Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year 2012

So I've officially updated my ticker for my weight loss. UGH...Holidays were not strick that, I was not kind. I have no one to blame but myself. I have slacked at my walking and not keeping track of what I am eating. Not much caring either. Not sure why I got this way? I guess I just got caught up in the season. Hey, I'm allowed. I just need to re-focus. I can do this. I just feel kind of sad about the whole holiday season. I blame the weather. We have only had one day of any measureable snowfall amounts. It's been in the 50's and rainy. HATE IT. I love my snow. There's a dusting outside this morning. Nothing too exciting. But maybe this means we are moving in the right direction? to figure out my meal planning for the week and clean up before the kids head back to school tomorrow. And we go back to work.

My sister's wedding was awesome! I am not sure I have ever been to such a formal affair in all my life?! I guess I didn't know my sister as well as I thought I did?! I never took her as the formal affair kind of girl? (we have the same father and didn't grow up together) Oh well, it was a blast and that makes it worth it! They had fireworks, real live fireworks that went off for about a half hour. Amazing! A photobooth by We took full advantage of that, let me tell ya! FUN! We made it worth the money from just my siblings! LOL

I guess that's enough for today. I'll try remain true to my regular blog postings this year. TRY!


Amy Jo said...

Yes, the fireworks were ahh-mazing! I hope Erin likes our photobooth pics as much as we do...LOL!! So much fun

Izzy said...

Happy New Year! we don't have snow either, just buckets and buckets of rain!