Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sine Templates

Sweet Digi Scraps kit from called Fruit Punch. Template by sine.
Krystal Hartley stuff and template by sine
ScrapOrchard Sept. Mega kit on sale for only $3 (save 70%) this weekend. Template by sine included in that MEGA kit!
Template by sine-freebie on her blog. Kit by Libby Weifenbach and ChereKaye called Hootenanny available at SweetShoppeDesigns for 20% off TODAY ONLY. The alpha is layer so you can change the colors! Super cool!

Fall Splendour-KrystalHartley & ZoePearn

Credits: Newest Collab at with Krystal Hartley and Zoe Pearn.
Template on bottom laoyut is from SSD also!
Fall word in top layout is an alpha by Kristin Aagard.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Amy Sumrall Goodies

Amy Jo & Don at my mom's house for Don's Surprise Birthday Party.

Credit: Amy Sumrall-Crafty blues kit

Me & Shell at the last TLC convention. Man, do I miss this girlie. She knows how to have a great time and can make me smile just by thinking of her. Credit: Amy Sumrall- Crafty blues kit

William's Cookie bouquet from Aunt Amy Jo while he was surviving the chicken pox. It was totally cool! Credit: Amy Sumrall - Magic Scratch paper mini kit Template by Sine-blog freebie

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ear infection and life

Well, I have an inner ear infection. Go figure. I have been having sharp pain in my inner ear and neck for a week and I just kept putting it off. Well today I couldn't stand the pain any longer. So I went to the Dr. Yep...just as I figured.

Got some really really rotten news about my boss's family. All I feel comfortable saying is that there was loss of life due to fire to a family member of his. So, I am totally down in the dumps over this.

But, here's the highlight of my day!!! Our Parent Group raised $855 with the Chrysler Drive for the Kids Fundraiser. People had to fill out a questionare and drive a car around the parking lot and we earned $5 for each test drive. It was so great! There are always a few who have to complain about things but overall...I was very pleased with the turn out. Our teachers really rallied around us and helped us out too. The only bad part was that we sooo busy that I couldn't get away to attend Open House with my boys. But I know the teachers really well already and I am totally comfortable that the boys will be fine. And Daddy got to do it so they probably loved that anyways. I didn't get to see/hear what Will's teacher thought of her clipboard but Zander's was very happy. That made my day. This is going to be another great year, I can tell it!

I have been busy doing layouts but you can't see them yet! Big release coming this weekend folks. Be ready to tune in and see what the next big thing by Krystal Hartley is going to be! It's awesome as usually but ...oh wait... I can't tell you that part. Trust me, you won't want to miss the announcement.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nature's Beauty-SweetDigiScraps

Credits: SweetDigiScraps of - Flowers a Go-G0 kit.
Butteryfly Trail by Krystal Hartley.

Senior 09-Kristin Aagard

This is a picture from the photo shoot I did on Saturday for one of my patients. She's so pretty and her personality is fab. Such a fun, free spirited girl. This one was just a goofy one but I think it turned out really well. Love the angles and textures.

Lots of different kits used here....But it's ALL my girl, Kristin Aagard's stuff.
Kits used: Rain Rain-ribbon & clear alpha
Swim Fishy-beads, greenery, paper, flowers, lace
Bubble Bath-flower, glitter splat, glitter swirl, beadwork
Charmed Pink-greenery
Pieces of Him-flower
Painted Acrylic Alpha-freebie on blog
This can all be found at PlainDigitalWrapper

Monday, August 25, 2008

Aquarium-Kristin Aagard

How fun is this kit!!?!! I have been waiting and waiting to scrap this photo of the boys at the aquarium. I just love it! They watched this shark for a very long time. It's one of our favorite spots at the Toledo Zoo. We can spend an hour in the arquarium easily. So check out the kit!
Credits: Kristin Aagard of Fishy And now the BEST PART...Its 40% off right now so hurry!! Only $3 for this rockin water/fishy kit. The water elements in this kit are some of the best I have seen yet. And her papers never let you down either. Super quality and fun all in one!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I WON!!! wahoo! I won SherrieJD's brand new kit called kITSCHY kITCHEN available at
I can't believe it. It's a very HUGE kit. Lots of RED! If you love old style labels and need a cool kitchen kit you might want to go check this one out. It would make for a great recipe book.
SO....THANK YOU SherrieJD.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

6 year molar

WAHOO!!! Big News! Will has his first adult tooth!!! We are thrilled. He has yet to lose a tooth so this is the most excitement we have had tooth wise with him.
Credits: Krystal Hartley: Papers are Vintage Christmas kit-coming soon to PolkaDotPotato. Green alpha.
Template by Sine- SO da Pop available at ScrapOrchard
and finally the tooth is by Jacque Larsen. White bursts are from the tooth elements too.

Hybrid Clipboard 2

Here's the other clipboard for my youngest's teacher. She's a family friend and I had taken some pictures of her children this summer so I put that on there for her.
Credits: Krystal Hartley and Amy Sumrall Collab-ooh la la kit.
Kristin Aagard-flowers, leaves, charm bracelet & Alpha

NOTE: I printed this one on photo quality paper. I did one with just standard computer paper and the color was bleeding badly. And with a white background paper it look horrid. So I Ripped off the first one and printed out this one on a thickher photo paper. Used Spray adhesive to stick it to clip board and covered with Matte ModPodge straight out of the bottle for this one. Last one I added a pinch of water to thin it out but I like it better non thinned.

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Krystal Hartley Freebie

Our very last family photo with Halli. I made the family do this so I could remember this cherished day forever. Still cry every time I think about it. Gosh I loved that dog...
So this bottom one is my new do. Went dark with Red Highlight. And super short. I love the cut but not too sure about the color. I will keep it for awhile but don't expect to see it on me for a long time. I tried it thats all that matters!

Adding some layouts

Summer Simmons- Citrus Grove
Amy Sumrall-Love Monsters
Princess Sophie-Reflecting on Summers Gone #20

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hybrid Clipboard

I made my Hybrid Clipboard for the SSD off the page challenge. I made this for Zander's new teacher. The ModPodge caused some discoloration on a few things but it still looks good. Maybe I should have let it 'set' longer before doing it. I literally took it out of the printer and then went to work. hhmmmm....have to think about that one. Or maybe I should have used different paper? I just used printer paper. Ok, I probably messed this up now that I think about it but it still turned out great either way. I think she will like it. The wording on the back is our school moto. And I had throw in a little apple someplace.

Credits: Misty Cato and Krystal Hartley Collab kit available at sweetshoppedesigns called Sunkissed.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Calling all Digi Designers

My Girl Karma is having a Digi Designers call over at so if you are a designer and want another place to sell or are looking for your first...check this out! Image is clickable to take you to the post for further info.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Last Family Photo

We took one last photo of all us with Halli on Sunday. We did put her to rest this morning. You can see we are all smiling remembering what an awesome member of the family she was to us. Yes, my face is all red from crying but I still managed a smile for my Halli Girl. God Love Her.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Need prayers

The time has come to put my baby down. She has hurt her leg or back severely and we have made our decision that the time has come to do the right thing. She's 12 and does have cancer too. She has been doing great all along with the whole cancer issue but the back issue has us beat. I can't hardly see thru the tears right now. So please send prayers our way to help get thru this very diffucult time tomorrow. I am NOT going to take off work so I need the strength to be strong and focus on the great things she has brought into our lives. So with that, please help me wish HALLI Tosis the best in doggie heaven. And I do believe she will be waiting for me when I arrive at my final resting place as well. She's the best dog ever.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wanna win a RAK

You could win a $3 GC to Sine's store at ScrapOrchard! Go peek and play!

A lil' birdie

Credits: All Krystal Hartley. Just a Mix N Match but mostly highlighting her newest FREEBIE! Available at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns called Then comes Baby. I covered the baby buggy stripe with the yellow paper. Go peek!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Post #666 oops...

Thanks Meredith for the fun quiz. And boy did they peg me right!

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North

You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

The Midland
The Northeast
The South
The West
North Central">What American accent do you have?">Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Michigan International Speedway!

Well, we went to the practice/qualify sessions today at MIS. WOW! The smiles on my oldest boy's face was worth every ounce of energy it took to make this happen! AWESOME~!

Seriously...This day is going down as one of the best memories for us! It is soooo LOUD at the track! wow! You could feel it in your chest. Josh and Z-man are going to the Nationwide race tomorrow. I can't wait to hear all about it! William and I are going to my Mom's.

30% Everything at GottaPixel

Enabler Alert: is having a back to school sale and EVERYTHING in the store is 30% off. And remember, My Girl AMY SUMRALL is a designer there! Hurry!
$4.19 for this kit!

$2.79 for this kit.

You get the point! CHEAP! Hurry!

$2.79 for this one!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Busy busy day

I have spent most of today getting my Photobooks uploaded to print. I was informed that they had to be used up by the end of this month or I would lose them. So I have been feverishly rushing around today to try to complete things. I am down to just 3 plus 2 calendars. Doing good. I am going to just use the old photobook templates to up load a ton of photos and call it good. I can see the reason behind it but at the same time it stresses me out to have to complete nearly a dozen books in less than 3 weeks time. But then it will be totally over for me.

Call me crazy but I sent in a app. for another Template CT. You know me and templates. Wish me luck. Here's the layout I submitted. The kit is from Summer Simmons-Rock N Roll Rainbow.

I am doing a guest CT for Summer for a couple of months. I just love love love her papers. Many they are art in themselves. I have some printed and frames that hang in my bedroom. Not a layout, mind you, just the paper!

Here's another one using a Template by Sine and Summer Simmons-Aqua Chess kit.

Happy BIrthday Meredith (tomorrow!)

I won't be around tomorrow to send you your well wishes so I wanted to do it today! I hope you have the best day EVER. You are such a talented person. I am so blessed to call you my friend. I want you to know that we all adore you over at Krystal CT. I created this small token of love for you on behalf of all us. ENJOY!
Credits: Krystal Hartley and Amy Sumrall Collab-Ooh La La and then a mixture of other Krystal Hartley stuff recolored or reworked to fit.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nascar Nut

Well, I signed up to win tickets to meet Kasey Kahne. The only bad part is you have to be 21 to attend. Zander will be heart broken if we win and he can't go. Josh & Z are going to the Nation Wide Series on Saturday. I just pray he gets a chance to meet is all time favorite driver...Jeff Gordon. #24~ He would just freak out, I'm sure! I think I might zip over to the track on Friday to see if we can just 'look' around. The things we do for our children...ok...fine...I'm a Nascar Nut too! Anywho...just had to share.

Now on the main reason you peek into by blog: Layouts!

I did this one for a challenge over at PlainDigitalWrapper. You had to use NON Masculine items to scrap a male figure. Uh...hello...I had to jump all over that one. I am the queen of flowers and pink on boy layouts! Credits: Template by Sine. Kristin Aagard Elements & papers. I adore that lady! She is so stinking talented and generous. MWAH!

On a personal note: had my physical today. They are going to do a heart monitoring machine to evaluate my irregular beats that I have been having/feeling. I'm sure it just stress...but you can't ever fool around with the heart. So I will keep you all posted. That will happen on the 19th. Followed by a trip to the hair salon the next day. Ahhh... I love having my hair done.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I was picked as Layout of the Day over at PlainDigitalWrapper! It was my layout of Zayden. Seen below a couple of posts. Wahoo! And the best part is...I have no clue who the nominee was! I am so thrilled! I hope Kristin is proud too since it was with her stuff!! THANK YOU KRISTIN for the awesome products.


More pictures from the wedding on Saturday. This bride was just totally and completely beautiful. Inside and out. Such a sweetie.
Template by Sine: SO Retro available at
Kristin Aagard-Charmed Pink Kit and her alpha & greenery. I love love love that lace. The detail on it is bam on the money.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

First Kiss

Photo was from a wedding I shot on Saturday. Beautiful couple.
Sooo much happening here in this one folks. Bear with me on the Credits list:
Template by Sine: SO Retro --available soon!
Krystal Hartley: Pink paper-Sky is Falling kit
Black Paper-My Piano Room Kit
Kristin Aagard: Leaves, Pink Flower, Laces
MangoTango Sunshine Collab: Claudi-pink teardrop gem
Sugar Giggles Collab Kit: Black buttons, bird, Alpha, Acrylic Mat, Black flower, Floss, broach, pink gems, white circle mat.

SugarPlumPaperie: Grungy overlay (blended) on pink paper

Friday, August 8, 2008

Kristin Aagard-Bubble Bath

Credits: Kristin Aagard's newest kit! BubbleBath-available at PlainDigitalWrapper.
Bottom two are done with Template by Sine. Top one is just me playing around.
I swear I have the cutest nephew in the world! Little Zayden is just so sweet. Could eat him up!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beside You

Credits: Template By Sine of
Paper is the new smarty pants by Krystal Hartley available at PolkaDotPotato .99 bar!
Element from My piano room, SunKissed Collab kit, FaithSisters Aug. Collab (recolored)
Clip by Kristin Aagard from PlainDigitalWrapper.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Templates by Sine CTM

How stinking funny is this! This is my new adventure. A job using templates, HUH?! Well, Helllloooo, this was soooo me! So I snagged me a little spot on this wacky team. I can use my Favorite Designers Stuff and templates at the same time. Talk about my dream job! I was born to do this CT team! The girls are so fun. But NOTHING will ever, and I mean EVER, compare to my Homies at Krystal's Krazy Krib. Those ladies there are my #1 always! But a girl can never have to many friends, can she?!
Sine is down in the corner in color. She sells over at Come check her out and all the other cool things happening over there.
I am finding new homes all over the place. I am slowing finding my niche in the world since the bottom fell out of my other one...grrr....burn baby burn.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ginger's Groove By AmySumrall

This is Amy Sumrall's newest kit. I loved the color of this paper. And the fact that it was named GINGER, I mean, how could I NOT use a picture of my Ginger Girl. I love this little dog almost as much as my children. Some days more! She is spoiled spoiled rotten. She has to have one foot touching you at all times when she is by you. She sleeps on my pillow above my head with another pillow propped up so doesn't fall between the headboard and mattress. She is 13 lbs of pure love. Her faults include that you can NOT talk to or be near another pet or child without her running up to you and 'butting' in on the action. She barks like a mad woman at the sweeper unless you have someone hold her while you sweep. She will not eat her heart worm pills unless you break them into tiny pieces. She HATES having the clippers used on her face. So the groomer has to hand cut her head area.
BUT....She loves to cuddle, go for walks, go for rides in the car (only if she can sit on the drives left leg), will lick you to death if you let her. I seriously love this dog, almost to death! She has her faults but don't we all! Her nickname is Sister. She will come to either name! I would get another Shih tzu in a second.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun in the Pool

My Nephew! How cute is this little man?!!
Credits: August Designer Collab mega kit. You have two choices for getting the kit. Buy at 50% off! OR you can receive it free by purchasing anything from Kathryn Estry and Paula Yagisawa!
Template by Sine.