Friday, December 30, 2011

Kindle Fire

I got one for Christmas!! I love it! I read my first book on it. Water for Elephants. Great book! Easy read. But still a time sucker. I have NOT read a book since I graduated College. Kid you not! I vowed when I walked away from there that I was done reading anything. I held true to my word for nearly 18 years. Wow! If only I was that stubborn about losing weight! LOL bwahaha

So what was your favorite gift this year? Share with me! Or share with me some other MUST READS! I may just want to read another!


Susan Catmull said...

glad to see you reading again after all that time. I read occationally but have to finish in like one day so I need a rest after reading. I just read the Hunger Game series and loved it. Can't wait for the movie to come out. My favorite gift was a darling sewing basket I really bought for myself. It has pink and orange fancy dress frames all over it. Love it. Now I have to start sewing some more.

Izzy said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying your Kindle Fire. I love to read! you might like Phillippa Gregory's-The Lady of the Rivers. I'm playing with the new macro lens DH bought me for xmas, love it!

livi said...

I love reading too but as a child I probably don't read the same sort of thing as you do please check out my blog it's called bettos blog I have book reviews for girls 10-12 on there. My favourite Christmas present was a jack wills hoodie
Please follow my blog thanks