Friday, January 2, 2009

Hybrid Desk Calendar

I finally got my MIL's Desk Calendar finished. Whew...It was sort of time consuming. I had to create 12 layouts, print them, then figure out how to make it! LOL and then put it together. I had no measurements for this. I just sorta made it up as I went along. I used what I believe is Matboard for the base. It was just some scraps that I found out in my MIL garage. So I can't even tell you for sure what it is or where to get it. Reminds me of what you would find on the back of the notebooks/paper pads. Click on photo for finished dimensions if you need them.

Credits: Sine Calendar Templates called SO Memorable. These come in 12x12, 8x5x11, and CD size. Plus has the calendar PNG files for 2009. And you can just use the template for layouts too!
Kits: ALL Krystal Hartley stuff. Just a mixture of anything she has ever done rolled into one. Plus a tiny tiny bit of She's full of Scrap on the October page.
My photo of the day has not really happened yet today. I have been a tad busy! LOL But I had to get this done before she goes back to work on Monday. Now I am off to get ready. Yeah its 2pm and I am still in my PJs. Going out to buy new pillows tonight. Mine are pathetic. We changed bedsheets last night and man, they are like pancakes. So maybe my POTD will be bins and bins of pillows! LOL


Susan Catmull said...

Fabulous. If I only had a few more minutes in the day!!!!!!!!!

Shelley Moore said...

WOW Rach - this is AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE IT, and I know your MIL will too!

Izzy said...

Love this calendar! WTG :)