Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Student of the Month

Zander was student of the month for September!!! Just found out yesterday! boy! He's so darn smart and kind. In the group photo you can find him on the far left, second one in of the back row. They pick one student from each class. Notice William is not in this one! LOL Just as smart as big brother but also SMARTY PANTS...that mouth of his! LOL
Proud of both my boys all the same!

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Krystal Hartley said...

Grats, Zander! Woohoo! Keep it up and great things are in store!

We had the regularly scheduled parent teacher conference with Landon's teacher last week...He is so BRIGHT but also has the gift of gab and is a major ham. We braced ourselves for the worst (since we are so accustomed to Miss Avery being teacher fav and all). She told that although he does enjoy talking, he's not really having any behavior issues and he's one of her top students! He made the A honor roll for first six weeks but missed his first awards assembly ever (tiny private school last 3 yars)because he was home barfing. I'm not sure which one saddened me more...that he was sick or that I didn't get to take photos. :)