Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sister's Bachelorette Party

My Sister's Bachelorette Party/Weekend was fun. As much fun as it could be with me being sick. I'm so sick of coughing and now I believe I have a sinus infection. I just can't get rid of this on my own. Time to seek medical help on Monday if my DR. is back otherwise I think it's walk-in clinic time. Anywho...Here's a couple layouts from the weekend. Two weeks and it will be the BIG DAY for her! Looking forward to it. I don't' know why but I am just as stressed out about it as she is probably. I just hate wearing dresses and I will be wearing one two days in a row. She better know how much I love her! I wouldn't do it for just anyone. At least I know I will look nice in them since I've lost some weight. I'm almost at 60 pounds gone! I hope to hit that by the end of next week! That will be my half way point too! Good Times!

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