Friday, January 16, 2009

Ahhh...Michigan weather

Yes folks....That is correct. That's what my car therm. was reading on my way to work yesterday! I think it was glitch or something though...cause it only lasted for like 3 minutes and then went to -10. But still you get the point. And then today, it's even colder. It was -16 on my computer and Josh said it was -16 in his car and Amy Jo said hers was -13 in Battle Creek. Darn cold either way, right. Then we have wind chills of -30 at times with the wind gusts.

So here's the plan for the weekend. I have to help my sister move into her new house! Yes she really finally closed on ONE! So we are moving her in the AM on Saturday. I am going up tonight to help. I have lots of layers ready and extra clothes to wear while mine are stiff as a board from the windchill. UGH...Can you tell I totally love my sister. I would NEVER EVER do this otherwise. If you don't hear from my by Sunday night, assume I am frozen to a box, a lamp, a chair or etc from moving her in such frigid temps. I will take my camera! Look for some frozen turds on layouts in the near future. So all my designer friends...get busy on a cool color themes! LOL I am going to need them! Think Blues, purples, browns! LOL
I think Libby's hibernation kit will work just fine! hehe

I will leave you with last photo. Its my drive back to work yesterday at 3:30 in the afternoon. It was blowing so hard I couldn't hardly see. Plus it started snowing on top of it for a short while. Life in Michigan as seen thru my eyes! Enjoy!


Amy Jo said...

Yes, yes, yes.....I love my new house! What I don't love is this darn weather. Nothing like picking the COLDEST day of the season to move! I love you dearly for helping me....and thank god I hired a moving company. That way if we get too cold they can do all the suffering! Stay warm today and I'll see you tonight! Love you sissy!

Shell said...


why do you live there!!!!

Izzy said...

Looks pretty chilly out there! stay bundled up & warm and have a great weekend!

Jan said...

All I can say is ECK!!!!!! That's cold!!! I'll quit complaining! LOL! Stay warm!