Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 31

I DID IT!!! A post a day!! We have kids coming over for the day and night. A night of Wii, Board Games, cards, Dice. Today is also my Mom and Step Dad's Anniversary! Yesterday was my Dad's Birthday. So its a big celebration at the end of the year!
I am going to try to do the 365 Photos thing this year. I know I won't post every day but I will do my best to take a photo a day. I haven't decided if I want to do a theme or just a hodge podge. Maybe I can do a theme for each month? hmmm...need to think about this.
It's a new year and I pray that we all find what we are looking for this year. I am hopefull that this year will make a difference. I have lots of stuff to look forward to this year. My sister will hopefully get married this year. I will be there right by her side supporting her and showing my love for her and Don. The boys will continue to do well in school, I am sure. We will continue to share our love and grow as a family. I will work at getting in shape. I refuse to say lose weight. I just want to exercise and get healthy. I want to spend more time with my extended family. I want to learn to say No. I want to see my girlfriends. I want to downsize my personal belongings.
I will dig up last years resolutions and see what I stuck too. Probably not much! LOL


Izzy said...

WTG! you did it! good luck with the 365 photos....and Happy New Year!

Shelley Moore said...

Rach, I just love you girl! You really inspire me, and I miss you terribly! I am really hoping that we'll be able to get together and maybe even drag others along... Here's to 2009 Sister!!!