Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meredith Cardall and friends Collab

the Benevolent Boutique kit this month, Here Comes Trouble. This kit is to benefit the Reece's Rainbow Charity, which specializes in International Downs Syndome adoptions. So it's a charity kit and by buying it you will be helping out this great cause. Anyone with a male to scrap should see this kit! And frankly, you could pull it off for that Tom Girl in your life too! I loved working with this kit! I will post links to the store once I have them! For now, you will just have to sit and drool over the kit.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

EHD died...part two

And another bites the dust. Seriously. WHY????? I am not having good luck right now am I? I could just puke. I am literally sick to my stomach.

I only have a few kits to Re Download. The newest ones. I was going to start putting them a disk the SECOND I got them know how the best laid plans go...
Off to download AGAIN to DVD's this time.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ADSR Challenge #8

This challenge was to Scraplift your IDOL. I choose WendyW from Krystal Hartley's team. Wendy has been with Krystal for along time and I have always secretly wished I could scrap like her. So I picked this layout of hers to lift. I love bright and bold as you all know by now. So this was perfect for me. Credits available by clicking on the layout.
Then you had to use the word DREAM on the layout and a STAR.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nikki Painter-Heart Decor

This was me a year ago. I loved it. I just can't believe its been a year. Where does time go?
Credits: Nikki Painter of FaithSisters-Heart Decor. Template by Tracy Blankenship.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cordia Soncrant-Silvia Romeo

Credits: Silvia Romeo-Viennese Waltz available at
Putting my scanner to go use! Thanks again Shell! This is a picture of Josh's Great Grandma or the boys Great Great Grandma from Josh's Mom's side of the family. I am not sure I ever met her. But her Daughter (Grandma Tommi) was someone very dear to me. She was one incredible lady who I sure miss dearly. She has almost been gone a year and it sure seems like it has been forever. Time passes so quickly. I am just thankful for the memories we have and that my boys really spent a good amount of time with their Great Grandma. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are times spent with my own Great Grandma. I thought this kit was perfect for this photo. I can see where the curly hair on my DH side comes from!!

ADSR Challenge #7

Credits: For Challenge #7 of ADSR.Kit: Provided by SunshineStudioScraps-use each element (can be recolored and can use more elements) Recolored Solid paper to blue for background.
Used full mini kit plus these items:
Flower and Alpha by Meredith Cardall-Snowday at ES.
Branch by MSD-comfort Zone at GP
Sun by Krystal Hartley-A Beautiful World at SO
Cloud by Krystal Hartley-Neighborhood at FPD
Border by Pam Donnis-Borderlines at FPD
font: Edwardian Script

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gotta Grab It sale at

Ladies, this sale is just to good to not tell you about. There are several items on sale for only $1 from now until the 25th. It just a 3 day sale and day one is done now. So hurry!
The theme is SPOTS. And they have the same color value so that they will all coordinate. So do me a favor and just go look. You might just find ONE THING or more that you can't live without! And then you can thank me later for the great advise!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lovey Buggies-Kristin Aagard

Seriously...Look at these bugs! LOL How can you resist them? They are only $1 too at the GottaGrabIt event at Doesn't that blue bug have the "come hither" look in his eyes! LOL He's totally thinking he's gonna get something!
And then you can get this sweet little number as a freebie on Kristin's Blog!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Layouts A Plenty

Per usual...images are linked for credits!

Busy bee

Howdy all!
I am ok. Just extremely busy. I have been working on the school yearbook. And not to mention I am still sore from the big move. Now today its back to work. I am sorta sad that I have to work today as the kids have a half day and Josh is taking the day off too. Oh well. I enjoy work. Had parent teacher conferences last night. BORING! Which ROCKS! My kids are so stinking smart. I am soooo proud of them both. Each one is extreme smart and they both enjoy school a ton. They have the best teachers too. I adore our whole teaching staff. We are truly a blessed school system in the Elementary level that is! I can't speak for the upper grades. But I know there is still one teacher there that taught me. UGH...and of all my time there...I hated that one the most. And I am just praying they retire before Z gets up there. OMG....I will die if he has to have this teacher. Ack....

I have been creating layouts too. So get ready for a major post to cover them all. I have to get my butt in gear and get them all posted. I can't always post them right away due to the release dates and then I forget about it! LOL I swear I have early Alzheimer's. And I am totally not joking about it. It's bad folks. I forget such common things. It freaks me right out. I was trying to recall the name of someone I have known for a while and I kid you not...I couldn't. Freaky.

Is it just that I have so much happening and I am overly tired? Please let that be the reason. And stress...I can't even begin to tell you...I have a situation that I will not be sharing as it doesn't directly affect me but at the same time impacts my emotions terribly. So please just say a prayer for a dear friend of mine. They are having some personal issues and could really use the extra thoughts. They are extremely special to me and they are going thru some tough times due to one bad mistake. That's all I will share but know that this affects me deeply.

Whew...see what happens when I don't post for a few days. I talk and talk and talk.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Internet Sucks tonight

My ISP is giving me fits tonight. It keeps going out and I have to reboot everything. So if you don't hear from me or see me online you know why...grrrr.....

ADSR Challenge #5

If you wanna see it you will have to hunt it down. It's a gift and can not be posted here due to wondering eyes. But those eyes don't know where to look for ADSR layouts but for those that do, hope you like it!

Well, I am only working half a day today and it a very good thing. I can barely move. My whole body aches from moving my sister this weekend. My goodness that girl has a lot of shheeeiittt. she lived in a two bedroom apartment is beyond me! LOL And then merging two households...whewww...But oh...its so cute. I didn't get but only 4 busy moving to take pictures and it was too cold to stop to try to take pictures! LOL

I have a few stories to share about the day but they will have to wait. I am rushing to get to work on time. Cause I decided to scrap instead of getting ready! LOL

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ahhh...Michigan weather

Yes folks....That is correct. That's what my car therm. was reading on my way to work yesterday! I think it was glitch or something though...cause it only lasted for like 3 minutes and then went to -10. But still you get the point. And then today, it's even colder. It was -16 on my computer and Josh said it was -16 in his car and Amy Jo said hers was -13 in Battle Creek. Darn cold either way, right. Then we have wind chills of -30 at times with the wind gusts.

So here's the plan for the weekend. I have to help my sister move into her new house! Yes she really finally closed on ONE! So we are moving her in the AM on Saturday. I am going up tonight to help. I have lots of layers ready and extra clothes to wear while mine are stiff as a board from the windchill. UGH...Can you tell I totally love my sister. I would NEVER EVER do this otherwise. If you don't hear from my by Sunday night, assume I am frozen to a box, a lamp, a chair or etc from moving her in such frigid temps. I will take my camera! Look for some frozen turds on layouts in the near future. So all my designer friends...get busy on a cool color themes! LOL I am going to need them! Think Blues, purples, browns! LOL
I think Libby's hibernation kit will work just fine! hehe

I will leave you with last photo. Its my drive back to work yesterday at 3:30 in the afternoon. It was blowing so hard I couldn't hardly see. Plus it started snowing on top of it for a short while. Life in Michigan as seen thru my eyes! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cherie Shields & Sweet Digi Scraps

Click for credits!

Layouts for 2009

Yeah...been a little busy....just never have time to post these so her goes.Click for credits on all these layouts! To lazy to type it again!

Love Me Tender by Krystal Hartley

Credits: Krystal Harltey-Love me tender And as usual....ONLY $1 for one day! (thursday only)
Photo Credit: Stacy Carlson; owner of GP. This picture was her POTD this week and she sent it to me cause I said I wanted to lick it since I was having a chocolate craving! LOL Isn't it the coolest picture!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ADSR Challenge #4 Art & Soul

Ok...this challenge was to create an ARTSY layout about something from your soul. You could use a favorite quote and that is the route I took for this one. You had to journal something positive too. I have no clue really if this is considered ARTSY but to me it is. It way outside my comfort zone. But that why they call these challenges!
Click image for full credits.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

ADSR Challenge #3

Oh this one was FUN!! You had to pick the first layout in ONE of your gallery's and re-do it! I picked the first one in my GP gallery.
Here's is my first one:and the Re-do: So fun. You could change ANYTHING about it but you had to use the same photos and the same WORDS. You could not ADD any journaling or change the journaling. You could change the fonts, etc. but it had to stay the same as it was on the original. Super job with this challenge GP!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Krystal Hartley SALE!

SO Krystal is leaving FaithSisters...bittersweet for me. She is also going to be retiring her stuff there so now is the time to buy! 60% off pure Scrap Happiness Inside?! WHAT?!!! HURRY!

She is going over the Orchard. ScrapOrchard that is. So you can still have ScrapHappinessInside just from a different location. Please make sure you still shop the FaithSisters store for wonderful products though! You just won't get your KH there is all. And then you can still see FunkyPlaygroundDesigns in her line up as well!

Friday, January 9, 2009

It finally happened...

The thing all digi girls dread...the Death of the External Hard Drive. Mine died. My computer says it can't recognize the device...UGH...But...the good news (sorta) is that I do I back up. I just haven't done it since Thanksgiving weekend. And of course I was on two extra teams since then.

But over all...I was able to download what I NEEDED and then the rest will be nothing but a memory. So can you guess what I have been doing ALL EVENING. Re downloading and now I am BACKING IT UP BABY! Putting what I didn't have on discs on discs. Then I will need to go back and unzip it all and reorganize it.

I guess it's a good thing we are getting 10" of snow today and tomorrow. I will be couped up inside anyways. So I might as well get my Digi stash build back up and backed up.

I have Daddy/Daughter invites to make and I think I am going to make my sisters wedding invitations! WAHOO! Talk about a dream job!

So its back to backing up! I urge you all to do the same! NOW!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ADSR Challenge #2

This was a fun one! JackieAnn and I had to work on this one together. It had to have 4 papers, 8 different embellishments-one acrylic, a title, and each of us had to journal. So by sending copies of this flatten image back and forth thru email (mind you she is in CA so there is a 3 hr gap in time too!) we managed to finish this one on the first day of the challenge. Oh yeah...the THEME was cabin fever. You had to show what that meant to you.

we have officially been promoted to round #3!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tracy Blankenship Templates

Well I its my month to be a Guest for Tracy over at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns. She is a template designer so it fits perferctly into my busy schedule. This top layout was also done for the First Challenge over at the Amazing Digital Scrapbook Race (ADSR) sponsored by Natural Designs in Scrapbooking. The challenge was to tear a photo into atleast 3 pieces and journal. DONE!

This one was for a color challenge. You had to use Orange, blue, and green. All images are clickable for credits or to leave me a little love if you wish to do so!
I have been doing my best to do my photo a day. Will is playing along with me, sort of...if he sees my taking one, he wants too also. which translates into a bunch of pictures of the animals! LOL
I am not sure if I will post them or not. Time will tell. I am in the middle of the ADSR and I am finding it keeps me rather busy. Plus I am working on house stuff too. Trying to tackle the clutter. I want to SIMPLIFY my belongs. So if this means pitching things so be it. I had 6 bags of trash today. oops! but yay at the same time!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm out already

So I didn't make it past day one. I suck. I did take a bunch of pictures yesterday but it was of my calendar. Does that count? I never got around to taking more. We went to town and shopped and ate dinner and then I came home to install PSCS2 on my laptop. Which is so stinking cool. I wanted to attend a crop at the end of the month but since I am 100% digital in my scrapbooking...I was at a loss as to how to do it. Well I am officially mobile now! wahooooo. You have no clue how great that feels to me. A dream come true really. The new year is starting off well for me! heehee It's the little things that really matter to me.

Well we are going to town again today so the kids can use their gift cards which are literally buring a hole in their little pockets. Will will not put his down, I swear. Plus I want to straighten my hair today. Which is a job in and of itself.

My sister and Mom are going to a bridal show tomorrow. I so want to go but wasn't really asked and its kinda far to go. I just want to share in her joy! I know she wouldn't care if I went but I will let her and mom have their moment.

Monday its back to work as usual. Kids go back to school. This was a super fast holiday break. Man I thought I would have all the time in the world with almost 2 weeks off but it sure flew by.
ADSR starts tomorrow. My partner is on a cruise until the Monday too. Hopefully she is rested and ready for some fun!

Off to start my day. Yes, at noon! LAZY!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hybrid Desk Calendar

I finally got my MIL's Desk Calendar finished. Whew...It was sort of time consuming. I had to create 12 layouts, print them, then figure out how to make it! LOL and then put it together. I had no measurements for this. I just sorta made it up as I went along. I used what I believe is Matboard for the base. It was just some scraps that I found out in my MIL garage. So I can't even tell you for sure what it is or where to get it. Reminds me of what you would find on the back of the notebooks/paper pads. Click on photo for finished dimensions if you need them.

Credits: Sine Calendar Templates called SO Memorable. These come in 12x12, 8x5x11, and CD size. Plus has the calendar PNG files for 2009. And you can just use the template for layouts too!
Kits: ALL Krystal Hartley stuff. Just a mixture of anything she has ever done rolled into one. Plus a tiny tiny bit of She's full of Scrap on the October page.
My photo of the day has not really happened yet today. I have been a tad busy! LOL But I had to get this done before she goes back to work on Monday. Now I am off to get ready. Yeah its 2pm and I am still in my PJs. Going out to buy new pillows tonight. Mine are pathetic. We changed bedsheets last night and man, they are like pancakes. So maybe my POTD will be bins and bins of pillows! LOL

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Project 365

Ok. I have committed to myself that I am going to do it this year. Project 365 is where you do one photo a day to document your life. I will NOT be posting my photos daily. But I will promise to take one a day. I always have my little point and shoot in my purse so there is NO reason not to take ONE a day. I challenge everyone (my non scrapbooking sister included) to give this a try. We all have one thing in our lives that means something to us that we need to document each day. I might be something as small as the stapler sitting on your desk. But it plays a role in your daily life. Document it. And Amy Jo, if you commit to do this, I will organize your photos and make you an album! I know you love to take pictures!

So I will try to give prompt periodically too. I have taken my photo already today. It was of the boys playing video games. Since that was the first thing I saw this morning. Sine of ScrapOrchard is working on some templates to help us showcase these photos too. So watch for those coming soon. I will also try to post things that I find to help you all out with this project.
I have always wanted to do this but one thing led to another and I just didn't. So this is the year!