Friday, July 30, 2010

Kristin Aagard-Down Under

I've always wanted to go to Australia (But I think it has now become New Zealand) as my Dream Vacation. So when Kristin made this cute kit (Down Under) I just had to scrap my dream. They say if you put it in front of you and see it it will have a higher chance of happening. We shall see. I think I just a pig fly by my window...later!


Shell said...

ahh bullshit... I will take you to NZ :-D

its cheap as chips if you pick the right time to fly... and gee whizz... no accommodation costs LOL

but you don't want to go to Australia... its full of Australians *rofl*

Kristin said...

Shell is cracking me up there!! heehee

I love your page Rach!! TY hon!! :)

Shelley Moore said...

LOL - Wow, imagine Australia being full of Australians... Crikey! I'm right there with you for wanting to go to NZ.... it looks so beautiful there, and... well.... it's way more fun when you "know" people there, LOL