Thursday, January 1, 2009

Project 365

Ok. I have committed to myself that I am going to do it this year. Project 365 is where you do one photo a day to document your life. I will NOT be posting my photos daily. But I will promise to take one a day. I always have my little point and shoot in my purse so there is NO reason not to take ONE a day. I challenge everyone (my non scrapbooking sister included) to give this a try. We all have one thing in our lives that means something to us that we need to document each day. I might be something as small as the stapler sitting on your desk. But it plays a role in your daily life. Document it. And Amy Jo, if you commit to do this, I will organize your photos and make you an album! I know you love to take pictures!

So I will try to give prompt periodically too. I have taken my photo already today. It was of the boys playing video games. Since that was the first thing I saw this morning. Sine of ScrapOrchard is working on some templates to help us showcase these photos too. So watch for those coming soon. I will also try to post things that I find to help you all out with this project.
I have always wanted to do this but one thing led to another and I just didn't. So this is the year!


Stacie said...

YOU CAN DO IT! I did it last year and although I lost daily steam about August it is sooo cool to go back and look. I am thinking that this year I am going to be specific about what I a photo a day of one of the kids or my hubby. Not sure but it is fun. I uploaded mine ot flickr for a while but the postin gpart is tough and what often will slow you down so focus on the photos not hte letting everyone know that you are really doing it part! Have fun!

Shell said...

Happy New Year Rachie Rach!! *hugs*

go you with projay 365!!

Izzy said...

WTG! good luck with project 365, I look forward to hearing how things are progressing and seeing a few photos posted ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm ashamed to post that I'm going to try this too, since I failed so completely at the December challenge, but I'm in. I think my posting goal will be weekly.