Friday, October 26, 2007

Real Scavenger Hunt

In honor of my Real Life Scavenger Hunt this weekend, I am having an online one for all my blogging buddies! So Let's have some fun! Good luck!

Questions #1: What is this a picture of? ANSWER: NERDS ON A ROPE!

Question #2: What is logo for ?

Question #3: What is the current Blog Freebie at
Questions #4 Who is my HERO? ANSWER: KRYSTAL HARTLEY
You will have until Sunday night to get your answers posted in the comment section of this post. The person with the most correct answers wins! In the event of a tie, a name will be drawn at random. I will send out a Prize to that person.
WINNER: WENDY You can thank William. He picked your name out of the bag! Email me your address, You would think I would have it someplace but make it easy on me, please! LOL

CONGRATS! And thanks to all for playing along! Just wanted to have a little fun!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Scrapbooking always makes me feel good. Most stuff is Krystal Hartley.
Small center Star is LifeTimez Download and Bling was freebie found on web. Couldn't locate proper credit. Sorry.

Found a smile

I had to go let the dogs out before I head off to the school. I always let them out the front door but for some reason I let out my back door and I saw this picture in my frame that sits on a cabinet near the back door. Just looking at this picture made me smile and then I cried. It's myself, my sister Amy Jo, and my brother Chad back in JUNE 1981~

Do you guys know how much I love my family?! TONS! Aren't we all so cute! I'M SMILING....

Do you ever

Do you ever have one of those days where you want to crawl into a hole and stay there until you are feeling better?? I get them. I am having one today. Normally I am an extremely upbeat, fun loving, smiling, love myself kind of girl...but today....not so much.

I woke up feeling like crap and now I feel I could just sit and cry for hours. But I have to go work the lunchroom. So I better get my positive face put back on and head out the door. Ugh...

Sorry you read my blog today now aren't you...I said this is where I keep it real. I won't sugar coat anything for any of you that visit here. The good, the bad, the ugly...I got it all. I am REAL...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wild wild Will

Credits: Background paper, frame, Black tape, ribbon-Krystal Hartely
Leapord paper, brown square, Gone wild title- LifeTimez by TLC
Swirls-Barb Derksen
Font- Circus, century

Krystal Hartley STUFF!

SHE HAS ARRIVED!!! Here's her debut kits. They are mini kits featured over at Polka dot potato
You can see what I have done with them below.

Monday, October 22, 2007


My Dry Erase board using the Happy Place mini kit. Link below...

Here are a couple of my layouts using Krystal Hartley's Happy Place mini kits.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Busy productive day

I had a crop this morning. Was just there until 12:30 and sold about $350! I was really happy with that amount in sales for 3 hours of work!

Then it was back home for family time.

Then it was Project time. I had a couple of assignments for Krystal Hartley to do so I got those done. Well, sorta. I did just one thing for each assignment. I have other things planned but wanted to get those to her fast. I can't show you yet but I will share one of my's a dry erase board! Heehee Surprise!!! I finished it. Even wrote a little note on it!
The other was just a layout. I have another hybrid/altered project in mind. I just need to get some things to do it.

Off to watch the boys carve pumpkins with Nana, Erin, & Jackson.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Houghton Lake Board

Ok...only my sister will know what this means!

My Grandma (God Love Her) always asks where someone is at if they are not in the room with her. We always joked that we need a dry erase board to mark our locations. Then we could tell her "CHECK THE BOARD" so as a funny...I did this! I know none of you will find the humor in this but to me and my sister and probably my mom...they will bust out laughing when they see this! Thanks for letting me share a little of my familys crazy world.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dry Erase board

Ok...I am going to make a dry erase board for my sons teacher's this year. So far this is what I have come up with. This will be adhered to an 8x8 piece of plexiglass on the back. Then they use a dry erase marker on the front. Does this make sense? The layout will show thru the clear plastic so they can write on it. I will punch a hole in the top for the ribbon to be tied so she can hang it by the door or her desk or where ever.

But is this too plain?? I didn't want to make it too busy so that when she writes on it she can actually read what she wrote.

Help me...suggestions...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Student of the Month

Zander was student of the month for September!!! Just found out yesterday! boy! He's so darn smart and kind. In the group photo you can find him on the far left, second one in of the back row. They pick one student from each class. Notice William is not in this one! LOL Just as smart as big brother but also SMARTY PANTS...that mouth of his! LOL
Proud of both my boys all the same!

Blast from the past

I had one of my very dear childhood friends email me today!! I was thrilled! I had talked to her father one day here in town and caught up on her life. I haven't seen in probably 18 years. WOW! That makes me seem really old now. And with a Birthday arriving in over a month that age issue is on my mind a lot.

So Ann, if you read this, SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Monday, October 15, 2007

AppleUmpkin Festival

Saturday we went to the AppleUmpkin festival at our local orchard. It was our first time going and I don't know that I would go again. It was very expensive. But the kids a good time and that's what counts. We went on a wagon ride, played some games, and the little boys rode a pony. We didn't even get pumpkins there. We save that for our friends who own a pumpkin patch. That will happen in the near future. Until the layouts show up, here are a few pics.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Brick walls

Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things. They only stop those who don't want it.

I saw this quote/statement on a youtube link. It really made me go hmmm....what does it do for you?!
EDIT: I had to do this little layout

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I was busy last night! Got these ready for the winners gifts at the scavenger hunt. I made 9 of them. Josh help me too! He drew the faces for me and traced the noses. He also helped me assemble some of them too. What a great guy! I was teasing him and telling him that I was going to take his picture and post it to the world. He just said...go ahead. Well forget it if you are willing! LOL It's only fun if it bothers you...

Goofy Zander

Credits: Paper-Krystal Hartley Circles from LifeTimez by TLC. Mixture of fonts for Title.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Photos organized

I just went thru all my photos on my computer tonight and organized them! Ahhh....that feels good. Now I just need to download them to a disc but I am too tired. Please don't let this come back and bite me in the butt by not doing it NOW.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh my word...

I am going to pass out from joy!!! I NEVER EVER go back and look at my layouts once I post them because I find it hard to see what others say or I am sad if I don't get a response...well, I went back to look at my layout that I posted on 2peas to make sure I put the proper link if for Krystal and I about pee'd my pants when I saw that RHONNA FARRER was the first one to leave me a comment! WOW! God knows when we need pick me ups, huh!

On a lighter note

I needed personal therapy after my rough night. So I sat down to scrap three of the most important people in my life. My two boys and my little cousin Cassee. I adore this girl as if she was my own. This is them on the first day of school. They are all in the same building this year for the first and LAST time. Cassee- 5th grade, Zander- 3rd, and Will- K. I just thought it was really neat that they will share this year together.
Credits: Krystal Hartley-Paper, flowers, bling. Brushwork: LifetimezFonts: Planet Benson 2, Huxtable, Segoe script

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I just lost a 14 year old patient to cancer. My heart is breaking...Please say a prayer for Thaddeus's family. I can't even imagine...

Thad....You were one awesome young man. You will be sadly missed by all.

Thaddeus Raymond Klepacz

Thaddeus Raymond Klepacz, age 14, a freshman at Onsted High School, passed away Monday, Oct. 8, 2007, at his home surrounded by his loving family after a long battle with Cancer.
He was born May 25, 1993, in Toledo, Ohio, to Raymond Michael and Jennifer Lou (Klump) Klepacz. Thaddeus was a member of St. Joseph Shrine in the Irish Hills. He was also a member of the Brooklyn Youth Bowling League, the Onsted Little League; he was in the Cub Scouts for three years and he had an orange belt in Karate.
In addition to his parents, he is survived by two sisters, Samantha Marie Klepacz and Jessica Lynn Klepacz, both at home; his grandparents, Marvin and Susie Klump and Genevieve (Bushia) Klepacz; and several loving aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends. He was preceded in death by his grandfather, Delvin Klepacz; an uncle, Alan Klepacz; and a cousin, Rachel Klepacz.

Busy day

Today was very busy day. I met Bev in Jackson for breakfast and give her some stuff. Came back to town to pick up my Grandma and take her to Adrian for an appointment. Ran back home to pick up the kids. Got asked to work tomorrow afternoon. Fixed dinner. Spent time with our phone carrier to figure out why I could not call out. Mowed. Dishes. Studied state capitals with Zander. Did a project on fire safety with Will. Changed the layouts in my frames since I got a huge order in from Scrapbooks to share today! (KH- your kits look incredible printed out by the way!) and added the layouts to albums. Whew...

off to the school for family reading night.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Ticket purchased

I bought my plane ticket for Cancun yesterday! It is seeming more and more like a reality now. I am going for an extra day. Can't wait! My very best girlfriend of all times is going with me! We don't see each other much any more but we are still close as ever. Just had to share my excitement with you all!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


We picked out Zander's Halloween costume today. The theme for school is "a long time ago" so this outfit works right?!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Look what I did today

It's gone. I got it all cut off. It feels so good. What do you think? My son hates it.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Scavenger Hunt Examples 2005

Here's an example from 2005 Scavenger Hunt. Teams had to have pictures taken of them inside a port-a-potty. This was terribly funny! I will share some other fun memories over the next few weeks. I highly suggest putting one on for your own family/friends. They are a bunch of fun!

Which one?

Trying to decide which invite I want to use for my annual scavenger hunt party. This is our 5th year doing it. Everyone loves it and keeps asking me to do another one. Last year I had invites made at shutterfly that had the winners from the previous year on it doing one of their tasks. This year I wanted to do something fun too. Usually it's just word of mouth or a word doc. invite. So let me know what one you like best. Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kapnick Orchards

We went on a field trip yesterday to the Apple Orchard. This was Williams first time on a bus! Wow...I forgot how bumpy Michigan roads were...ouch...We sat in the back of the bus and I actual was lifted OFF my seat a couple of times. ME!! Can you imagine what it does to those little kindergartners!! I swear I was going to need surgery to remove parts of my body from being jammed into places they didn't belong!! LOL

Monday, October 1, 2007


Here is the announcement that was made on the forum!

Congratulations to all our contestants and especially our final five. You did a ulous job! A special congratulations goes to Krystal Hartley, our Digitals Design Star! Krystal receives a contract and maximum plan for 1 year to sell at Digitals. We are thrilled to have her on our team.Carena and receive gift certificates to the store for 2nd and 3rd place.

Here are the results of the Final Round Kit Sales:
Carena - 6
Dielle - 3
Jongleuse - 3
Krystalhartley - 45 - 4
Total = 61 x $5 = $305 to be donated to Krystal's charity SPCA of Texas.Thank you all for participating, voting, and supporting these designers!

WOW!!! CAN YOU SAY LANDSLIDE!!! Kudos Krystal!
So proud of you!! I wanna be first in line at the autograph signing, please!


Done using A FAMILY THING by Krystal Hartley. The bling at the top was freebie that I found from DigiFree. ETA: Bling came from HERE



I can't help but wonder if I am more excited than she is??!! I have a little extra spring in my step today knowing that today may just be the first day of new career for her. I have to clean my house and then go work at the me when you get the news! I am dying to know!!!!

CONGRATS either way! How cool for you to have taken the leap and tried. God has plans for you little lady! Be ready!