Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm out already

So I didn't make it past day one. I suck. I did take a bunch of pictures yesterday but it was of my calendar. Does that count? I never got around to taking more. We went to town and shopped and ate dinner and then I came home to install PSCS2 on my laptop. Which is so stinking cool. I wanted to attend a crop at the end of the month but since I am 100% digital in my scrapbooking...I was at a loss as to how to do it. Well I am officially mobile now! wahooooo. You have no clue how great that feels to me. A dream come true really. The new year is starting off well for me! heehee It's the little things that really matter to me.

Well we are going to town again today so the kids can use their gift cards which are literally buring a hole in their little pockets. Will will not put his down, I swear. Plus I want to straighten my hair today. Which is a job in and of itself.

My sister and Mom are going to a bridal show tomorrow. I so want to go but wasn't really asked and its kinda far to go. I just want to share in her joy! I know she wouldn't care if I went but I will let her and mom have their moment.

Monday its back to work as usual. Kids go back to school. This was a super fast holiday break. Man I thought I would have all the time in the world with almost 2 weeks off but it sure flew by.
ADSR starts tomorrow. My partner is on a cruise until the Monday too. Hopefully she is rested and ready for some fun!

Off to start my day. Yes, at noon! LAZY!


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm reserving the right to insert random photos as needed. I have to laugh because I worked on mine so late, it was early morning, so I thought I had to do 3 days. I couldn't remember what we did on the 2nd, so I grabbed a photo of my cat that I had already taken and wanted to include. DUH! Can we say, TOO TIRED??!!

Sue said...

The calendar is great...don't forget today's photo! You can't give up yet!

Izzy said...

Don't give up! of course the photos of your hybrid calendar count...

Jan said...

Don't give up!! I failed last year... really early, and never tried to catch up. LOL!! You can hop back on, and start back to it!!!