Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ettes & Co. Pirates

And again some more THEMED feeling type kits by the Ettes!

Ettes & Co. Princess

Ettes & Co. Magical Memories

The Ettes newest kit(s). Could be thought of as a THEME PARK feel type kits! LOL Catching my drift?! Without saying too much, I think you get it, right!

Now this is what I mean

Now this is how I wanted it to be....LOTS of HOOPLA!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Farmer's Market $1 items & NSD sales

ok's a great sale! A TON of stuff is on sale for $1 over at ScrapOrchard in the farmer's Market area. Sine has a bunch of stuff there and I saw Krystal Hartley's Oh No You Didn't kit and her Happy Feet kit there too!? So hurry! I have no clue how long this sale runs but I do know you will not want to miss it!

So if you love great templates, check out Sine's templates. And if you are a fan of word art, you will be in heaven searching the Market.

For now, that's all I am aware of for HUGE SALES. But I am sure with this weekend Being National Scrapbook will have your pick of sales!
UPDATE: Here's another great sale!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Holy freaking! That was very scary. I was literally shaking. I was freaking out that he would be majorly hurt. I loved that he pulled a Talladega Nights-Ricky Bobby move at the end! LOL hahaha Funny stuff after a horrifying end.

I don't think Zander did super good with his picks this week Amy Jo but at Talladega you never know what will happen!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Well I guess the secret is out. Huh...that was not so much fun...I'm disappointed frankly. I had visions of this big huge fanfare event but apparently they just want it known...Krystal Hartley is now going to be an exclusive designer at the Sweet Shoppe!! I have been living on Cloud 9 for a few weeks having known this news! I say we have Perma-smile! I mean, its been one of her dreams since she started, I think! I am so happy for her but I am so disappointed about how it was told. Geez....What's up with that?! Just put it in a newsletter, bam, you know. Tisk tisk....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hot Tamales

Geez oh was sooo hot today here! If we didn't have 20-30 mph winds we would have died of heat stroke. It hit 86 by my car therm. WOWZERS! And literally on Thursday it was 33 degrees in the morning on our way to school??!! I swear, it's no wonder we are sick all the time. Will is dealing with a cold/sinus. Just waiting for MY turn. Ugh.

So I had to have my chol. & sugar checked for a health physical for our insurance. I am pleased to report my overall chol was 146 and my glucose level was 86. Both are within normal limits! Wahoo! I'm just fat! Healthy but fat! That's a PLUS...(pun intended)

So our little park at the end of the street is putting up a new play structure and is looking for volunteers. The boys really want to go down tomorrow and try to help. So I think I may just pack some water & snacks and walk down. I suppose we should bring a screwdriver/hammer but I want to see if we can even help out first before I lug all that down the hill....what goes down..must come back up! LOL hhmmm....we might drive there! LOL

The Ettes have the coolest new kit(s) coming out soon. Its just magic to my ears! Love it!

So many fun exciting secrets happening behind the scenes with my life. I'm busting to tell but alas...fort knox remains solid.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Peta Boardman-bright eyes

New kit by Peta Boardman! Called Bright Eyes! Its so different from what I usually use. I love it!


I truly hate thursdays. My work day is so darn long. I wish I could get out at 5 like a normal job. Grr...And its suppose to be SUPER nice here this weekend. Saying 80. But its 34 now so we shall see!

BOOOO to Thursdays....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Graduation announcements

These are a two of the invitations that I did. Tried to protect the innocent but when you are that good looking, why hide it totally, right!
A big huge thank you goes out to Kristin Aagard. She made me some paper just for this project. Have I told you all how freaking cool that girl is lately? I adore her! I have another one to post yet but I was hoping to show you the real thing in a picture as it is a folded card invite and it looks weird with one upside-down and the other right side up!
This is our cousin. The first of the "second cousins" to start the gradution process. Man, where did that time go? The top invite is the son of local friends of ours. they really have children that old? I swear we just in highschool together ourselves.

Busy Me!

So I have been very very busy these past few days. I have taken on a top secret project that is now all I think and dream about! I had dreams of this project just last night. It was awesome but at the same time a little concerning! LOL

I am NOT going to share my 'job' with you just yet. It's sorta fun keeping it under wraps. I guess Krystal Hartley is wearing off on me. She's the queen of best kept secrets. Fort Knox actually.

I did get a few 'jobs' doing custom work for graduation announcements for a few Hudson Tiger Seniors. I am not going to show those yet either. I need to make sure I remove the 'sensitive' info so no lives will be injuryed during the posts! heehee

I also am excited to share with you my newest fundraiser event. REUSABLE BAGS!
CUSTOM reusable bags!! PRICE: $3.50 each or 2/$6 Sizes on the black ones are 13"tall x12"wide x8"deep Orange ones are 16"tall x20"wide x6"deep So any Hudson Tiger Fans out there looking for got my number!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dino Daze-Kristin Aagard

Credits: Kristin Aagard-Dino Daze featured at Gotta Pixel for the Gotta Grab It $1 event!
Template on lower layout by Sine of SO called SO Groovy

Tall Dark & Handsome-Ettes & Co.

This is such a great kit by the Ettes. I love the papers in this kit and the elements are SUPER fun! Look at how I used one of the elements as a photo mask! FUN STUFF!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yep it's true!!! My MIL is totally Cancer free now!!! WAHOOOO.....Don't let anyone tell her but the second I hung up from her I was bawling my eyes out. The wave of joy that went thru my body was uncontrollable and I couldn't hold it back. The first thing I did when I saw her was just hug her. I'm ready to put this one behind us and move forward. It's been a pretty rotten year so far in 2009 and this was supposed to THEE year that we put all the bad stuff behind us. So from here on out....nothing but good things.

I'm holding on to the thoughts of a weekend in Cali with a dear friend now. I feel I can finally get relaxed with my life a little and enjoy it. School will be out in 5 weeks. We have a cousin graduating HS and looking forward to that too. It's amazing how fast these darn kids grow up.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nature Lover-Peta Boardman

Here's a new layout featuring a couple new things by Peta Boardman. Her Magical Sprinkles Bundles and her Photo Art. AKA Stains! I used the Magical sprinkle and stuff from her New beginnings and Ray of Sunshine kits too. Her stuff is just so unique. Not my typical stuff but I am loving playing it! I'm glad she let me on the team. It's a nice change.

I'm thinking I may need to re structure my summer schedule though. I may take a leave of absence from a couple of my teams. Just for the summer months if they will let me, if not, then time to move on. I do not want to feel pressured to spend the summer tied to the computer. I want to enjoy my time with the boys and see about having a small garden/or just helping the InLaws with theirs! The boys are each growing seeds in the house right now. Will is doing watermelon seed and Zander is growing a Pinto bean plant. He loves his refried beans so this is a good chance for him to see where they come from! Both are doing well at this point! (not a green thumb girl) so time will tell if they produce a product or not!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

The boys ( Zander, Will, Jackson, & Josh) all colored eggs yesterday. This was the end result. Why is it that the Pink always sucks? It always sooooo pale compared to the other colores. The blue was awesome. I have ate 2 already this morning. Gotta love me tomorrow, NOT! heehee and it's back to work day! Poor patients!

Ok...So I found this freebie off the IkeaGoddess blog. It is super cute! And I love poppies so thought I would try it out. I wasn't totally sold on the quality. Quite a few stray pixels on the elements but the papers are super. So I would say it's worth a try! You will just have to fix a few of the elements if that bothers you like it does me. I'm so anal about checking my kits. Darn you Stacy! LOL This is my baby girl, Ginger, laying out in the sun yesterday. She's so darn adorable. I love this little dog like my own child. If you want to try this freeie out go HERE it's called Ready to Enjoy Spring. Really a cute kit just wish the quality was perfect.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Been Busy

Ettes & Company FANS...SALE!!

Guess who turned 39 AGAIN?! Fayette! So in honor of her 9th repeat...oops...did I really type that? Dang it...where's that delete button?? Oh well, I guess you will have to wish her a Happy 39th and just know that she's not 100% truthful there.

So here is what YOU get for Fayette's 39th (+) Birthday.

39% off at the store!

Be sure to tell her Rach sent you! I'm sure she love to know that I am telling her secrets on a public forum. Mwahahaha....*wringing hands

Thursday, April 9, 2009

MIL update

Well it's my MIL's 60th Bday today. And for those who have been following the saga, the surgery went well today. Took double the time they said almost and she appears to be doing ok from what I saw. We will not know for another week or so if the lymphs are clear. But they did see some to take them and have checked.

It was a very long and stressful day. I'm glad its over. I finally had my breakdown too. I got in my van at the hospital and went to turn the key and the tears just fell. I cried it out and felt better and then drove home. I was alone at that point and I think it final hit me. I can't begin to tell you how much that woman means to me. I love her as my own mother. I love her as a dear friend. I just want this gone from her body and to never return. But I know life doesn't always give you what you want. If it did, things would be totally different.

Jennifer Barrette, Kristin Aagard, Tracy Blankenship

Jennifer Barrette: Teen Angst Kit
Kristin Aagard: Sun Showers and Tracy Blankenship

Jennifer Barrette and Tracy Blankenship

Wednesday-half over?

So Spring Break is half over already? WHAAAA that's just not right. Time goes sooo fast. Man.
So it's my FIL Bday today ~52~ and my MIL tomorrow ~60~ and the day of her Cancer Removal Surgery. So we celebrated tonight. It was fun but the thought was always in the back of mind of what was really happening. CANCER SUCKS BIG TIME.

My Sis got 5 teeth removed today too. 4 Wisdom and one that was damaged by the wisdom teeth. So I am sure she is not feeling super tonight. But I'm sure by tomorrow she will be on the road to recovery. As long as she does what she is told! No sucking thru a straw, or anything else that will cause a the clot to come out. Because that hurts like holy hell, trust me. I have had 2 dry sockets in my life and not even child birth hurts worse than a dry socket.

Drove my Mom to the airport this morning so she could fly down to FL to get Grandma and bring her home. So I have spent a lot of time in the car the past few days. I'm ready for a break.

Getting my hairs cut tomorrow. yes, I meant hairS because I am cutting more than just ONE of them! heehee family joke. MIL surgery is at 12:30 if all goes as scheduled. So if you find your self with time, PRAY for her, please. We can use all the prayers we can get tomorrow.

Not sure what is happening for Easter Dinner. Invited to my Dad's side of the family but if my MIL needs us, we will not be going. Life is so crazy. Why can't we be in two places at once? Or even more when needed. I have been busy working on Graduation Invitations. Was asked to do one for another Hudson Senior. So there will be two pieces of my work out there. I love doing that...need to make that a business. Yeah right....Don't think it will cover my day job wages.

That's it for now. I am having major insomnia issues. I think they call it stress induced?!

I have the coolest pictures from the museum that I need to get posted but I have to resize them. My blog is filling up and I only 52% left for space available. I wonder, do I just go make a new blog when this fills up? Or do I go in a delete photos?? hmmm...curious.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm an On Call Girl

Wow you don't hear me say that out loud very much! LOL I couldn't resist. The no stress, do it if I want to offer. So there's what I have done with the latest download. The kit is called A Little Ray of Sunshine. So yep, I am now on Peta Boardman's ON CALL CT! And she's having a sale from now until April 15. So hurry!

This picture is of Will yesterday at the Children's Museum in Indy. He has no clue that he really does have the whole world in his hands right now!

I did this with the kit I bought. Oh it's a great kit. I can see many more layouts coming from both these kits. And that is how I can tell if it is a great kit. When I want to do more than one layout! Now it's finding the time to do that! heehee

Monday, April 6, 2009

Where have I been?

I know you are all sooo worried about where I have been! LOL
well, let's see...I made it thru the week at work, did my volunteer work and made it to Indy!
We went to the childrens museum today and I saw an old friend there! Hi Connie M.

It was so FUN today! Pictures to follow soon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Peta Boardman

Yep...I'm in trouble. I "BOUGHT" something. I can't remember the last thing DIGITAL that I bought? hmm...oh I remember was something of Jennifer Barrette's during one her $1 days so that doesn't really count! LOL

I found this designer named Peta Boardman. OH MY WORD...I am in love. I don't see that she has a CT yet...hmmmm....I can't...I shouldn't...How could I possibly fit anymore into my life?? I wonder...

So go check her out and let me know which one of her kits you love! I have others that really made me smile! Oh I just love her REAL elements! Get it...real...hahaha Anywho....please go see for yourself. I wanna hear what you think!


Credits: Katheryn Estry-Ashland Collection the Basics available at GP.

Look my little Nephew Zayden. He was loving on the blanket I got him at Christmas. look at those eyes! I feel so bad for this child. My heart breaks for him. He's stuck in the middle of an ugly situation that I refuse to talk about. Just pray for him. Pray that he continues to grow and learn and becomes the person I wish for him to become. I adore him! Just know that Aunt Rachie loves you like my own. I will always be here for YOU!