Monday, August 30, 2010

Hot Summer lingers

Well, we've had an awesome summer. It was 92 today at the end of August. But I'm ready for fall. Love those cool nights and warm days. But again, 92 is not my idea of fall in Michigan.
I am dying to get out there and walk but have not been able to do so due to some issues with my right calf. I feel at my sister's wedding back in early July and I have no clue if it stems from that or what. But it will get better and then bam out the blue it will literally take me to my knees. It happened on Friday and I almost fell off the basement steps. Good thing the Punching bag sits there and I was able to catch myself on it. Ugh. I'm a mess.

Thursday was a day from hell. I can't even begin to post it here as it would take up too much space. But in a nutshell, if that is possible: My dog's de-worming took effect, my mom was ill and almost taken by ambulance to the hospital as she was the morning before but refused to go, my grandma fell and broke her clavical and I called 911 for ambulance transport, my sister Erin was in the SAME hospital ER that I arrived at with my grandma, my BIL passed out while driving and was taken by ambulance home, and my brother was having "issues". So...without going into full blown out details...that was my day thursday while I should have been at work so I lost a days pay. Good times, not really! And then the very next day is when I attempted to fall off the basement steps.

I have an ultrasound this AM and will let you all know how I fair. I pray it's just sore and no clot. I do not want to take coumadin. DO NOT! But I want to know when I will be able to walk with falling to my knees in pain. I can't get this weight off if I can't walk. I'm doing so well and now this. Time to re-evaluate things apparently. I know where I'm headed but I think someone wants to CONFIRM my intentions! Yes, God, I'm still committed to my goal. I know where I came from and I know where I am going! Life is still good and I truly needed the laugh last thursday. I am not kidding, I sat in the ER Waiting room and laughed so hard I had tears. I couldn't believe how my day went. I can find the best is every bad situation apparently! Because it was side splitting funny to me that all that was happening at one time.


Amy Jo said...

Lets pray for a better week this week :)

Shell said...

ok first, now that you have had (STOLEN) our summer.. you can have your feckin fall... just send us some summer cos we have had the WORST WORST WORST one in the 13 years I have lived in the US.. it has sucked the big one. If we go into autumn now... I am running away from home..

2nd... sorry about all the health and other woes with your family :-(... no fun

3rd... yes I am alive.. and now back in the land of computer living... after having the near BSOD experience, which turned into .. had to bury the thing.... did I mention I love my geeky husband

4th.. watch out on that challenge of ours... cos I am back and into it and committed

5th... UGH to the ankle.. I had to have a US a few weeks back same thing... cept one of my feet keeps swelling for NO reason. However I had no clot.. YAYY .. but the bloody thing keeps swelling.. it was a total bitch with all the driving on our trip... hope your US has the same good result as mine

6th.. I think the reason you fell of the steps anyway is you are too skinny now and the wind blew you over :-p

love ya

Shaw229 said...

Rachel, I was taken by ambulance from work to Oaklawn Hospital on Wednesday. Mom