Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 22

Credits: Kristin Aagard- Twas Kit, Snow Day Kit, Clay Play Winter mini, Unto Us Alpha
Krystal Hartley-Background paper-PolkaDotPotato mini NLA and White ornament, light bulb, & bow from Heaven and Nature Sing kit
Meredith Cardall- Red Flower, Ribbon flower from Candy Cane Lane
Line's Design- Little Red Star from Christmas Freebie day 4.
Template: source unknown. Possibly Line's Designs.
So yeah...its fricking cold outside. We hit -4 last night before I went to bed at 11pm. And they are calling for Rain on Wednesday. WTH?? Seriously, no wonder we are always sick here. High of 36 on Wed. grrr...If I don't get my white Christmas someone is going to pay.
So Anyways...we had our Ireland Family Christmas Sat and the Stiverson Family Christmas on Sunday. We were short quite a few at both places this year. But lots of love and thats the main reason we get together anyways!
Off to work...oh joy. No school today. We still have a half day tomorrow. GRRR....getting the picture that I am not in a happy mood today already! Its not even 7am and I am already mad at the world! LOL But I did straighten my hair this morning. The main reason...warmth! I didn't want to go out with wet hair and when its curly I can't blow it dry completely unless I want to register my hair with the state as another human being. BIG HAIR is not pretty on me!
Haven't heard from my Sister Amy Jo yet this weekend not sure if that's good or bad. Pray the house is moving forward.
Zander has put his wish into Santa this morning. Nothing like last minute. His only wish from Santa this year is a win for the Detroit Lions. Oh dear...does this kid realise what he asking of Santa?! We are like 0 and 15 this season folks. Its ugly. But he is a die hard fan and watches weekly. Gotta love his faithfulness if nothing else. GO LIONS! We know you can lose again!! Now its a matter of pride...we need to continue a winning losing streak. Oh great...Miami Dolphins are is new topic...they were 1 and 15 last year and are 10 and 5's never happened team has ever come back to double digits after a losing streak. Blah blah blah...see what i have to put up with being the only XX chromosome in the house. It's a good thing I love sports. God knew what he was doing giving me SONS!


amy jo said...

Update: The house is currently at a "hold" state. The Michigan office of underwriters decided they had to have the Kentucky office of underwriters sign off on the documents. So now the documents for us to close are sitting on someones desk in KY and we have yet to locate them. Looks like it might take a miracle for us to close on the house before Xmas. Urrggghhhh....... Can you tell I hate the world today too???

Amy K said...

If you don't get your snow come and see me, we have over 2 feet of snow!