Friday, April 10, 2009

Ettes & Company FANS...SALE!!

Guess who turned 39 AGAIN?! Fayette! So in honor of her 9th repeat...oops...did I really type that? Dang it...where's that delete button?? Oh well, I guess you will have to wish her a Happy 39th and just know that she's not 100% truthful there.

So here is what YOU get for Fayette's 39th (+) Birthday.

39% off at the store!

Be sure to tell her Rach sent you! I'm sure she love to know that I am telling her secrets on a public forum. Mwahahaha....*wringing hands

1 comment:

Fayette said...

tsk tsk tsk...spilling my secret, huh, Rach?'s no secret. I'm 48 today, and have earned every wrinkle I have. I've plucked a few gray hairs recently, but I'm pretty lucky in that department so far :) Lol...considering that I've raised three teens (among other stressful things), I should be completely gray. I guess that's the one good gene that I got *snicker*