Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Empty Nest Tonight

Well, we won't have any children at home tonight. My SIL is taking both the boys to spend the night with her tonight. Then all of them are going to Sauders Villiage on thursday. It's a Step Back in Time type of place. You can churn butter and the like.

So what am I to do without my boys? It will seem weird, yet quiet! I may just sit on the couch and watch MY tv programs. Which are what???? I haven't a clue. If it is not on Nick or Cartoon Network, I don't know what else is out there. Channel I come!

I may have DH take me out to dinner. hmmm....where to go.

Well, off to get the boys hairs cut. Yes, I said Hairs. It's been a joke with our family for a long time. We don't just one hair...we cut them all.

Just like we eat at the Old Country BUFF ETT Not BUFF A. And any time you see an building/structure going's a Dentist Office. "Look!!! It's a Dentist Office going in right there!!" And a single tree out in the field is called a "poop tree". It's where the farmers go to use the bathroom while working the fields. They need a place to hide behind! That story came from my grandfather. I remember when I was a little little girl he told me that is what they were and I have never forgotten it.

There is a glimps into my crazy life. We have so many "had to be there" sayings. It's so fun to have those silly things that we as a family only know about. It makes us smile when we see it or say it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Recipe Swap

I was just sent an email for taking part in a recipe swap. I don't normally do these because I just don't have the time. But I did it!
Here is my recipe I submitted: Oklahoma Caviar
2 cans of Black eyed peas drained
2 large tomotos cubed
1 or 2 hot peppers chopped
1/4 cup fresh parsley chopped
1/2 cup chopped onions
1 can white hominy drained
1 green pepper chopped
2 garlic cloves crushed
4 green onions chopped tops & all

Mix and cover with 8 oz. of Italian Dressing {reg or fat free} Let stand in frig for 4 hours or longer. Serve with tortilla chips. Keeps well in frig for a long time.

This is a my DH Grandma's recipe. She would bring to all family functions. It was so good. I never knew how easy it was to make until I got the recipe from her. It tastes better the older it gets. I like to make mine atleast 24 hrs before I need it.

I kinda like this idea...I may post more recipes in the future!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tut Tut, looks like rain

Well, we haven't had rain in awhile and the one day I need it to be nice, it's raining. I have a wedding to shoot today and would love to get some outdoor shots. NOPE...don't think so. Dang! They said 60% chance. So at some point today it should stop, right! The wedding isn't until 5:30 so maybe it will have passed by then. And its about 3 hours away from me. I just hope the time passes quickly. I only know the bride because she was in a wedding that I did last summer. She saw my work and asked me to do hers. I really thought I would enjoy it when my photography "took off" but I just don't have the energy right now. I don't know if it is because I worked all week long or what? It's not like me to not get excited at taking pictures. Hmmm.....

Seems like I am loosing my passion for a lot of things. Or just changing my passion. I still feel it but for different things now. Seems like my Maddy Moo passion is alive and well. I can't wait for sept to roll around to get busy with all my parties that are taking place.

So I guess the passion is there, just changing directions? Life is all about change, right. So go with it!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Full Time...

I have been asked to fill in for a co-worker/friend while she goes on vacation. I thought, sure, I will work for you on my days off. I could use the extra money. Oh MAN...what did I do? It's only WEDNESDAY and I am ready to call it quits. I just have to make it thru tomorrow. The office is closed on fridays...TGFF {TG for F} I never knew how much I got done on my days off. I feel so out of sorts. Nothing is getting done and I am so tired.

I just hope the money makes me smile and I forget about this feeling.
I will admit that is has been nice not to be around the computer all day. For whatever reason, I feel compelled to always check my emails during the day.

So it's 9-7 tomorrow and then friday I have to meet Bev in Jackson in the morning, then get ready for the wedding on Saturday that I have to shoot. UGH...Why do I spread myself so thin? It's two little letters, not hard. Let's try......N O followed by an, I can't.
NOTE TO SELF: Just say NO!

Full time? NO!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Glasses will fix it...Oh dear, my first born is now a member of the 4 eyes club! We went tonight for his vision test and he failed miserably. I was sitting there looking at the board and as he was reading the letters/numbers, I was like, HUH? He was saying all sorts of things that were NO WHERE on that board. That was the first line after the large E too! I knew he was moving to my side of the court at that very moment. We are friends with our eye doctor since my mother -in-law worked for him. So we are very comfortable with him. And I gave him "the look" and he gave it back...YES he needs glasses was the look!

He seem to take the news just fine. We went out into the area with the glasses and he picked out a pair and put them on. We went over to the mirror and as soon as he saw his reflection he started crying. I think it was just a shock to see him self that way. So it was just a bunch of crying after that. We finally found a pair that had magnetic clip on sunglasses. He agreed to get them. But they were I 'gently' suggested that he get them in brown to match his hair color. He agrees...shwew. The blue was just too much. That was all I could see when I looked at glasses. So the brown will be much better. He actually looked very nice in all of them.

We came home and called the family to tell them the news. He seems to be warming up to the idea now and wanted to know how he had to wait to get them! 2 weeks! Two long weeks! LOL

I will post a photo once they come in. Darn nearsightedness....

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Whining child trouble

Why is it that no matter how much you love your children you can still want to ship them off to the nearest safe place. My youngest child is driving me nuts this morning. WHINER...oh my gosh...I swear he should have been a girl the way he whines. I feel like I have no control over him when he gets in his moods. I am at my wits end right now. So I just came in the room and shut the door. He is standing there whining about why can't he come in. Oh man...I need some parenting classes. I can't believe this is MY child. I wonder somedays if I am the worst mother on the face of the earth. To have these feelings, I must be a rotten person. It has to get better, doesn't it?!

Off to get the oil changed in the van. Maybe he will sleep on the way there. {please, please, please, let him sleep on the way there} If I don't post for awhile, you know I am still in the fetal position rocking back and forth!

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Futons...bah hum bug

That's it...I am officially banning the word from my vocabulary. I have spent the past two nights on one at my Dad's house and think I would be better off sleeping on bricks. No joke. My back is killing me again. Grr...

Oh man, I just remembered something...I have to have one more encounter with that demon they call portable bedding/furniture. Bev & I have to share one in Indy at my Aunt's house. Crap. Hmm...spend $100 on a hotel or sore back...need to think about it.....

Saturday, August 5, 2006


Here is my family. I was questioned about what my DH looks here you go. He weighed all of 112 lbs when we graduated HS. Guess I am a good cook?! Oh wait, maybe it's the McDonalds that went in our town! Darn golden arches...

Well, Bev & I worked the Auntie Amy's Rubber stamp show today. Let's just say they call it RUBBER STAMP SHOW for a reason. This has been the worst show we have had so far. We sold enough to cover the booth fee but still not out of the red for product value. Live and learn.

Family. It's funny how I secretly wish I could walk away sometimes but then when you are gone, you miss it. I miss my pets too. It's an amazing thing that happens between animals and humans. Love is strong.

My Grandma made it home from the lake finally. I was really starting to miss her and I know she missed us. I can't believe we have gone almost 7 months now since we lost Papa Bill. His voice is still on the answering machine at the house. I will knowly call out there when I know Grandma is gone just to hear his voice. Part of me wishes she would change it but at the same time it is the last part of him that remains in the present. Family...Yep...It's VERY important to me.

Sometimes you don't even need to share my blood to be my family. I have so many special family members in my heart. You know who you are too. My TLC family, my Work family, and my new Maddy Moo Family. It's a great feeling to know you can turn to so many people and have the support you need, when you need it. Thank You All!

Real Rach...getting more Real...