Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy bee

Howdy all!
I am ok. Just extremely busy. I have been working on the school yearbook. And not to mention I am still sore from the big move. Now today its back to work. I am sorta sad that I have to work today as the kids have a half day and Josh is taking the day off too. Oh well. I enjoy work. Had parent teacher conferences last night. BORING! Which ROCKS! My kids are so stinking smart. I am soooo proud of them both. Each one is extreme smart and they both enjoy school a ton. They have the best teachers too. I adore our whole teaching staff. We are truly a blessed school system in the Elementary level that is! I can't speak for the upper grades. But I know there is still one teacher there that taught me. UGH...and of all my time there...I hated that one the most. And I am just praying they retire before Z gets up there. OMG....I will die if he has to have this teacher. Ack....

I have been creating layouts too. So get ready for a major post to cover them all. I have to get my butt in gear and get them all posted. I can't always post them right away due to the release dates and then I forget about it! LOL I swear I have early Alzheimer's. And I am totally not joking about it. It's bad folks. I forget such common things. It freaks me right out. I was trying to recall the name of someone I have known for a while and I kid you not...I couldn't. Freaky.

Is it just that I have so much happening and I am overly tired? Please let that be the reason. And stress...I can't even begin to tell you...I have a situation that I will not be sharing as it doesn't directly affect me but at the same time impacts my emotions terribly. So please just say a prayer for a dear friend of mine. They are having some personal issues and could really use the extra thoughts. They are extremely special to me and they are going thru some tough times due to one bad mistake. That's all I will share but know that this affects me deeply.

Whew...see what happens when I don't post for a few days. I talk and talk and talk.

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Shell said...

my god how old is that teacher now?