on the beach paper.

ETA: I want you all to know that HEATHER MANNING DID THE PAPER it is NOT a part of my original photo. I did an extraction of the boys and blended them. I have gotten a lot of compliments saying love the large photo...the water (background) is NOT part of my original photo. Please give credit to Heather Manning for that!!
This is my original photo.

Kristin Aagard-Turtle, leaves, acrylic star

Micheline Martin- relax word art

My Piano Room by Krystal Hartley!!

This kit is sure to brighten your day...I know it does mine! I think she has reached and all time high with this newest kit. It's all about music but yet you still can pull off some universal layouts & projects with it too! I have no musical bone in my body nor my family for that matter but I love this kit! Plus...from now until July 16th you get the JACK ALBUM TEMPLATES FREE with purchase of the kit. Available here or here.

Amanda Dykan CT Layouts

Credits: Amanday Dykan-Scary Monsters, Pemberly kit, glitter paperbag alpha.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Downer day

Ladies, I can't possible go into details on this public forum about my life but believe me...I could really use some love today. Tomorrow is going to suck like no other for a member of my family and as you know, that will directly affect me as well. (FAMILY FIRST ALWAYS) So if you have it in you to leave me a small note, I could really use it today and tomorrow. My tears are still flowing as I type this. Please say a prayer for my brother Chad. And pray GOD gives him the strength he needs to make it thru whatever it served down to him tomorrow.

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE....You know I would NEVER just ask this unless it was really really important...

ETA: Thank you for the well wishes and prayers. I felt the love and I am able to look things in a different light today because of it. I know when I need anything who to turn too. My cyber friends are #1 in my 'I need help' book. Karma is B* and everything that comes around goes around. All parties involved will get what they deserve one day. Now I need to continue to support my brother and his son to the best of my abilities and move forward. THANK YOU AGAIN for being there for me when I needed you the most.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Credits: Krystal Hartley-Moody Hues-Zen
Acrylic alpha: Misty Cato -I can see clearly
Template by: Jennifer Miller available at

Doing a guest spot for Jennifer for July. Ummm...template designer! Hello! How perfect could this be! I can still use all my favorite designers stuff plus feed my need for templates! Ahh...heaven!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kimberly Cameron of

This kit is called Out of this World. The alpha is also available for purchase.
The boys loved playing on this spinning saucer at the park.
This kit is called A midsummer night's dream. This are also these totally cool little pixie's/fairies that go with it too. And some pixie dust! Too cute! Go peek! The photo is from a wedding I shot last summer. They were a totally beautiful couple. I hope they are doing well.


Ok...I have been creating layouts but I can't share them yet! Top secret stuff I tell ya! Top secret. I actually have to kill my own mother now since I showed her what I did! LOL JUST KIDDING!!!

I also made my way over to the forum and found this thing called 52 card pick up. You are making a card a week with specific requirements. Well, they are on week 7 now, I think. I have some catching up to do but I am gonna do this! I made one last night. Just the digi part. It's printed and laying right here in front of me. I am so bad about that. I start a million things and never finish. But I will! I tried to make a baby one last night and had no mojo. I had it all done and hated it. So I cleared it out. I wish I would have saved it because sometimes in the morning things look ok. Or the opposite is true! LOL

We worked in the yard all day yesterday and today we are heading to the Toledo Zoo (yes, Again) I have a pass and just love going. There is something magical about zoos for me. I see something new each time. For some it's Disney, for me, it's zoos! Love 'em! And thank you to Kristin for working on my all time biggest request. An adult zoo kit! I saw a sneek peek of a couple animals. WHOA NELLY! Some peoples talent just is soo out of my league. (KH, AS, KA) you know who you are. You make the stupid people so happy! We love you!

Well, I was going to show you my card, but I just remembered....I can't yet. Oops. Sorry! So I do have time to finish it to show the final product!

I did a layout for a challenge that I can post.
Credits: Paula Phillips-Summer Stroll kit. We had to use a template they provided over at ColorLineDesigns. So these are my boys at our local summer rec program. They have a blast here. And I remember doing the same thing when I was little. Ahh...the memories.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Credits: All Krystal Hartley: Mixture of a bunch of stuff. But All her handy work!
Template by Lori.
The photo was taken by my sister this morning while we watched the balloons come in and land. AWESOME!! Watch for a ton more layouts of this cool day! It was mearly by chance that we actually got to see this all happen. So glad we did! So awesome. Maybe its my small town mentalilty but this truly rocked my world seeing all those hot air balloons floating across the sky. So beautiful, peaceful, and best of all: colorful!

Change in plans-Tiimmmbberrr

So there was no zoo trip yesterday. This is why...

Yep... a tree fell on my Mom's house. So we had to help with this issue instead. Lovely Michigan Storm whipped through Wednesday night and my poor brother was home alone when this thing hit. I can't even imagine the sound this must have made. They are coming back on Tuesday to remove it. Yep...Tuesday. I can't even believe the think it's ok to leave this like this for that long but what can we do? Let's just pray there is no major structural damage. But most importantly, no one was hurt.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mini Road trip part deux

So...I'm off again on yet another mini adventure for today and tomorrow!!
I will be HERE tonight and HERE for the day.

Either one will provide excellent photo opps! So all of my designer friends...get busy...Miss Rachel needs a new kit to play with!! heehee

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Time

My little Willy Bob today at the garden center. He loves loves loves having his picture taken. He wanted to sit on this bench with all the flowers and have me take his photo! LOL He was thrilled that he found pink flowers! (his favorite color)

Credits: Sugar Giggles Collab kit. (just can't seem to get enough of this kit!) sorry I keep post layout from it.

Butterfly Garden -SugarGiggles kit

Our summer reading program theme this year is bugs. So we went to the local greenery and built a butterfly garden. We can go back all summer long and see the growth and watch for the butterflys to come.
Credits: Sugar Giggles Collab kit

Hello - Let's Connect Collab

We have just recently let William start to answer the phone. I feel it's important for children to learn proper phone etiquette. But at the same time it's sorta scary teaching them how to use it. He would go up in room, where there is another line and call his Grandma Norma without us knowing! LOL She loved it but that is not acceptable behavior. I have also just taught him how to use my cell phone. My sister can confirm that he has called her directly lately. And his dad is probably going to kill me soon! Will called my mom this past weekend without me knowing and when I caught him and asked how he knew her number he said...I know she's your mom and so I looked for one that said MOM! LOL Smart kid, eh!

Credits: Let's Connect Collab kit.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SugarGiggles Collab Kit

This sweet summer collaboration created by Nikki Beaudreau, Edeline, Amy Hutchinson, Janosch Designs, Summer Simmons, Kim de Smet, Vicki Stegall and Sunflowers is jam packed with tons of awesome papers and elements. You're sure to find elements for every summer occasion in this rockin' kit.

On sale for only $10

Fiesta Ware FREAK

Here's another picture of my Fiesta Sale Trip!! Credits: Let's Connect a collab kit!

A celebration of friendship and technology, Let's Connect is bright, bold, funky and fun! Jam-packed with goodies, this kit contains 85 papers and over 140 elements, including frames, stickers, flowers, glitter, ribbons, cords, speech balloons, word art and 2 alphabets!Let's Connect is the collaboration of Amy Sumrall, Ellie Lash, Flergs, Franziska Altmann, Heather Manning, Kim B's Designs, Krystal Hartley, Lost Gurlz Venture Designs, mgl Scraps, Miss Crow, Moon Scraps, Polka Dot Plum, Sugarplum Paperie, Tracey Monette, Web Designz by Kristi and Wenchd Grafix.This kit is huge! The preview shows only a tiny taste of what you can get...Go get yours! A great deal at $7.99! Available thru or