Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I am trying to figure out which Bag to take with me to Florida. I don't want to get down there and wish I had brought one that I didn't. Plus, how can I pick which one to leave behind without one feeling jealous! LOL See, I adore this bags as if they were my children. I am thinking the large bucket but then again it might be nice to have the boxy tote.

ok...I will take the boxy tote to keep my games, books, snacks in. I will take the Large bucket as my purse. And then maybe my MaryBeth to use at Disney...oh that reminds me...need to pack extra business cards! You know someone is bound to ask me about one of my bags!!! They always do! And I would not expect anything less.

Plus I have to take my laptop cover. I plan on taking my laptop to work on digital layouts on the way down. I can't get internet but I can atleast keep busy with digital scrapbooking! And of course spider solitare.

Off to pack some more! TOO MANY CHOICES...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sick and wrong

Ok, I must confess. One of my most favorite things to do it look at the layouts on TwoPeas. I have a favorite pea over there named DebbieT. I admire her work as much as I do Krystal Hartley. So as I was browsing thru 2peas this morning...I find this layout. To really understand the layout you have to read the writing. YES, This is a fried Guinea Pig. WTF? That is sooo wrong. As some of you may recall, I kept our classroom Guinea Pig over Christmas break and just fell in love with him. His name is Triple E. So I am almost sick to my stomach over this. I can't even imagine how anyone could ever and I do mean EVER, eat a guinea pig. I was talking to my son about it today and we decide it is probably the same with us eating cow for those from India . But still...come one...I sure hope this was the appetizer. Otherwise, it's not much meat! LOL GROSS...

Saturday, March 24, 2007


The winners of the Mystery Hostess Party for ElisaLou are: (As picked by my boys)

Cathy P: Hostess only bag

Wendy M: 50% off bag

Jan P: 50% off bag

Congrats. I submitted the order this morning...Guess what the hold up was...ME. I COULD NOT PICK A FABRIC. Seriously. I have worked at for a week and got it down to 4 choices. I finally bit the bullet and went with Retro Red with Red Houndstooth on a Lily. I do not own a Lily of my own yet so I wanted one to show. But I wanted it to be a super knock you over I could sell, sell, sell those Lily bags! And I wanted it in a non-popular fabric. One that no one had ordered yet.

Now the only probably is that I have fallen in love with the 3 other fabric combos that I picked out but have to save my money for the upcoming vacation. So once I get back, I will start saving again for another bag. This is a horrible job to have. I spend more than I make! LOL

Beach Umbrella Stipe is GONE. I have no clue if those bags just ordered in that print will be made or not. I will be intouch with those who this will affect. So if you ordered a bag with that print...start thinking about a back up.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

High school musical

Well, I just sat through the most painful 2.5 hours of my life to date, I think. My oldest son, MIL, Cousin, and her daughter all went to our local high school play tonight. My ears just might be bleeding internally. I am sure that it must be a very difficult task to put on a musical when you have no strong vocals. I felt so bad for some of these kids. We have always had one or two kids that really could act, sing, dance. But...that's all I can say. I am going to listen to my mothers advice and say nothing...

They sure were all it in it together. But I won't say what they were in! LOL

Off to rest my ears.

Oh...have to add a funny that my son made as we got in the car. Mind you, none of us had made any comment about the play at this point, Good Or Bad. Man, Mommy, those kids sounded like sick cats and dogs! LOL I thought I was going to loose it. I looked at my MIL and we bothed laughed out loud. It was so funny! I am still chuckling about it as I type this. Zander, you crack me up sometimes! That's what I love about you son, don't ever change! Amy Jo...remember when he said that to us up north?! LOL QUOTE: That's what I love about you, don't ever change! UNQUOTE

I honestly have the best life. My kids both have the best sense of humor. I can't figure out where they get it from???

Monday, March 19, 2007

ElisaLou Mystery Party

Wanted to give an update on the details of this event. I have just over $250 in orders and that means I will be doing a drawing for a $15 hostess only bag and a 50% off bag. I have 5 names so far in the drawing so the odds of winning are great! DZ, AM, PS, CP, WM. If you ordered something and don't see your me!

If I get enough to push us to the next level, I will let you know. But as it stands those are the two items up for winning!

Good Luck!


Grrr...Woke up to snow (a dusting) but still?! I am ready for SPRING not winter. Plus I have a rotten stuffy nose and a small cough. I didn't even see my sister so I can't blame her since she was sick last week. Figures. Just when I am down to 10 days until Florida! Hey...that's it. That's why it is still snowing so I will feel better about heading to Florida so late in the season. Great! Keep snowing!

Silver linings...Look for them!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another successful ElisaLou

I had a party on Saturday with old dear friend, Laurie Cross. She was my upline when I was with SIAS. I hadn't seen her in a few years but still keep in contact with her on occassion. She wanted to have an eLisaLou party for me. She did well. Had just over $500 in sales. Got her two half off items and the free hostess only bag. Plus I got a booking for 4-14-07. She is going to start selling for Elisa now too. She is going to go down into Toledo area.

I am really tired today. I have been working on my TLC Artist's Choice layouts today and I don't have any pictures for the page so I stopped. It's about an 8" circle frame that I need a photo for...I am guessing I will need an 8x10 picture but haven't figure out what one I want to use plus I will need to get one printed. Hey....duh....good excuse to try out my new printer!! {smacking my forehead}

I have another eLisaLou party on Tuesday night. Plus I have a few single orders from people...I am hoping I will have enough single orders to count it as a show and do a mystery drawing for the hostess bag. So for those of you who read my blog, and have been thinking about getting one...NOW is the time! I will do a drawing and you just might win the hostess only bag! Or a chance to get it for only $15! What a Deal!!!

I will wait until Wednesday to close the show. I have DZ's order, plus 3 other peoples. So let me know if you want in on the show!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Were did the time go??? I haven't posted since the 7th? BAD ME!

Things got crazy around here all of the sudden. I got that darn new computer and it has taken over my life trying to re download all the crap that needs to go on it. Then we had issues with the printer not being compatible to vista. So we had to send that one back and we ended up buying one from staples. We got the HP photosmart D7360. I haven't printed anything off it yet so I hope that one works. Josh said he tried it and it did. It has 6 ink cart. inside? I have no clue if that will be a good thing or a bad thing? Anyone else have a history with 5 color inks and a black? What's your thoughts?

Off to update my POTD.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

More ElisaLou's

Both of these are my Mom's. Top one is called Fuzzy and has a tan twill inside in the MaryBETH bag. The bottom is the Lily with the longer handle and coin pouch in the Sage Squares with Tan Twill interior again.
This is the Boxy tote in Party Stripe exterior and Party Dot interior.
This is a MaryBETH with single handle in Don't be square with Pink Green polka dot inside and lime ribbon tie closure.
This is the do-dad holder in paperdoll print.

These were a few from my last party. I didn't post all of them because you can see 3 of them below!
I had a party today at the school and sold 21 bags and had $800 in sales with a booking! YEAH ME! The teachers went nuts over the bags! It was so fun to just watch them shop. Kids in a candy store for sure! Glazed eyes and all!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New Computer pains

I forgot all the crap you have to transfer when you get a new computer. It took me from 8am-2pm to do just my LifeTimez software. UGH...I can't figure out all the new bells and whistles either. So it might take me a while to figure out how to post my pictures. I don't know if my card reader is working yet or not?

So back to the grind.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

My new ElisaLou!

This is MINE!!! It's a MaryJane (now called Mary Beth) Done in French Wallpaper Mustard Exterior with Oxford Stripe Okra Interior sporting a single wide handle with Satin Ribbon tie. Can you believe some guy had the nerve to tell her that she was copying his bags and told her he wanted her to change the name. Idiot. This is Becky's bag. It's a Lily with longer handle. Done in Buttercup exterior and umbrella stripe interior. This one is for Libby. It's the Large Bucket in Pink Melrose exterior with pink cord. interior. I have a party on Wednesday in the Teacher's Lounge. I have had a couple of the parents ask if they can show up. SURE! I have a shipment coming in the mail and will post pictures upon arrival!

Photo Of The Day POTD

Come on Shell...get with the program! LOL Teasin! I put up a challenge for us to take one photo a day and post them. I decided to put mine on

Saturday I went to a Card Making Shower for a wounded local Soldier. He is my next door neighbors, half brother. He lost both feet/legs in an attack. In the vehicle he was in, there were 9 killed and two wounded. He was one of the two wounded. He lost one leg just above the knee and the other mid calf. He remains in the hospital here in the US. His name is Travis Webb. He is from Adrian, MI. The town next to mine.

We made well over 100 cards. And I must say there were some very nice cards made for this brave hero. I have not had anything hit so close to home to before this accident. I had a dear friend over there for about a year but he back home safe. So for this to have happened so close and then to learn it was my dear little nextdoor neighbors brother. Wow. If any of you would like to send a card, let me know. I can get you the address.

My sister's work sent us a roll of stamps! I was so grateful. Some local businesses donated envelopes, cardstock, money, more stamps. It was so great to see our community come together. Myself and another lady were able to produce nearly 60 cards ourselves this day! I would start the foundation of the card and she would put the final embellishments on it. We had a great system going! I had never met this person before in my life and we were just in such a sync...totally awesome! We worked from 10-2 and it was the fastest 4 hours of my life.

Getting my new computer tomorrow!! Dude, I am getting a Dell! Custom made to order. Got tons of hard drive to my digital scrapbooking stuff & photos. I may never leave the computer again...

POTD Slider posted

I just added my POTD Slider. I had a hard time figure this one out for some reason? I am sooo computer stupid and sometimes it really shows.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

March Challenge for my friends

Ok Friends, Here is the challenge...I want you to take one photo everyday this month. It can be of anything. You don't have to show me the pictures. This is a personal challenge for all of us. I love taking pictures as many of you know and I am shocked at how few I have taken in 2007. So let's get the cameras out and use them. One photo for the month MUST be of yourself. Someone else may take it but you have to have one photo of yourself.

Who's with me? I will post my photo of the day here. I may not be able to post it everyday, but I will post 31 photos for the month of March. POTD is what we will call them. I am going to use LifeTimez to document mine! Join me!

Leave me a comment if you are playing!