Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Project 52- 2011

So I've really been thinking about the Project 365 or Project 52 for the new year. I've tried many times in the past to do the 365/a photo a day but by the 2nd week of Jan I was done. So...I've thought long and hard about it and I really want to tackle it this year. I am going to do P52. A photo a week and I am going to take it one step farther still. I'm going to do a THEME. I am going to capture the people in my life who make me, me. I'm going to dedicate a week to a person in my life. I will obviously have lots of family members that will get used but there are also people out there who may not be aware of what they mean to me so I am going to search them out have my photo taken with them. There are a few people who I really want in my photo album but due to may not happen. So if you do not show up in my album, it doesn't mean you are not loved. It means you are not near to me to have your picture taken with me! I'll figure out a way around that one! So...I'm off to make my list of 52 people who have helped make me, ME! Since last year was all about finding the new me "REVEAL"...this year is about sharing my life with those who support me. So my word of the year is SHOW. I'm going to SHOW people around me what they mean to me and how they belong in my life!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Work Christmas Party

He's not happy that his 18 year old car is dead but we are!
Cracked headgasket
Peggy, Rach, Melinda, Rachele
the Rachel's For our Christmas party, we went to Fat Fish Blue in Perrysburg, Ohio. It's a comedy club. It was super fun. The bosses car broke down on the way there and we left it at a Speedway Station for the night. Here's some pics of the evening. The four of us went down before the boss to shop at Levis Commons. It was a good thing we did so we could get the boss man back home!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hudson Tigers STATE CHAMPS!

We did it!!! Er...I mean, THEY DID IT! Those boys won it all!!!! So darn PROUD of them. Best game I've seen in a long time and I can't even watch it again without screaming and I know the outcome. BEST SEASON OF MY LIFE!!! I love my football!This is my Cousin Drew, Me (on my 40th Birthday), Camden McCaskey, and Meiko favorite players on the whole team!! These kids are amazing on field and off. True Champions in my book for sure!#22 is my Cousin!!! #24 is a wonderful kid and the one above #16 is AMAZING!#54 next to the coach is my new adopted son (I wish) that kid! Best heart in the world!

The bottom two pics are NOT MINE...Can't take credit for them.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm FORTY!!!

Wahooo!!! I made it to my forties!! And to top it off...I'm 80 pounds lighter!!! AMAZING! I'm so looking forward to this new decade! A totally new me! I did it!

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Black Friday, and GOOOO HUDSON TIGERS! State Football finalist! I'll be posting WINNERS soon!! GO TIGERS!!!! Stand Tall, Leave a Legacy! I love it, this is our year!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wedding today

I have a wedding to shoot today. First one in a long time. I'm finding I like the senior pics much better! Not as much pressure, stress. But still enjoy it!

It is Digital Scrapbook Day today and I have no desire to even look at stuff??? What's wrong with me?? Yikes. So not like me. Hmm...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's november!!! I love this month the best out of the months! Crisp air, Football, Burning leaves, Turkey, Family, Voting, Shopping, Birthday. Seriously...what's NOT to love?!

I've been so busy with my photography that I have not scrapped in a very long time. I'm just waiting to be kicked off my CT's! LOL I've got no Mojo for scrapping it seems right now. Our football team is kicking butt still! We have game #2 of playoffs this Friday at home!! I'm in heaven and even if the big L comes...I'm totally ok with it. I've gotten a chance to know a few of those kids one on one and they are amazing! Of course my ever talented cousin is the main reason I go! Go Drew-der! #22 rocks!

I'm a huge football nut. Love it all at any level. Pop-Warner, HS, College, Pro. I'm good with any kind of football. Of the American kind, I must add. Not Soccer. is calling my name. I'm wearing my new scrub pants! Size L!!! Wahoo! Go me!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Krystal, Libby, Misty-Felicity

It's a triple dip day!!! Krystal teamed up with Libby (my other boss!) and Misty to produce-Felicity. One amazing kit!! Love it!

Ettes-Reality Bites

Ettes are back designing! At a new location! They are now at! They've decided to let others deal with the behind the scenes stuff so they can just design! Wahoo!
I loved the idea behind this kit! I have so many thought on how I wanted to use this kit but didn't want to hurt anyones feelings! LOL hahaha So I twisted the kit to fit my journey memories!
And as an update: I'm down 72.2 pounds now!! It's finally moving again. I was stuck for a long time and it's finally moving...whew!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy WW Year Anniversary

I did it!!! I lost 70 pounds in a year!! That was my own personal MENTAL GOAL. I didn't really make it too vocal or known to anyone but I personally had this goal in mind on the day I made up my mind that I was going to start Weight Watchers. I did it...just barely...but I did it!
I'm so darn proud of myself right now I could burst! I firmly believe in their programs and will never let anyone else tell me otherwise. It works. If you do what they suggest, it will work! Ahhhh!!!! I did it! Now on to the next goal!! My High School Weight! 15 more pounds to go!!...then its heading towards my 100 Pounds GONE! Might take me another year...but I will get there! Promise!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weight Watchers update

It's been awhile since I talked about my journey so let's visit that topic today!
It's my weigh in day! Every Tuesday! I am slowly approaching my year anniversary (9-28) and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on where I am, where I came from, and where I am going...
I will not share my starting weight but I will share my losses with you: I have officially lost 66 pounds. And I have lost the following in inches:
Waist: 9"
Hips: 7.5"
Bust: 8"
Arms: 2"
Dress Size: 8
Thighs: 5"

So to put this into perspective let's add up all those inches lost from my whole body:
TOTAL: 31.5" gone from my body?! And down 8 sizes! WOW? I'm just finding this all out at this very moment so you are living my excitement with me!!!! That's more than 2 foot of my body gone?! I know it doesn't really work that way but in my head it helps for me 'see' it like that! Wowsers! It's no wonder when I walked into that school today people were talking. I lost count of how many people came up to me today to talk to me and say how amazing I looked. And for those of you who really KNOW ME, I HATE THAT attention. HATE IT. I just wanted to crawl into a hole. But then I got home and did my measurements and I GET IT! I see it! I can understand why they are all commenting. WOW! I still hate attention on me but THANKS! I DID THIS!! I am STILL DOING THIS!!! I'm just over my half way point. I kinda took the summer off from all the craziness of counting points to the right #. I did it in my head but not on paper. I still lost 10 lbs over the summer but it could have been better. But I proved to myself that I CAN MAINTAIN!!! I can do this! I WILL CONTINUE THIS JOURNEY!
So darn proud of myself!! Thanks for letting me rant.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Libby Weifenbach-All jacked up

Libby's got a new kit out called All Jacked Up! Halloween is coming! Love that holiday!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Winds of change are blowing.

My life has become so hectic that I am busy restructuring my priorities. I can no longer keep up with all that I am involved with. So with that said, I am going to be MIA for awhile. I seem to post on FB more and more and this poor blog gets less and less used. I'll still try to remember to post my layouts here but frankly, I haven't been feeling like scrapping much at all lately. I think I just need a break from everything for awhile.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hot Summer lingers

Well, we've had an awesome summer. It was 92 today at the end of August. But I'm ready for fall. Love those cool nights and warm days. But again, 92 is not my idea of fall in Michigan.
I am dying to get out there and walk but have not been able to do so due to some issues with my right calf. I feel at my sister's wedding back in early July and I have no clue if it stems from that or what. But it will get better and then bam out the blue it will literally take me to my knees. It happened on Friday and I almost fell off the basement steps. Good thing the Punching bag sits there and I was able to catch myself on it. Ugh. I'm a mess.

Thursday was a day from hell. I can't even begin to post it here as it would take up too much space. But in a nutshell, if that is possible: My dog's de-worming took effect, my mom was ill and almost taken by ambulance to the hospital as she was the morning before but refused to go, my grandma fell and broke her clavical and I called 911 for ambulance transport, my sister Erin was in the SAME hospital ER that I arrived at with my grandma, my BIL passed out while driving and was taken by ambulance home, and my brother was having "issues". So...without going into full blown out details...that was my day thursday while I should have been at work so I lost a days pay. Good times, not really! And then the very next day is when I attempted to fall off the basement steps.

I have an ultrasound this AM and will let you all know how I fair. I pray it's just sore and no clot. I do not want to take coumadin. DO NOT! But I want to know when I will be able to walk with falling to my knees in pain. I can't get this weight off if I can't walk. I'm doing so well and now this. Time to re-evaluate things apparently. I know where I'm headed but I think someone wants to CONFIRM my intentions! Yes, God, I'm still committed to my goal. I know where I came from and I know where I am going! Life is still good and I truly needed the laugh last thursday. I am not kidding, I sat in the ER Waiting room and laughed so hard I had tears. I couldn't believe how my day went. I can find the best is every bad situation apparently! Because it was side splitting funny to me that all that was happening at one time.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Featured on

ok so it's no secret at ALL that I LOVE Well, I get this email this morning from an account Representative that my book I created as a gift to my Sister and Don was picked to be featured on the home page gallery for 3 days!!! WHAT??? really???!!!! Some one pinch me now...what??!!!! ME? me? really? seriously?

I'm in heaven at this very moment. I told you in my last post that I love my life right and this is just another exclamation point on why! Things like this just don't happen to ME!

You can see it here: or here:

Or go straight to the book here:

Monday, August 16, 2010


My life in a nutshell: BUSY! Let's see. I have hardly created any layouts lately. My photography hobby has exploded in the last month for whatever reason. Funny how God pushes his way right in the middle of everything. When I really wanted to get my photography business going it just didn't happen. I decided to continue with the Scrapbooking and then bam...out of the blue I can hardly keep up. It's great but wow. I was not ready for this. Then on top of it all, we have added a new furry baby to the family. I affectionately refer to her as the ugliest dog in the world. And I do mean it! She's the kind that is soooo ugly she's cute...almost! Her personality more than makes up for her looks! She's a lover girl and a half. Taking her to the vets today to see what they think. I have no clue how old she is or what breeds she's made up of at this time.

My journey had just plateaued for about 6 weeks. Neither lost nor gained anything. Then this week alone, I am down over 3 lbs. Let's pray the scale doesn't get stuck again for that long. I have finally hit another goal too! I officially weigh less than my Hubby for the first time in our lives! We graduated HS and we was a whooping 120 lbs with all the clothes he owned on at one time. I think I weighed 120 when I was in the 5th grade?! LOL Doubt it though! LOL Probably younger! Yeah, I was never a skinny kid. Unlike my whole family. Go figure?! Anywho!!! Getting close to breaking the mark has eluded me for whole adult life. I know I will get there and I am hoping it's soon but all in due time.

Finished my Sister & Don's wedding book. Went a little artsy fartsy with it instead of standard pages. I loved it. Now I have the Murder Mystery photobook to do. I just can't seem to find the time lately. I want to enjoy summer too. So things are taking a backseat. I'm totally ok with that, surprisingly! I'm living for me right now. First time in a long time! Feels kinda good. I'm sure I will fall back into the old pattern/habits of helping others first but for now, I'm enjoying doing what I WANT!

Kids head back to school 9-7-10. Looking forward to it but at the same time not. Bitter sweet. I love having them around but I think they are both getting bored. Praying for an awesome school year this year. William is in a Split Class ( 3rd/4th) he's in 3rd. So it will be different but different is good, right! He'll do fine! His teacher is A-MAZ-ING too! So that makes it so much easier on me, mentally. Zander starts Middle School. Yep, Middle school. Wow...where does the time go?? Did I tell ya, I totally love my life right now!

Friday, August 13, 2010

WM2-New Templates!

Wendy has some new templates out! Love them by the way!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Libby Weifenbach-For Valory

Libby's got a new kit out today!! It's called For Valory. She did this kit for a friend as payback for taking pics of her and her SO. I love it! Here's a picture of my whole immediate family at my sister's wedding! BIG FAMILY HUH?!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Kristin Aagard-Down Under

I've always wanted to go to Australia (But I think it has now become New Zealand) as my Dream Vacation. So when Kristin made this cute kit (Down Under) I just had to scrap my dream. They say if you put it in front of you and see it it will have a higher chance of happening. We shall see. I think I just a pig fly by my window...later!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Amy Jo + Don Wedding Pics

GO HERE to see the most amazing wedding pictures ever not taken by me! LOL

ENJOY!!! They are awesome!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Will #8

Yesterday was my littlest ones eighth birthday! It was an extremely busy day. So I am just finding the time and energy to blog it. He had two friends over and his little cousin and brother where there too. Wonderful day! Happy Birthday Will!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wm2-BBQ Weather

The new WM {Squared} kit is out!!! BBQ WEATHER!! This kit is so great for those summer memories. I used it for my sister's rehearsal dinner. Template was a freebie by Kristin's ScrapDesigns of Pickelberry Pop.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm STILL running like a mad woman. Ok, maybe after this weekend?? ugh....We have our annual library fundraiser (murder mystery play) Sat. and we've all been busy with prep work for that, Will's bday, football camp for both boys, and photoshoots are all keeping me insanely busy. It's a good thing but I miss my quite time too. I so badly want to go up and see my sister and take her discs to her and deliver a freezer to my mom. But alas, my hometown is keeping me too busy to leave. It's all good really! Just need to explain my lack of posting.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Libby Weifenbach-Hi Tech Life

Libby teamed up with Traci Reed of SSD this week for a cool Techie kit called Hi Tech Life. I'm the only one in the family who doesn't have an iPod. Oh well, just don't touch my camera or laptop! I'm techie on a different level!

Ettes & Co.--Citrus Splash

Ettes have a new cool kit out! Citrus Splash. Yum!

Prayer Request for Kristin Aagard

Kristin Aagard, my cyber sister, has lost her Father-in-law to ALS. My heart break for her and the family. He has suffered for a while with this disease and yesterday his battle ended. So if you can, will you please send up a few prayers for her, the family, and all involved. She took care of him 3 days a week for the past 3-4 years and I know he was extremely close to her so this is going to hit her hard. Thanks for listening and I know she will appreciate any love and support you might want to send out to her.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Lakeside is a super fun kit by WM2 Designs! If you have water pics you will use this kit! Have fun with it!

WM2-New Templates!

Wendy has a new template set out today! I just love her templates. Her kits are great too but you all know how I feel about templates! MMM....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wedding Success!

Well she did it!!! The wedding was a HUGE SUCCESS! I had a fluffing awesome time! Here's a couple little peeks at what happened! Amy Jo and Don did their pictures before the wedding so this was the first time for him seeing her today! Then my family goofing off at the photoboard! FUN! That was the highlight of the wedding in my opinion! Loved it! And saved the most precious memory for last. Me and my little sister on her wedding day! GOD IS GOOD!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Wedding Day Amy Jo!

Well since the offical date is 7-10-10 it can only mean one thing: HAPPY WEDDING DAY AMY JO!! It's 1:30am and I'm still up with Megan. She's ironing the groomsmens shirts and the last of the table clothes. I am so excited I couldn't sleep if I wanted to right now. Rehearsal was a blast! The atmosphere is amazingly perfect! The whole set up looks amazing. I'm not going to share photos yet. But believe's beautiful! Great Job Sister! CONGRATS to you and Don!

ok fine...just one photo from tonight:

I love you both!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding Weekend is here!!!

My sister gets married on Saturday!! seemed like at one point it would never get here, then the next minute it just flew here. I believe we/she is ready. I am going tomorrow to get my hair done and have to find some earrings to wear. I thought I had some but they are not what I want. Soo....that means I have to run out tomorrow and find something. I just want big clear stones so it shouldn't be too hard to find, right?! LOL Famous last words!

Anywho...I'll be sure to post pics ASAP. So excited I don't know how I will sleep the next few nights! Wahoooo!

I'll leave you with this:
I love my sister with all my heart and I just wish her nothing but a life of laughter and happiness!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


A bunch of the designers from A5 got together and came up with this mega collab kit. When I saw the topic/theme of the kit...I instantly thought of my Sister. She's such a shopaholic. So this is a tribute to my beautiful sister, Amy Jo.

Libby Weifenbach-Good Eye

Libby's got a new baseball kit in the shoppe!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Krystal Hartley-The other side of me

Krystal released my all time favorite kit ever today! This kit has everything I love, Orange, flowers, and bling. Plus a few other KILLER Foliage elements! It's called the Other Side of Me, so of course, I had to do a "My Journey" layout. I did fix my typo too in the original but I'm too lazy to bother fixing the sample. You'll figure out what it says just fine! I'm known as the "Queen" at work because there are two Rachel's (go figure) in an office of 4. LOL So that's the meaning behind the title work. Do yourself a favor...BUY THIS KIT! Trust me!

WM2 - Celebrate Independence

Wendy has a new kit out this week...called Celebrate Independence it has an add-on alpha too! Plus she and Heidi teamed up for some summer Quick Pages!
Called: Beach Bum 12x12 or 4x6
or Vintage Summer 12x12 or 4x6 sizes.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yep it's true...this is a rare occasion for sure. So if you love using her stuff, and want 35% off...yes, you read that her Blog for the code!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Libby Weifenbach Digi-Anniversary

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Libby! 2 years at Sweet Shoppe Designs!! AWESOME! And because of this great event...we, the Libby Lou Crew, have some freebies for you all! We picked our favorite original layout and created a template for you! So if you want a bunch of great templates...go to Libby's Blog!!! HURRY!
Here's the layout I created my template from:


Guess it wasn't my allergies? on meds hopefully it will kick it out. I'm sick of coughing. Got some cough meds with codiene for night time too. Hopefully I can sleep now. It's been a rough few days. I'm drained.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

WM2- New templates!

Wendy has some new templates out! I got busy with a bachelorette party and didn't get it posted on Friday but better late than never, right?!
These are called Elements Included V.3. LOVE her templates! VERY MUCH!

Sister's Bachelorette Party

My Sister's Bachelorette Party/Weekend was fun. As much fun as it could be with me being sick. I'm so sick of coughing and now I believe I have a sinus infection. I just can't get rid of this on my own. Time to seek medical help on Monday if my DR. is back otherwise I think it's walk-in clinic time. Anywho...Here's a couple layouts from the weekend. Two weeks and it will be the BIG DAY for her! Looking forward to it. I don't' know why but I am just as stressed out about it as she is probably. I just hate wearing dresses and I will be wearing one two days in a row. She better know how much I love her! I wouldn't do it for just anyone. At least I know I will look nice in them since I've lost some weight. I'm almost at 60 pounds gone! I hope to hit that by the end of next week! That will be my half way point too! Good Times!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Krystal Hartley-Hero

Well...she has done it again. This kit is so cute. I didn't use half the stuff in the kit. I wanted to keep the elements to a minimum so you could really FEEL this photo. I know I've shared it before but man, look at the emotion in it. I STILL get a lump in my throat when I see it. This kit is super cute! Would work for non Holiday layouts too for sure! There's a wagon, airplane, elephant, baseball, cap, tire, and Video game many fun things in this kit! Go peek!
Don't only...20% off all SSD new releases...hurry!

Libby Weifenbach-Another Day in Paradise

Libby's got a smoking hot kit out this week. I seriously think this is now my new Libby Favorite. The colors are amazing! It's a super simple kit with a few flowers, frames, and ribbons but so universal it will work just about any photo. I love love love kits like that!! I scrapped a birthday and campout with it. See...anything goes with this kit! It's called Another Day in Paradise. It's 20% off today for new release too! HURRY!
Now a funny story to go with this kit: So you know the song, right..."Just another day in paradise...there goes the washing machine." fitting-- I had scrap Shell's bday party with it. I would have been at the party if it had not been for my OWN washing maching dying. So...I knew itstantly what pics I had to use for this kit.'s green! My Kiwi BFF's FAV COLOR! Karma is a good thing! Love you Shell!

Ettes & Co.--Fabulous 4th

The Ettes have a new kit out today! Fabulous 4th! Red, White, and Blue! Get ready for next weekend or scrap those DC Pics!! heehee Fitting for me this week, huh! Just in time for me to get some of Zander's DC pics done! He truly did an awesome job photographing his trip! I'm so proud of him! Here's a few pics of his trip.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kristin Aagard-Freewheeling

Kristin has come out with a super cool WHEELING kit! Bikes, Trikes, Skates, Boards, and Scooters. This kit has it! All items are colored several times so you are sure to find one that matches your item! Here's just a tiny sample of some items. Available at After5 and 20% off for today.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


My BFF from across the way is 50 today! Please go wish her a happy happy birthday! You might find yourself the winner of a little give away she's doing too?!

DC trip album

I have been very busy the past couple of days working on Zander's DC trip album. I have 45 pages done! YES, FORTY-FIVE!!! I was up until 2:30am last night working on it and I was back up at 7am to get back at it. I'm on a mission. I wanna have it done and get it order so he can do his DC Party! So for my CT members who didn't get a layout from me...sorry! But more than likely, I used SOMETHING of yours on ONE of those pages! heehee

SIMPLY YIN is my hero by the way. I love her templates. I can whip off a page in about 15-20 min with her awesome templates. And...I broke down and bought a set by TaylorMade and Fei Fei...ummm....WOW...the brush work on them is to die for-truly!

I KNOW I will get my moneys worth out of those templates. I wanna use it for....oh wait...I can't say! LOL Amazing ideas brewing in my head...look out!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WM2 Blog Train-Templates!

Hey! I'm Stop #13 on this crazy train! Here's my template for you. It's on 4shared site. Life has been uber Crazy this week and today was icing on the cake. Who's cake you might wonder? Probably, Wendy's cake since it is HER BIRTHDAY!!! Whoot! So in honor of her big day, she has her store on sale for 34% off. Your next stop on the blog train is here. If you get lost...go here.
Here's a full list for you:
And if you missed any of the other stops here is a complete listing: