Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nature Boy

I knew the minute I saw this freebie at what picture I wanted to use. I have pictures of William last spring swinging on our neighbors tire swing. I have been wanting to try on extraction again so I thought I would try. It's not perfect but it was fun to do and I my whole family literally laughed out loud when they saw it. So mission accomplished. They enjoyed my layouts!! I made him fill in the whole hole because it looks like he is stuck like winnie the pooh in rabbits hole! LOL
Full credits: Click on image

Here is the original photo:

Friday, May 30, 2008

Teacher Student

Zander and his Teacher. We love her! We have been blessed with the best teachers in his schooling so far. Each Teacher he has had has become a dear friend. I would do anything for any of them. Our whole Elementary School is blessed with some incredible teachers. That's why I love spending my free time at the school. They make it worth every minute.
Credits: Amy Sumrall- Round 4 Freebie at so you think you can design contest. THANKS FOR ANOTHER GREAT FREEBIE MISS AMY!!!


Will is spending the night with Nana tonight so Zander and I were home alone. We went outside and just goofed off on the trampoline. It's nice to have some one on one time.

Credits: All Heather Manning-Con Amor kit available at

We ended our box tops promotion on Wed. As a school we collected $522 in just 7 weeks! I am so proud of these kids. We awarded prizes for the top 6 students. Then had random drawings for 12 other small prizes. Zander was top collector with 280. William was in the top dozen. He collected 120. William's class came in first place and Zander's class was 3rd overall. I am so proud of my kids and all the students who worked hard for those sqaure dimes. I highlighted my boys on the layout...see circles!

Credits: Paula Phillips-neopolitan kit

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Just William enjoying his bubble blowing machine.
Credits: Paula Phillips- Neopolitan kit

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Credits: All Amy Sumrall- Doodle Du Jour kit, black & white doodle pack, insta-film pack, tea garden. Template by Cschneider.

Monday, May 26, 2008

With love

Credits: Heather Manning-Con Amor kit available at here.

More photos from the wedding I shot over Mother's Day weekend.

Happy Memorial Day!

Just a quick post to wish you all a wonderful Memorial Day. We have a family tradition of watching our local parade and visiting the cemetary for the graveside service. Take a moment today to remember what this day is all about.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Email issues

I have had a couple people tell me ( Bev & Amy Sumrall) that they are getting email delivery failure notices when they email me...but I am apparently getting most of them. Is anyone else having that issue? I have contacted my support tech. so we shall see what they say. So, can you all email me (who have my email) and see what happens? I am NOT getting my blogger emails that tells me when someone posts either. ANNOYING....

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Here's my first Layout with Heather Manning's kit. The kit is called Con Amor. This is a photo from the wedding I shot over Mother's Day weekend. The MOTB works at the school and I have know the family for years.

Tagged TWICE!

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Here are the Taggers ( Amy Sumrall ) & (Beth Swann)

Here my 7 Random, Weird facts about me:
1. I have a major hair phobia. I literally gag if I have to touch a loose hair. And when I leave the hair dresser, I can NOT look at the floor or I will puke. All that hair all over makes me ill, ill, ill. (that's my weird fact)

2. I also can NOT touch anything slightly dirty with my bare hands. Again...gags me. If I have gloves on, I am fine. For example...we were out to the farm cleaning and there was just tons of debris, dust, cobwebs, etc....on stuff out in the barn and I had was almost crying because I couldn't touch the stuff. It's bad...I swear it's the Dental Hygienist in me! But put a pair of gloves on me and I will touch almost anything! ALMOST! (that's my other weird fact!)

3. I have an extreme fear of Snakes.

4. I love lilacs. My whole wedding was done in lilacs. My girls dresses were made out of lilac fabric. I hand beaded my own lace on my wedding dress that my MIL made for me. All the while I was taking my boards for Dental Hygiene. Even back then I wasn't happy unless I was doing a million and two things!

5. I am firm believer in 'everything happens for a reason'. Karma baby!

6. I am caring to a fault. I always put others needs ahead of my own. Always.

7. I have a few skeletons in my closet. But my family knows EVERYTHING about me and loves me anyways!

I am tagging:
Anyone who hasn't been tagged already. We are pretty close group of bloggers here and I think we have all been tagged. So if you haven't now is YOUR turn!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

14 years I saw my DH for all of 15 minutes tonight. So no picture was taken. I will get one this weekend and replace this older photo of us with a new one. But I just had to play with Amy Sumrall's new freebie! Not my usual style but it's fun to try new stuff. It's close enough to bright and bold for me!

Happy 14th Anniversary

Today is my 14th wedding anniversary! And as luck would have it...Josh is out of town today. UGH...
Once he gets home, I plan on taking our picture and using this kit! It's available this week only at by AMY SUMRALL!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 Muskateers

Credits: All Tara Sroka Designs
Holly Days & I do kits

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today is my sister's Birthday! Let's all wish her a HAPPY ONE!
#32 today!

Get Digi With

Here's my layout for a challenge at the newly opened store!
We had to lift a layout and use the word GET DIGI WITH IT in the title to promote the new store.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally Friday!

Well, it's finally Friday! This week goes down as one of the longest ever. With being sick, doing my Junior Achievement sessions, getting ready for our Rodeo Fun Night at school, work (dental), Work (School lunchroom), Work (Volunteering), mowing my yard and my grandmas, and dealing with a major major major family crisis...ugh. I tell you, when I am wrapped up in it I am oblivious to what it is that I am getting done. When I reflect back on it, I see a huge amount of stuff.

So's FRIDAY!!!

Here's another Layout from Paula Phillips stuff! I am totally in love with this kit called Cat's Bag.
Wait until you see what I do with the 'what's in your wallet' theme!! I have a wonderful idea to show off my ElisaLou's!

ETA: hey Shell....look at Will's shirt! He loves this shirt. He calls it his Sheep & Kiwi shirt. That's what he asks for when he wants to wear it. " I want my Sheep Kiwi shirt from New Zealand from Shell on today" He proceeds to share with anyone who will listen, that this shirt came from New Zealand!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Secret Revealed...

Today is {supposed to be} the grand opening of

I am moving over there as a CT member with Amanda Dykan. So go register and let's see what this place is all about!!!

ETA: appears that maybe they are running behind...hmmm....well...I told you I would tell you on the 15th. So act surprised when it does go live!! OK!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Guess what!

I've got ANOTHER secret now too! Heehee...

This might be the shortest kept secret in history: Here's the secret>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I got a Private Message today from Paula Phillips of Purple Paper Flowers and requesting me to CT for her! I have no clue what she was thinking asking me to join her team! But I checked out her goods and I was impressed with the colors and fun designs. So I said, SURE! Will I regret this? (I am getting a few on my plate now!) Will she regret this? Can she handle my silliness?! Only time will tell! Maybe I should have told her she was free to "Fire" me at any point! LOL This was the second easiest job I ever got in my life! Good Things have been happening to me lately and I am truly blessed. Funny how you pay it forward for so long and begin to wonder if it was worth it and then bam! Rewards! Thanks!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Top Honors

Credits: Amanda Dykan-Green Tinted 60's Mind paper pack

First Day

Wow?! Have really just about finished this school year? Look at this picture of my baby's first day of Kindergarten! Class of 2020!
Credits: Elka Romero of Gotta Pixel and her HOT HALLOWEEN KIT.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Well, I made it through the day at work today. Still have a terrible cough and runny nose and slight ear pain. But overall...doing better.
Thanks for the well wishes. Maybe I just need to scrapbook something?!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Still sick and crazy story

I went to the doctor on Thursday, left work early. I have a sinus & ear infection. Then later that night I ran a fever of 103. Covered with literally 5 blanks and still couldn't get warm.

Fever broke in the early morning hours. I did goto the school in the morning. And was able to function but just very tired. Then Saturday I had a wedding to shoot. It was horrible for me. I was probably half way thru the formal pictures and I felt like I could just die. My fever felt it was coming back (no therm. to check) and I was coughing like crazy. It's hard to keep the camera still when you are coughing so hard it sounds like you are going to throw up. I kept popping cough drops and just prayed I could get thru it. Luckily the M of the B does photography she was snapping away at the same time as I was when she wasn't in the photo. So hopefully between the two of us we got it all.

Then after the wedding pics. The F of the B drove off with my car keys by mistake. So I was stranded at the church and the reception was 18miles away. UGH...Josh was in Toledo (over an hour away) And no way to get in my van. So...I started walking. (cell phone locked in van) Then a teacher from the school saw me and picked me up. We went my Grandma's to get a car for me to get to the reception. UGH...unbelievable. Only me...I swear. I made it the reception with time to spare. But the coughing was getting worse and I was down to one cough drop!
I did as much as I could and then finally had to leave. Crazy. My worst nightmare was close to coming true...not being able to do pictures that I am supposed to do for a wedding. I seriously worry about that stuff. And it almost happened. Need to figure out a back up plan...but what??

if you made it this far you must really enjoy my crazy stories! As many of you know, my life is never boring. NEVER...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another Hygienist!


This is my Sister Erin. She just graduated from Dental Hygiene School!! So we have two of them in the family now!! I am sooo proud of her. I know first hand how hard it was. I have always said that if I didn't pass it the first time, I was done. It was the most stressful thing I have ever done in my life. In the bottom picture: my sister Amy Jo, my Dad Mike, my sister Erin, my {step} Mom Marge (whom I call Mom with great respect)

Friday, May 9, 2008


Mostly Jill D-Zine's kit called My Favorite boy...
Amy Sumrall-Green Strip
Krystal Hartley-Black tape and orange paper
Misty Cato-I can see clearly alpha

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Friends 4 Life

Credits: Emily Powers-freebie called Art Nation {Blossoms}.
Taken today at the school during the teacher appreciation Chocolate Fountain Fun! These three are sure to be friends for life. William has crush on Anna and Ali adores Will! A love triangle at the age of 5! I just loved this photo! How cute are those kids! This will look so awesome up on their high school graduation photo board! haha...which will be happening, like, tomorrow...ugh...where does the time go?? My baby is graduating Kindergarten in 4 weeks!

Will & Ali

This is my friends little girl who's in class with Will. She adores William. We went to her house for their first PLAYDATE. Of course it rained. We let them go out in it anyways. But then I thought...oh yeah...Amy Sumrall's KIT!! I have been dying to use that little rain cloud! So...could this be another Rachel & Josh in the making??!! Time will tell! Josh and I met in the first grade and have been friends ever since...

Credits: Krystal Hartley- Rachel mini kit, FS Easter Collab kit, Love Freebie, Hannah mini kit.
Amy Sumrall-April showers kit and sitting pretty kit.
Vicki20/A Work in Progress-Citrus Berry paper freebie and ribbon from About a Boy Freebie
Lori-Template for her Challenge!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Week

For all you teachers out there...this week is all about YOU!

My hats off to you. I could NEVER do your job. KUDOS!
Do something nice for a teacher you know this week!

Cleaning out

I am really trying to clear out some old inventory. I have the following NEW T-shirts for sale. $10 ea. + shipping. This is 50% off retail....I need these gone!
I have 2 XL, and 7 2xl. First come, first serve. Photo Courtesy of Scrapbook Girl Website.

Monday, May 5, 2008

New online store coming soon!

May 15th is the big day! I can't go into much more detail just yet but it should be fun! So mark this day on your calendar. Once I know for sure I can spill the beans...I will!

ETA: SHELL??? What are YOU talking about?? I am in the dark with YOUR comment now! So, no, it's not Shell's online store?

I will give you a bean right now...(you asked for a few beans) Amanda Dykan has something to do with it. I am following her over to this new store to be on her CT there too!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gotta Pixel Sale!

LAST DAY!! HURRY! 30% OFF!Be sure to check out AMY SUMRALL for sure!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

King of the Jungle

Done using a freebie kit from Vicki at a work in progress. The kit is called About a Boy.
Also added a hint of Krystal Hartley-Rachel mini kit and Rain Freebie. And used Rachel Donalds Denim Styles that she RAK'd me! Template was freebie today. Not sure who to give credit to on that...sorry.

Family First Always

As you all know, this has been my motto for a long time. I came across this photo while I was backing up some stuff. This was only 2 years ago but seems like a life time. They grow so fast.
Will, Cassee, & Zander in the summer of 2006.

Credits: Tara Sroka Designs. Love muffin kit, I do to you Kit, Heart do dads, Word Frames.