Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 7 Take 3

So I was working on Scanning and Backing up my stuff today. I found this picture of myself and Amy Jo (sister). Oh my word...this takes me back. Look at me with my missing front tooth! And my crazy hair. I had these really cool shoes that had waves/wripples on the bottom. It felt funny to walk in them. But I remember loving them and my Jumpsuit! Oh the 70's! I was 6 in this picture as far as I can remember. No date so I could be wrong but Mom and I both thought this was a good timeline. (1977ish)

I have officially backed up ALL my Krystal Hartley goodies on CD and an EHD. So have two options for my 'addictions'. I would die if I lost anything of hers! Not that I could get it again but you know what I mean.

My next "to do" list is to scan more pictures. I got a few done today that have been laying around. I want to get to some of the really old ones so I can share them with you all!

I never got out of my PJ's today. So it's back to bed soon and off to work in the morning. Very productive day if I do say so myself! Most of it spent on this dang computer though. Gotta do something about that...


amy jo said...

Wow...1977!! How come I look so grumpy in that picture. Oh wait, it's probably because my big sissy Rachie is pinching me from behind. At least you love me now :) LOL

Izzy said...

Love the layout! and good for you, wish I could have stayed in my PJ's for the day :)