Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tracy Blankenship Templates

Well I its my month to be a Guest for Tracy over at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns. She is a template designer so it fits perferctly into my busy schedule. This top layout was also done for the First Challenge over at the Amazing Digital Scrapbook Race (ADSR) sponsored by Natural Designs in Scrapbooking. The challenge was to tear a photo into atleast 3 pieces and journal. DONE!

This one was for a color challenge. You had to use Orange, blue, and green. All images are clickable for credits or to leave me a little love if you wish to do so!
I have been doing my best to do my photo a day. Will is playing along with me, sort of...if he sees my taking one, he wants too also. which translates into a bunch of pictures of the animals! LOL
I am not sure if I will post them or not. Time will tell. I am in the middle of the ADSR and I am finding it keeps me rather busy. Plus I am working on house stuff too. Trying to tackle the clutter. I want to SIMPLIFY my belongs. So if this means pitching things so be it. I had 6 bags of trash today. oops! but yay at the same time!


Izzy said...

Love the layouts! and yeah... 6 bags of trash must be a good thing :)

Shell said...

great layouts!

Don't you love purging though and getting rid of stuff - I love tidying and cleaning and organising - makes me happy! yeah I am weird .. I know!