Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 13

Credits: Libby Weifenbach- My Friend Loubert is a collab with Tracey Howard available at SweetShoppeDesigns. This is my layout that I did with the kit. I have had the honor of being a Guest CT for Libby for December and its half over already.

So my personal input for the day: The cough is STILL hanging on. I did sleep via codeine assistance last night but as soon as I woke was back to coughing. My stomach muscles hurt so bad. I feel like I have been run over by a truck. Probably a Peterbilt. I just love that name and never thought I could work into a blog post! wahoo! Peterbilt!!! Peterbilt Peterbilt...peterbilt picked a pack of pickled peppers...

Yeah...gotta love codeine. Makes me loopy!(er)

So...let's see...what else is happening. Met my Mom/StepDad last night for Dinner in Jackson. (half way point since we are over an hour apart) to exchange some things and give my sister her wreath. Which looked totally awesome on my front door...sad its gone. Oh.... I think I have right back.... can see her nice fresh big wreath on my door and my fake small one hanging out on my mailbox waiting for its return to the place of honor. I might just have to go buy myself one.

Off to get a cough drop...


Shell said...

*LOL* groovy hair in that pic Rach! But UGH peewee herman!!!

Sorry to hear that you are still under the weather - honestly I still say the best cough medicine is Watkins Super Cough - you have to find a rep - but that stuff works like a charm!! One thing with the sore stomach you will have 5 pack abs at the end of it it all!

And now my google reader has just given me 3 of your posts all at once - how weird!

Shelley Moore said...

Peterbilt peterbilt peterbilt peterbilt peterbilt peterbilt peterbilt... LOL!!! I know why you like to say it :)