Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday-half over?

So Spring Break is half over already? WHAAAA that's just not right. Time goes sooo fast. Man.
So it's my FIL Bday today ~52~ and my MIL tomorrow ~60~ and the day of her Cancer Removal Surgery. So we celebrated tonight. It was fun but the thought was always in the back of mind of what was really happening. CANCER SUCKS BIG TIME.

My Sis got 5 teeth removed today too. 4 Wisdom and one that was damaged by the wisdom teeth. So I am sure she is not feeling super tonight. But I'm sure by tomorrow she will be on the road to recovery. As long as she does what she is told! No sucking thru a straw, or anything else that will cause a the clot to come out. Because that hurts like holy hell, trust me. I have had 2 dry sockets in my life and not even child birth hurts worse than a dry socket.

Drove my Mom to the airport this morning so she could fly down to FL to get Grandma and bring her home. So I have spent a lot of time in the car the past few days. I'm ready for a break.

Getting my hairs cut tomorrow. yes, I meant hairS because I am cutting more than just ONE of them! heehee family joke. MIL surgery is at 12:30 if all goes as scheduled. So if you find your self with time, PRAY for her, please. We can use all the prayers we can get tomorrow.

Not sure what is happening for Easter Dinner. Invited to my Dad's side of the family but if my MIL needs us, we will not be going. Life is so crazy. Why can't we be in two places at once? Or even more when needed. I have been busy working on Graduation Invitations. Was asked to do one for another Hudson Senior. So there will be two pieces of my work out there. I love doing that...need to make that a business. Yeah right....Don't think it will cover my day job wages.

That's it for now. I am having major insomnia issues. I think they call it stress induced?!

I have the coolest pictures from the museum that I need to get posted but I have to resize them. My blog is filling up and I only 52% left for space available. I wonder, do I just go make a new blog when this fills up? Or do I go in a delete photos?? hmmm...curious.


Beth Swann said...

I've always wondered that, too. The whole picture limitation thing...I guess we'll all find out together, huh? Maybe they just make you start paying or the first pictures uploaded when you first started the blog just start dropping off. I have all kinds of theories, LOL!
Hope all goes well with your MIL! ((((hugs))))

Wendy said...

Prayers for your MIL!
Get some rest, you can't take care of people if you are the one that needs taking care of.

Let me know about that picture thing, how do you check your fullness? LOL