Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Elisa Lou! They love you!

Here are some more bags from a party that I held on 10-28-06.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

More bags!

Sorry it took so long. Got busy with that thing called life again. And I hadn't been on this computer in awhile either. So I forgot about adding them.

Got another call from a past customer and she wants to do a "traveling bag show". This is what I am going to call it. She is just going to take my samples and take orders from her work. I don't have to travel to her place to do it. So that works out great. My sister is going to take her the stuff this weekend and then bring it back next weekend.

Can't wait to see the stuff from my second party. I see it is getting done! I saw some bags on the blog that were ordered by my customers! So won't be long now!

Truly like Christmas when those bags arrive. I almost shed a tear when I deliver them! I want to keep them! This is really a bad business move for me. Psychologically draining... LOL I go thru seperation anxiety with every bag! It's almost as bad as when I give away my photos from a session. There are mine but I have to give them up. I wonder if Elisa goes thru the same issues?! She is truly amazing, isn't she!

Friday, November 10, 2006

WARNING: pictures may cause excessive salivation!

Here are the bags from ElisaLou from my first party. I have more to post but it won't. So I must be at my limit! LOL I will post the others in a second entry and see if that will work.

Calendar sample, busy, busy, busy

Here is a sample of my calendar coaster that I made using the LifeTimez software. I want to make one for certain people in my family for Christmas but I just don't know if I will have the time to find the photos that I want to include on them.

I have my crop tomorrow and have to get up at 3am and head out the door by 4am. What in the heck was I thinking? I should have went up there and stayed the night. I have a two hour drive to get there and I have to be set up and ready by 8am. So I hope I will be able to get all set up in time. I am going to take my grid wall with me this time. The last one I did, I just used a couple of tables and that was just not a good set up for all that I bring. Some Leaving Prints gals had their grid wall and that looked so much better. So I am going to bit the bullet and just take it. It is just such a hassle to deal with when I am alone. But I guess if I want to sell some stuff, I need it to look very nice.

I just have to print off some signs and some flyers and pack the van and I will be ready. I spent last night counting my inventory. I didn't think I had a lot of kits left...WRONG! I am really considering selling things at 30% off retail just to move it. I got most of it at 40% off or slightly better. And at this point. I just would rather have money than product in cubes in my closet.

So the shoppers/croppers there will have a nice surprise at my booth tomorrow!

Off to get ready for the day. Have to take a shower, brush all the teeth in house, and pack a lunch. Then get two kids ready, one off to school, one off to story hour then the sitters, then home to print signs and pack my van. Then off to work at the school. WHEW....gotta run....

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

So much to do, so little time.

I have a crop this weekend a couple of hours away and I am no where near being ready. I just can't find the motivation to get my butt in gear. I am going to mark my stuff way down just so I can move it. I don't have any expos coming up any time soon and I just want to move some stuff that I have had awhile.

I am sorta getting tired of my scrapbooking business. I just feel like I have lost my zest. I find that I want to scrapbook more than I want to sell it lately. Not a good thing when I have soooo much inventory. I won't be leaving any time soon but I just don't feel like working at making it work. I have sorta found a new passion in the purses. Thats all I can think about lately. It's a bad obsession, I know. I don't have to worry about recruiting anyone or keeping up with my downline. I just have to sell. That is what I love to do.

Well...sitting here typing is not getting my stuff ready for the crop is it? Off to shower and then count. Plus I want to go see my nephew today. He is one week old today! Yeah, Zayden! I have loved you a week and you are in my heart forever.

I will post pictures later once I return home. I want to get some for his birth announcements.


Monday, November 6, 2006

Monday and have good news...

Just finished my Monday at work. It was a good day overall. Nice patients and nothing major happened. I do want to share some exciting news that I got yesterday in an email. As some of you may know, I changed who I get my bags thru a few weeks ago. Well, I had a party on the 22nd and just got an email on the 5th that they are ready to be shipped out on tuesday. WHAT??? She said she hired someone on to help her get the orders done. WHAT A NOVEL CONCEPT....huh....hire help when you need it?? ODD....Who'da thunk?!

Now if MM could have figure this out some time ago, they might not be in the mess they are in today. Greed...I have said it all along. It's a sin people...

Just had to share my excitement.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

My nephew

I just have to share some of my photos. I can't believe how much this little one means to me already! It's so cool being an aunt! William and Zander also enjoy their newest cousin.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

It's a boy!

Zayden Michael William Sallows
7# 4oz
20.5" long
born at 6:56pm

FINALLY!!! Wow...that just might go down in the books as the worlds longest labor. Man, I didn't think she would ever have that baby. He is healthy as can be!
This is my brother, Chad, and Baby Zayden.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Still no baby...

My brothers girl was admitted 10-31-06 @ 6:30 am to be induced. I went there in the morning full aware that this would take many hours. I just wanted to be there for support.

Well, here is is 6:30am 11-1-06 and still no baby. I didn't sleep for crap last night knowing I might get "the call". So I am up and ready to go. Called my mom she has heard nothing either. She has been up since 3am waiting. I don't know if I should just go there or what???

I hate this waiting. I remember how it was when I was the patient too. So I try not to act anxious but it is hard to hide! I think I am going to leave now and just stop at a fast food joint once in town and eat. Then head over to the hospital. Oh...please let her have this baby today. I can't take much more!