Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 15

Gotta Grab It Sale at Gotta! $1 Items!!! My Girl Kristin has these items on sale for ONLY $1 each!!.

There are several other items in the Gotta Grab It section done in this same color scheme. Go peek. I think it runs until tomorrow. But not 100% sure. So you might want to get them tonight!
Well, I worked today. Still have a little cough and runny nose. But the pain/aches are gone. Tomorrow is our Office Lunch at Red Lobster. Puke...I HATE SEA FOOD and STEAK. I did have them fax us a menu at the office today and I saw chicken fingers on the menu! So I'm good to go! And since I am not going back to work, I just might have to have my yearly "drink". Maybe...
Got my new lens in my glasses today too. So I can finally stop looking thru a huge scratch. Very annoying.
I also see that my GoofBall layout made the header for todays 12 days of Christmas contest at Gotta Pixel! Yay me!
I also had a dear friend email me today asking if I was in on the Ettes gig! LOL NOPE!!! I don't know anything about what is happening. I would love to work with them but alas...I am not. So Ettes, if you need help...pick me! LOL

Got a goodie package in the mail today! THANK YOU KRYSTAL GRANT! It was a nice surprise! wink wink. The new digi scrapper Tshirts are cute! I think they used Shari as the model though! The bling one is very FORM FITTING around the 'girls' but the others are perfect! THANK YOU KRYSTAL! oh love the key fob too!


Anonymous said...

I think you have already had your yearly DRINKS!! If I remember correctly

RealRach said...

No not my Yearly Drinks with my Co Workers! See, there's a difference. Get with the program Amy!

Kristin said...

Drink up buttercup! :)

LOve the lo! :)

amy jo said...

I've only been to work for 10 minutes today and I already need a drink so have one for me!!

Izzy said...

Love the layouts!

Shelley Moore said...

Your pages are lookin' awesome girl! I have totally fallen down on the job :(

And I say, have your drink, sista! I had one at my coworker party ;)