Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 31

I DID IT!!! A post a day!! We have kids coming over for the day and night. A night of Wii, Board Games, cards, Dice. Today is also my Mom and Step Dad's Anniversary! Yesterday was my Dad's Birthday. So its a big celebration at the end of the year!
I am going to try to do the 365 Photos thing this year. I know I won't post every day but I will do my best to take a photo a day. I haven't decided if I want to do a theme or just a hodge podge. Maybe I can do a theme for each month? hmmm...need to think about this.
It's a new year and I pray that we all find what we are looking for this year. I am hopefull that this year will make a difference. I have lots of stuff to look forward to this year. My sister will hopefully get married this year. I will be there right by her side supporting her and showing my love for her and Don. The boys will continue to do well in school, I am sure. We will continue to share our love and grow as a family. I will work at getting in shape. I refuse to say lose weight. I just want to exercise and get healthy. I want to spend more time with my extended family. I want to learn to say No. I want to see my girlfriends. I want to downsize my personal belongings.
I will dig up last years resolutions and see what I stuck too. Probably not much! LOL

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 30

Game Day! We spent a good portion of the day just playing games together. We played Rummikub.
And the Dice Game. We have no clue what you call it. I have heard some people call it Farkle but our version is just a tad different. I chatted with a girlfriend on IM, I changed my blog header, took Zander for a hair cut, paid a car payment, fixed lunch. Just sat and enjoyed the day basically. I love this time of year. The stress of the holiday is over the anticipation of a new year is running high. And best of all, I am off work until the 5th! ahhhh...pure heaven. Someday, I just wanna be a stay at home mom. But with our bills that won't happen any time soon! Darn it!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 29

Did a little hybrid today! I needed something to put a gift in so I make this! Used Sara Ellis kit called Wonky Winter available at Did a lot of cleaning today and putting things away. Then I made a mess creating this and had to clean up all over again! LOL
Got out Box Tops mailed out today too. Returned a movie. Played with boys. Just an overall productive day.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 28

Wanna play?!
I truly love my CT spot at GottaPixel! I have really gotten a chance to know the owner, StacyC, and some of the designers there. They are really moving forward with the site in the new year and you will want to make sure you have seat! Good things are a head and big changes to the current style/look are moving fashion forward! Don't look back in few weeks and think...oh I should have. Never should on yourself! Do it today! You know you want too!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 27

My Tree AFTER Santa came!

Well my CHRISTMAS is finally over! We had our last one today! Feels good to know it is over and ready to deep clean the house. Major purging coming. My trash day will double in size next week. Shhh...don't tell the kids!

It was 60 degrees here today. Seriously...what's up with this stupid weather? No wonder I am always sick. Goes from one extreme to the other.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 26

Credits: Libby Weifenbach & ChereKaye collab-Hybernation Day available at SweetShoppeDesigns tomorrow at the normal 20% off for Saturday only release day! My time with Libby is coming to an end. It was just as awesome as I had hoped it would be. And what a terrific month to be a GUEST for her. I got a wonderful Christmas Gift from her too! SWEET!
Credits: Krystal Hartley-Puppy Love available at ScrapOrchard.

So I will leave you with my usual personal update: Woke up to ice today. Not nice. I wanted to go to town and do a little shopping. We did manage to get the tree down today. Still left the outside lights up as they were covered in ice. It's always bitter sweet taking the tree down. I love having it up but I am so glad to get my space back. I live in a little house as it is without taking away even more floor space with a tree. It just so sad to pack to it all up and put it away. My house always looks so bare without it for the first few days. But than I get back into the swing of life and things go back to normal. Got my first WINTER heating bill. OUCH...needless to say we will be wearing layers now. Over $200 man...that bites.
We had a wonderful Christmas with one more tomorrow. Going to my Mom's. So if I miss a day you know why! I will try to pop on her computer and make a post at some point. But no promises. Family First Always!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 24

Tracking Santa's progress! This is where Santa has been already today. New Zealand has had their visit!! Sorry missed out! Both the boys keep peeking at the site trying to figure how where he's is located. It appears as though he is a little a head of schedule so I suggested that they go to bed early tonight just to be on the safe side. Don't need him passing us by because two little boys were not in bed.
We have Josh's Mom's Christmas tonight. So we will stay and play some games and then get home so they can get to bed. William and I stayed up until after midnight last night. He wanted to stay up until the AM so he could say it was Christmas Eve and fix the count-down Santa to zero! LOL Sure you can, little buddy, then you will be extra tired tomorrow and go to bed early! LOL

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 23

Well I took some pictures today at the school of the Christmas party but I am too lazy to do anything with them tonight. I almost forgot to come post here. I did do a layout today of Krystal Hartley's newest release but I can't share yet. It will be available at ScrapOrchard on FRIDAY! I can't post until the day before. Sorry, I don't make the rules, I just break them! errr...I mean I just obey them.

We are under a winter storm advisory right now until tomorrow at 1pm. Snow, sleet, freezing rain. Seriously. It was just a deep freeze yesterday and now its going to be 36 with rain. wonder I am always sick, huh.

My poor sister got rotten news on her house. Things are not moving forward as they has said. Figures. She is my sister afterall. No catching a break for any of us, per usual.

Oh here's a layout I never posted...heehee...always have a back up stash, don't I! Credits: Lynne Simmons-Boys will be boys. Template by Lynne as well.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 22

Credits: Kristin Aagard- Twas Kit, Snow Day Kit, Clay Play Winter mini, Unto Us Alpha
Krystal Hartley-Background paper-PolkaDotPotato mini NLA and White ornament, light bulb, & bow from Heaven and Nature Sing kit
Meredith Cardall- Red Flower, Ribbon flower from Candy Cane Lane
Line's Design- Little Red Star from Christmas Freebie day 4.
Template: source unknown. Possibly Line's Designs.
So yeah...its fricking cold outside. We hit -4 last night before I went to bed at 11pm. And they are calling for Rain on Wednesday. WTH?? Seriously, no wonder we are always sick here. High of 36 on Wed. grrr...If I don't get my white Christmas someone is going to pay.
So Anyways...we had our Ireland Family Christmas Sat and the Stiverson Family Christmas on Sunday. We were short quite a few at both places this year. But lots of love and thats the main reason we get together anyways!
Off to work...oh joy. No school today. We still have a half day tomorrow. GRRR....getting the picture that I am not in a happy mood today already! Its not even 7am and I am already mad at the world! LOL But I did straighten my hair this morning. The main reason...warmth! I didn't want to go out with wet hair and when its curly I can't blow it dry completely unless I want to register my hair with the state as another human being. BIG HAIR is not pretty on me!
Haven't heard from my Sister Amy Jo yet this weekend not sure if that's good or bad. Pray the house is moving forward.
Zander has put his wish into Santa this morning. Nothing like last minute. His only wish from Santa this year is a win for the Detroit Lions. Oh dear...does this kid realise what he asking of Santa?! We are like 0 and 15 this season folks. Its ugly. But he is a die hard fan and watches weekly. Gotta love his faithfulness if nothing else. GO LIONS! We know you can lose again!! Now its a matter of pride...we need to continue a winning losing streak. Oh great...Miami Dolphins are is new topic...they were 1 and 15 last year and are 10 and 5's never happened team has ever come back to double digits after a losing streak. Blah blah blah...see what i have to put up with being the only XX chromosome in the house. It's a good thing I love sports. God knew what he was doing giving me SONS!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 21

Credits: Karen Lewis of kit called Cold Play.

Credits: Stacy Carlson-Papers & Tree Freebie at GP
Karen Lewis: Snow Flakes from Cold play kit
Sweet Digi Scraps: Alphabets-Freebie from her blog
Kristin Aagard: Silver Glitter from Twas kit
This layout was done for a challenge over at GP. You were to scrap your memories of the year.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 20 POST 800

Credits; Kristin Aagard-TWAS kit and a few items from her SNOW DAY kit.
And this is post #800 for me!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 19

Credits: Meredith Cardall-Sweet Surrender available at FaithSisters, ElementalScraps, and 3Scrapateers. Its' only $1 at FS for today! HURRY!!!

So there she is...My Kristin! Yep, I have taken ownership over her. Seriously folks, she has a heart of Gold and her sense of humor mirrors mine...ahh...cyber sisters for life! So you know you will love her too. Go give her some love on her blog .
And then after go do that, go tell Miss Meredith how freakin AWESOME she is! She just started designing and look at what she is putting out already. Talk about a natural. And again...sweet doesn't begin to describe her.
Now on to the weather: School is CLOSED today! It appears as though we have about 3" of snow (mind you I have NOT gone outside to look offiicially its still 6am) but from the window that is my guess. And now its sleeting. So...I guess at some point I need to get bundled up and go shovel and take pictures! Josh left for work already. He better be safe or else! LOL He is instructed to call upon arrival too. Same goes for my family. Call me so I know you are safe! Watch for Take 2 later today with pictures of this lovely storm!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 18

Credits: Kristin Aagard: Twas available at for only $2 right now! That's 60% off! It's a rocking Holiday kit. Go peek at her blog for the full previews!
There's also a Freebie there too! Hurry!!

So they are calling for a bunch of snow for us tonight with the potential of ICE. I can handle the snow but not the ice. So if you don't hear from me for a couple of days you know we lost power due to the ice.

I just wanna scrap with all these really cool kits that my Designers are cranking out. Don't they know it's the Holidays and they should stop! LOL heehee Just kidding! I am just to thankful to be apart of their teams! Each of them have a special talent. Watch for a posting of Merediths newest kit. I did a layout of my Dear Friend Kristin. She's the sweetest thing next to pure sugar cane. I adore her more than she will ever know. Go buy her kit and tell her I sent you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 17

First off: Here are my holiday lights. I snapped this really fast last night out in the blowing snow. Its not the best but you can get the feel of it right!
And Secondly: This is my new baby! She came today! I am not in love with the color as much as I thought I would be. I now wish I had ordered PINK instead of the orange. I love love love Orange and thought it would be my first choice. But having seen it in more of a burnt orange than pumpkin orange that I so love. Oh well...whats done is done. Zander is loving life because he is now the proud owner of my old one! Sort of...! LOL There are limits and rules. Heard from my sister today about her house adventure. Things worked out better than we could have hoped for. The house didn't appraise as much as they offered so hey, they got the house for less!! Wahoo for her! They have been awesome about getting things ready from the repairs needed. We are praying she will spend Christmas Eve night at the new house!
I have to work tomorrow. And they are calling for another winter storm to roll thru tomorrow night and Friday morning. Although, this time they are calling for ICE. YUCK. more thing before I go. As you know I was a Guest CT for Libby Weifenbach this month over at SweetShoppeDesigns. Well, if we created a certain amount of layouts for her we got a $20 GC to her store! YES...I met those requirements! Went shopping today! Watch for new stuff in the new year using this shopping trip!
Oh, I lied...One more thing. Kristing Aagard has a new kit coming out soon called Twas. As in, "twas the night before Christmas" oh yummy. I so wish I could show you my layout. This kit is so great. And Meredith Cardall has a new one coming out too. Similar in color to her Serenity kit. Double yum! Off to create!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 16

Here's a picture of one of my favorite little shops. Its called Bretty's. They are a country folk art type of store. I made my yearly Holiday trip with my MIL this past Sunday. I picked out a couple little things to mail to a special someone in my life. I wanted to share this place with you all. They really go all out for the holidays. It always smells so yummy inside too. They have candles burning and samples of food/dips/salsa. Just a total run on all the senses when you go there. So this is my photo of the day today.

We are getting dumped on right now with SNOW!!! Wahoo! It started about 4pm and hasn't stopped yet. It's now 9:30pm. They say it will continue until about 4am. I am secretly hoping for no school in the morning! sshhh....just secretly. I love a great snow day! I even brought in the boys' boots from the van. They just leave them in there during the week for school. I expect that they will need them in the morning to go outside and play with mommy!

Does anyone here watch iCarly? We do and just love it. Well they are always talking about Spaghetti Tacos. Zander has been bugging us to try them. So tonight was the night. Had I thought about it, I would have taken pictures. I tried it. No thanks. Zander said he liked it but who knows. I had a parent group meeting tonight. Small crowd but that's fine with me.

So here's my post for day 16. Geez this month is flying by. Half way over.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 15

Gotta Grab It Sale at Gotta! $1 Items!!! My Girl Kristin has these items on sale for ONLY $1 each!!.

There are several other items in the Gotta Grab It section done in this same color scheme. Go peek. I think it runs until tomorrow. But not 100% sure. So you might want to get them tonight!
Well, I worked today. Still have a little cough and runny nose. But the pain/aches are gone. Tomorrow is our Office Lunch at Red Lobster. Puke...I HATE SEA FOOD and STEAK. I did have them fax us a menu at the office today and I saw chicken fingers on the menu! So I'm good to go! And since I am not going back to work, I just might have to have my yearly "drink". Maybe...
Got my new lens in my glasses today too. So I can finally stop looking thru a huge scratch. Very annoying.
I also see that my GoofBall layout made the header for todays 12 days of Christmas contest at Gotta Pixel! Yay me!
I also had a dear friend email me today asking if I was in on the Ettes gig! LOL NOPE!!! I don't know anything about what is happening. I would love to work with them but alas...I am not. So Ettes, if you need help...pick me! LOL

Got a goodie package in the mail today! THANK YOU KRYSTAL GRANT! It was a nice surprise! wink wink. The new digi scrapper Tshirts are cute! I think they used Shari as the model though! The bling one is very FORM FITTING around the 'girls' but the others are perfect! THANK YOU KRYSTAL! oh love the key fob too!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 14

Here are the gifts the boys got yesterday. And a gingerbreadman cookie. In the cutest tin ever. Which will become the property of their mother.

I am dressed and heading out the door with my MIL to do a little shopping. The boys are going with Daddy to town to do a little shopping. And get me INK! Doing a little hybrid and ran out. I hate that. Get in the mood and ink. Still coughing and muscles ache from the coughing but over all...doing better. Still runny nose too...oh yeah...add tissues to my shopping list.
Here is a layout I did yesterday for a challenge at You had to record your favorite Christmas memory.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 13 Take 2

So a Secret Santa made my boys a little happier today! THANK YOU!!! You know who you are!This is what happened when Zander ripped the outer package open! LOL It was like snow cause he really just tore right into it!!

I did let them open the gifts and those photos will follow tomorrow!

Day 13

Credits: Libby Weifenbach- My Friend Loubert is a collab with Tracey Howard available at SweetShoppeDesigns. This is my layout that I did with the kit. I have had the honor of being a Guest CT for Libby for December and its half over already.

So my personal input for the day: The cough is STILL hanging on. I did sleep via codeine assistance last night but as soon as I woke was back to coughing. My stomach muscles hurt so bad. I feel like I have been run over by a truck. Probably a Peterbilt. I just love that name and never thought I could work into a blog post! wahoo! Peterbilt!!! Peterbilt Peterbilt...peterbilt picked a pack of pickled peppers...

Yeah...gotta love codeine. Makes me loopy!(er)

So...let's see...what else is happening. Met my Mom/StepDad last night for Dinner in Jackson. (half way point since we are over an hour apart) to exchange some things and give my sister her wreath. Which looked totally awesome on my front door...sad its gone. Oh.... I think I have right back.... can see her nice fresh big wreath on my door and my fake small one hanging out on my mailbox waiting for its return to the place of honor. I might just have to go buy myself one.

Off to get a cough drop...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 12

Credits: Kristin Aagard-Snow Day available at GottaPixel, PickleBerryPop, and Polka Dot Potato. I made Gallery Stand Out yesterday with this one! Wahoo!
On a personal note: I have taken some heavy duty cough meds and I will probably be "out" for the day. I was up ALL NIGHT with this stupid cough. I worked yesterday and probably shouldn't have but the bills must be paid, I am told. So I did. Now I am paying for it.
On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Phenergan VC with codeine! ahhhh....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 11

Credits: Krystal Hartley-Heaven & Nature Sing available at FPD for only $1 for the rest of tonight only. This is myself, my Sisters Amy Jo & Erin, and my Brother Chad. Sorting thru some old photos on my sick day and came across this. Takes me back!
And to go back even farther....Here's me, my Dad, and my Sister Amy Jo.
Credits: Nikki Painter-Christmas Present available at Faithsister for only $1 tonight only!
Now on to personal stuff: I am STILL sick. I did manage to work today. I cancelled my last patient because I had over an hour to go before they came in and I just couldn't stay until 7pm. So I left at 5pm instead. All I have done all day is cough and blow my nose. And I think I am hurting my nose from the Puff with Vicks tissues. The vicks is burning my skin I think from using them so often. So I try to rotate my tissue use. Why does life have to be so complicated?!
I went thru all my layouts that I have finished and I had 24 of them that I never posted at my main gallery. What the????? How did that happen? Well, its something like this. Designers get me kits before they are released, I do a layout, put it in a folder, forget about it. UGH...They are all posted on my blog as far as I can tell but just not posted to the gallery. Geez...I thought Sine was going to die when I told her! LOL I adore my designers so much. I love that they IM me during the day/night and just talk. Really makes them family! Between Sine Strandby, Kristin Aagard, Meredith Cardall, and Stacy Carlson, I am never bored! LOVE YOU GALS!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 10

Credits: Meredith Cardall- Rough N Tumble and Serenity available at Elemental Scraps for just a $1~ today only, I believe! AND....her Candy Cane Lane kit is included in the $1 sale! See my blog header for a sampling!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 9

Well it's day nine and I am NOT feeling fine. I have a sinus infection and terrible head cold. Went to the Dr's today for Antibiotics. UGH...I am freezing cold and can't seem to get warm. I have been just laying around today.
Here's a layout using a template by Sine for her monthly template challenge over at ScrapOrchard. So have you heard the big news yet? Krystal Hartley is a Guest Designer this month at ScrapOrchard. This is from her newest collab with Kami called Happy Feet. Well, hmmm....I know I saw it in the store but I can't find it now to link you up. So I guess this just a sneak peek. Sorry.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 8 Take 2

So I have come to the conclusion that I am NOT sending out holiday cards this year. I just can't seem to find the time. And I am so late now that it seems pointless. So my goal is to do Valentines cards instead. Any thoughts for or against my decision. Will anyone really die if they don't get one from me? Really?

Its freezing rain her right now. Lovely. Its 28 degrees outside...why is it not snow? Just some random thoughts from me.

I have stuff that needs done right now but I am I had to come blog instead! See you all wanted to hear more about my life...sorry you asked now aren't you!

Day 8

Credits: Kristin Aagard-Clay Play Minis

These are just the cutest things I have seen in a long time! Leave it to Kristin. These will be available at GottaPixel soon during the Gotta Grab it special for $1 each. There is the winter scene, summer, papers, elements, alphas. SO STINKING CUTE! There's a penguin on there too that is just yummy enough to eat. it playdoh so why can't I?!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 7 Take 3

So I was working on Scanning and Backing up my stuff today. I found this picture of myself and Amy Jo (sister). Oh my word...this takes me back. Look at me with my missing front tooth! And my crazy hair. I had these really cool shoes that had waves/wripples on the bottom. It felt funny to walk in them. But I remember loving them and my Jumpsuit! Oh the 70's! I was 6 in this picture as far as I can remember. No date so I could be wrong but Mom and I both thought this was a good timeline. (1977ish)

I have officially backed up ALL my Krystal Hartley goodies on CD and an EHD. So have two options for my 'addictions'. I would die if I lost anything of hers! Not that I could get it again but you know what I mean.

My next "to do" list is to scan more pictures. I got a few done today that have been laying around. I want to get to some of the really old ones so I can share them with you all!

I never got out of my PJ's today. So it's back to bed soon and off to work in the morning. Very productive day if I do say so myself! Most of it spent on this dang computer though. Gotta do something about that...

Day 7 Take 2

So its really cold here today and I am loving that I am STILL in my PJ's at 4pm!
I have been playing catchup with some kits that have been needing layouts. Here's yet another one today. I think I have done 3 more but I can't show them yet. So I will only be able to show this one for now. It's my Ginger Girl out the freezing snow!
Credits: ScrapOrchards December Mega Kit. Template by Sine! Included in the Mega Kit!

Day 7

Credits: Libby Weifenbach & Krystal Hartley Collab- East Coast Girls

Here's my BFF on our trip to Ikea back in Sept. Sometimes I wish I could just pick up and move to be closer to this girl. We used to live in the same town just down the street from each other and I will say, those were some of the best times in my early adulthood. But no matter the miles between us, we shall remain BFF's forever. Cooking up another girls only weekend...need my AMY Fix! So in the mean time, this will have to tide me over.

Made up some Chex Mix today. Needs nuts in it though I didn't have any. And no matter what I do, I can NOT get it to taste like my Aunt Barb & Uncle Bev's! They have some secret ingredient, I swear. December 20th they will be home for Christmas with Chex Mix in tow. I can't wait!!!

I have a christmas next weekend with my Dad's side of the family. Then Josh's side of the family on the 20th & 21st. We will have our own on Christmas Day. That just leaves my Mom/Sisters. We will probably do it the weekend after Christmas between New Years. Josh has to work the day after Christmas. BUMMER. I hate that. Plus he works Christmas Eve day too. Some people need to be shot with a dose of FAMILY TIME. geez....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 6

Well we are getting some snow today! But along with that snow is bitter cold. We went out to enjoy the snow for all of 15 minutes and it was just too windy & cold. I took a few pics of the boys and Ginger. So I did up a layout with those pics. Here's another layout using a GRAB BAG kit from Angie Kovacs and ChrissyW of Elemental Scraps. Its on sale for only $3 right now. You get both these kits and then a set of templates, some acrylic elements, alphabets, card templates, and Word paths. I think thats all....but geez do you need more for $3?? Seriously...the kits alone are worth the $3.