Friday, January 9, 2009

It finally happened...

The thing all digi girls dread...the Death of the External Hard Drive. Mine died. My computer says it can't recognize the device...UGH...But...the good news (sorta) is that I do I back up. I just haven't done it since Thanksgiving weekend. And of course I was on two extra teams since then.

But over all...I was able to download what I NEEDED and then the rest will be nothing but a memory. So can you guess what I have been doing ALL EVENING. Re downloading and now I am BACKING IT UP BABY! Putting what I didn't have on discs on discs. Then I will need to go back and unzip it all and reorganize it.

I guess it's a good thing we are getting 10" of snow today and tomorrow. I will be couped up inside anyways. So I might as well get my Digi stash build back up and backed up.

I have Daddy/Daughter invites to make and I think I am going to make my sisters wedding invitations! WAHOO! Talk about a dream job!

So its back to backing up! I urge you all to do the same! NOW!


Shell said...

you naughty girl - you and I were just talking about backing up etc a week ago!!

Set it up to do it automatically every day - then there is no chance of ever forgetting!!

Jan said...

Oh no!! I know I need to back up too.