Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 19

Credits: Meredith Cardall-Sweet Surrender available at FaithSisters, ElementalScraps, and 3Scrapateers. Its' only $1 at FS for today! HURRY!!!

So there she is...My Kristin! Yep, I have taken ownership over her. Seriously folks, she has a heart of Gold and her sense of humor mirrors mine...ahh...cyber sisters for life! So you know you will love her too. Go give her some love on her blog .
And then after go do that, go tell Miss Meredith how freakin AWESOME she is! She just started designing and look at what she is putting out already. Talk about a natural. And again...sweet doesn't begin to describe her.
Now on to the weather: School is CLOSED today! It appears as though we have about 3" of snow (mind you I have NOT gone outside to look offiicially its still 6am) but from the window that is my guess. And now its sleeting. So...I guess at some point I need to get bundled up and go shovel and take pictures! Josh left for work already. He better be safe or else! LOL He is instructed to call upon arrival too. Same goes for my family. Call me so I know you are safe! Watch for Take 2 later today with pictures of this lovely storm!

1 comment:

Kristin said...

3" of snow? Are you kidding? We have to have like 18" of snow to have a snow day. I'm jealous! We had over three inches of snow in about an hour yesterday and people were out driving around in the middle of the storm like it was a sunny day in July. lol

Thanks for the gorgeous page. You are awesome! I feel exactly the same way about you! Hugs! :)