Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 4

So why this picture you ask? Well grab a drink of your choice and then read on....
It all starts with yesterday. Josh comments that he is sick of the draft that blows in around our dining room window. So he proceeds to take the trim/molding off the wall to put in that expandable see where this is going right! Well it wasn't he gets more.
well he gets it all put in there tonight and tell the "KIDS" do not touch it. So it's now after 11pm and I am the only one up. I walk past it and it just to tempting to not want to touch it. Well, I get the bright idea to pull off the excess. I'm just trying to help Josh out by taking off the extra globs that are extending beyond the mark where the trim will NOT cover. Uummm is VERY STICKY. So I get this shi...stuff all over my hands, and then I have to push my hair back off my its in my hair, (THINK SUPER GLUE) I panic. I run to the kitchen and turn on the hot water only. I proceed to wash my hands over 5 times with every type of soap that is in the kitchen. Still sticky. And burning me. And its now all over my wedding rings. So I stop and think....what would MacGyver do? WD 40! Yeah...that will work. That is the magic tool next to duct tape! So I go to the basement and spray my hands with it. I start rubbing it round. Well it works A LITTLE. It's still very sticky but not as bad. Now I read the label...not to be applied to skin....back to the sink to wash again. Off to read the bottle of the expand-a-foam to see what will remove this shi...stuff. Acetate. hmmm....I know I've heard of it but what is it?? I start thinking of paint thinner. I go back to the basement to find out if we have acetate there. Nope? So I got back upstairs to see if I can get the sticky crap out of my hair...OUCH...but its out, (I think). Its then that I recall what Acetate is: NAIL POLISH REMOVER. So I look...we have some! I never hardly wear polish so I don't have a need to have it in the house but luckily I did.

So with a few cotton balls in tow, I sit down on the bathroom floor and begin to try to clean off my hands, rings. I seriously have tears forming in my eyes and then all the sudden I just start laughing. I knew instantly that this was my POTD for today!
So there you have it! Why my POTD is nail polish remover.

And no ONE is to breath a word of this to Josh. He would kill me if he knew I was playing with that shi....stuff. And by the way....Acetate KILLS when you get in a paper cut on your thumb. So try not to cut yourself with cardboard, and then put your hands in expand-a-foam, then put your hands in your hair, under major hot water, use WD40 on your skin, or pour nail polish remover over a cut. Learn from my mistakes. Please!


Wendy said...

I am sorry but the is Hilarious!!!
I can almost see you freaking out!

Glad everything came out OK!

amy jo said...

Hahahaha.....I am seriously laughing out loud because I can totally picture all of this!! Thanks for brightening up my's good to know I'm not the only one who has crazy days like that :) I'm glad it all worked out and don't're secret is safe with me! Well, that is until I need something from you and then I might use this as black mail!! LOL

Izzy said...

LOL! OMG! this is priceless. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time but the way you've told it here has me giggling.

Shell said...

oohhh ... so how much is it worth not to tell Josh *-rofl* - I can just imagine you and your panicking!!!

Kristin said...

Oh honey. I am sorry to say that this made me laugh...really hard. For future reference, you wait until that stuff dries, and then you can cut it off. Much easier. It never even gets in your hair that way though. And I know you enjoy that.


Sue said...

LOL...that is hysterical!
Apparently you are not greek tho...or you would have grabbed the Windex...
(Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding)
Glad it worked out (no pun intended) in the end...LOL