Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 26

Credits: Libby Weifenbach & ChereKaye collab-Hybernation Day available at SweetShoppeDesigns tomorrow at the normal 20% off for Saturday only release day! My time with Libby is coming to an end. It was just as awesome as I had hoped it would be. And what a terrific month to be a GUEST for her. I got a wonderful Christmas Gift from her too! SWEET!
Credits: Krystal Hartley-Puppy Love available at ScrapOrchard.

So I will leave you with my usual personal update: Woke up to ice today. Not nice. I wanted to go to town and do a little shopping. We did manage to get the tree down today. Still left the outside lights up as they were covered in ice. It's always bitter sweet taking the tree down. I love having it up but I am so glad to get my space back. I live in a little house as it is without taking away even more floor space with a tree. It just so sad to pack to it all up and put it away. My house always looks so bare without it for the first few days. But than I get back into the swing of life and things go back to normal. Got my first WINTER heating bill. OUCH...needless to say we will be wearing layers now. Over $200 man...that bites.
We had a wonderful Christmas with one more tomorrow. Going to my Mom's. So if I miss a day you know why! I will try to pop on her computer and make a post at some point. But no promises. Family First Always!


Wendy said...

YUK ICE! Hope you had a nice Christmas. I hate taking down the tree too, not as exciting as putting it up.

Susan Catmull said...

Sorry I'm so late at wishing you a Merry Christmas. Yesterday I was on for a bit to post but forgot to stop by. You are a true inspiration with all your photos and layouts. I take plenty of pictures just don't get to the layout part. We're socked in with snow too. If I don't stop by before the new year- ring it in well my friend.