Friday, December 30, 2011

Kindle Fire

I got one for Christmas!! I love it! I read my first book on it. Water for Elephants. Great book! Easy read. But still a time sucker. I have NOT read a book since I graduated College. Kid you not! I vowed when I walked away from there that I was done reading anything. I held true to my word for nearly 18 years. Wow! If only I was that stubborn about losing weight! LOL bwahaha

So what was your favorite gift this year? Share with me! Or share with me some other MUST READS! I may just want to read another!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Good Bye 2011

Wow...this was a strange year. Good in many ways but just as equally rotten in others. I am not sure I can comment on the bad parts as we all know where it will head. (the loss of my Brother) So I've taken a few moments today to come up with my top 20 lists for 2012. They are goals and/or bucket list items. There is no real order to them except for the first one. That one is most important to me. The rest just need to happen! So here we go, I'm going to share them with you. This may make me more accountable?
1. Start Weight Watchers back up
2. Exercise in some fashion-daily
3. drink LESS Diet Coke. I refuse to give it up but I will try to do less.
4. Buy new scrub jackets for work. I can swim in the ones I own.
5. Find black boots. (this needs to happen soon or I'll just skip it)
6. Re-do our TV/Computer Room in ORANGE!
7. Pay down my Kohl's bill
8. Say NO more often to things I really don't want to do
9. Go to North Carolina (visit family there)
10. See my Sister more often.
11. Go to Mackinaw Island with the family
12. Meet up with Shelley Moore & other old Scrapbook buddies.
13. take more "everyday" pics of my life
14. de-clutter my house. get rid of things that I do not need.
15. take clothes to re-sale shop
16. work on boys elementary school books. (organize, scan, and create)
17. save $10/week for a nice 25th anniversary trip (7 years away)
18. paint foyer
19. Make Shell Mackay have to come see me....see #1!
20. Blog More. Facebook less.

WISH ME LUCK! They may not seem like big tasks but they are important to me. If I complete half this list by the end the year, I'll be very happy! Some can not be crossed off because it's an ongoing goal. But it I start it, it counts, right?! LOL