Monday, January 19, 2009

ADSR Challenge #5

If you wanna see it you will have to hunt it down. It's a gift and can not be posted here due to wondering eyes. But those eyes don't know where to look for ADSR layouts but for those that do, hope you like it!

Well, I am only working half a day today and it a very good thing. I can barely move. My whole body aches from moving my sister this weekend. My goodness that girl has a lot of shheeeiittt. she lived in a two bedroom apartment is beyond me! LOL And then merging two households...whewww...But oh...its so cute. I didn't get but only 4 busy moving to take pictures and it was too cold to stop to try to take pictures! LOL

I have a few stories to share about the day but they will have to wait. I am rushing to get to work on time. Cause I decided to scrap instead of getting ready! LOL

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