Sunday, June 20, 2010

DC trip album

I have been very busy the past couple of days working on Zander's DC trip album. I have 45 pages done! YES, FORTY-FIVE!!! I was up until 2:30am last night working on it and I was back up at 7am to get back at it. I'm on a mission. I wanna have it done and get it order so he can do his DC Party! So for my CT members who didn't get a layout from me...sorry! But more than likely, I used SOMETHING of yours on ONE of those pages! heehee

SIMPLY YIN is my hero by the way. I love her templates. I can whip off a page in about 15-20 min with her awesome templates. And...I broke down and bought a set by TaylorMade and Fei Fei...ummm....WOW...the brush work on them is to die for-truly!

I KNOW I will get my moneys worth out of those templates. I wanna use it for....oh wait...I can't say! LOL Amazing ideas brewing in my head...look out!

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