Friday, April 24, 2009

Hot Tamales

Geez oh was sooo hot today here! If we didn't have 20-30 mph winds we would have died of heat stroke. It hit 86 by my car therm. WOWZERS! And literally on Thursday it was 33 degrees in the morning on our way to school??!! I swear, it's no wonder we are sick all the time. Will is dealing with a cold/sinus. Just waiting for MY turn. Ugh.

So I had to have my chol. & sugar checked for a health physical for our insurance. I am pleased to report my overall chol was 146 and my glucose level was 86. Both are within normal limits! Wahoo! I'm just fat! Healthy but fat! That's a PLUS...(pun intended)

So our little park at the end of the street is putting up a new play structure and is looking for volunteers. The boys really want to go down tomorrow and try to help. So I think I may just pack some water & snacks and walk down. I suppose we should bring a screwdriver/hammer but I want to see if we can even help out first before I lug all that down the hill....what goes down..must come back up! LOL hhmmm....we might drive there! LOL

The Ettes have the coolest new kit(s) coming out soon. Its just magic to my ears! Love it!

So many fun exciting secrets happening behind the scenes with my life. I'm busting to tell but alas...fort knox remains solid.

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