Saturday, April 25, 2009


Well I guess the secret is out. Huh...that was not so much fun...I'm disappointed frankly. I had visions of this big huge fanfare event but apparently they just want it known...Krystal Hartley is now going to be an exclusive designer at the Sweet Shoppe!! I have been living on Cloud 9 for a few weeks having known this news! I say we have Perma-smile! I mean, its been one of her dreams since she started, I think! I am so happy for her but I am so disappointed about how it was told. Geez....What's up with that?! Just put it in a newsletter, bam, you know. Tisk tisk....

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Krystal Hartley said...


Honestly, after I thought about it, I don't think I would have been foolin' anybody with a lead-in tease. There are a few people who would be automatic guesses, and I think I'm one of them given my widely-known infatuation with all things Sweet. Allie could have had some fun though. She's too quiet!

Thanks for permasmiling with me!! Love you!