Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 6

Well we are getting some snow today! But along with that snow is bitter cold. We went out to enjoy the snow for all of 15 minutes and it was just too windy & cold. I took a few pics of the boys and Ginger. So I did up a layout with those pics. Here's another layout using a GRAB BAG kit from Angie Kovacs and ChrissyW of Elemental Scraps. Its on sale for only $3 right now. You get both these kits and then a set of templates, some acrylic elements, alphabets, card templates, and Word paths. I think thats all....but geez do you need more for $3?? Seriously...the kits alone are worth the $3.


Shell said...

brrrrr - it looks freezing!!! I am in a tshirt and jandals (flip flops) here - lovely sunny warm day - although there was a frost overnight!

Izzy said...

Looks pretty darn chilly but I'd rather have the snow than this damp cold rain! great layouts!