Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 17

First off: Here are my holiday lights. I snapped this really fast last night out in the blowing snow. Its not the best but you can get the feel of it right!
And Secondly: This is my new baby! She came today! I am not in love with the color as much as I thought I would be. I now wish I had ordered PINK instead of the orange. I love love love Orange and thought it would be my first choice. But having seen it in more of a burnt orange than pumpkin orange that I so love. Oh well...whats done is done. Zander is loving life because he is now the proud owner of my old one! Sort of...! LOL There are limits and rules. Heard from my sister today about her house adventure. Things worked out better than we could have hoped for. The house didn't appraise as much as they offered so hey, they got the house for less!! Wahoo for her! They have been awesome about getting things ready from the repairs needed. We are praying she will spend Christmas Eve night at the new house!
I have to work tomorrow. And they are calling for another winter storm to roll thru tomorrow night and Friday morning. Although, this time they are calling for ICE. YUCK. more thing before I go. As you know I was a Guest CT for Libby Weifenbach this month over at SweetShoppeDesigns. Well, if we created a certain amount of layouts for her we got a $20 GC to her store! YES...I met those requirements! Went shopping today! Watch for new stuff in the new year using this shopping trip!
Oh, I lied...One more thing. Kristing Aagard has a new kit coming out soon called Twas. As in, "twas the night before Christmas" oh yummy. I so wish I could show you my layout. This kit is so great. And Meredith Cardall has a new one coming out too. Similar in color to her Serenity kit. Double yum! Off to create!


Susan Catmull said...

Your house looks great. Love your laptop. I'm so fickle I couldn't pick just one color. I wish they had one that could change colors with my moods. I love the apple green, pink, bright blue, orange. Well you see my delimma.

Wendy said...

Love the house lights and the snow, wish some my way. Stay warm!
Love the laptop color, it will grown on you.

Cheryl said...

Hey hun!

I'm so glad you dropped by my blog to give me Christmas love. You always make me smile. You have some ROCKIN' pics and layouts on your blog, girl, and you are journaling like a mad woman. It's all I can do to get the layouts up!

Love reading about your life. My favorite is the nail polish ~ 'cause I would SO do something like that.

Hugs to you ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Love ya!


amy jo said...

Great minds must think alike. I just purchased a new Dell laptop, but in BLUE since that is Don's favorite color. I figured he could use the wireless laptop upstairs since my office will be down in the basement of the new house. Mine should be delivered tomorrow so I'm looking forward to seeing it in real life and crossing my fingers that I like the blue color. I love your orange, but I too wish I could have gotten the pink or the yellow.

Izzy said...

Your house lights look great!

Shell said...

I wouldn't have picked orange as your fave colour!! You never wear it???

Sounds like your new lappy will be fun - guessing it has lots ram bells and rom whistles!!

Jan said...

Love the lights!!! ... and the laptop is more than awesome in color!!!