Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nature Lover-Peta Boardman

Here's a new layout featuring a couple new things by Peta Boardman. Her Magical Sprinkles Bundles and her Photo Art. AKA Stains! I used the Magical sprinkle and stuff from her New beginnings and Ray of Sunshine kits too. Her stuff is just so unique. Not my typical stuff but I am loving playing it! I'm glad she let me on the team. It's a nice change.

I'm thinking I may need to re structure my summer schedule though. I may take a leave of absence from a couple of my teams. Just for the summer months if they will let me, if not, then time to move on. I do not want to feel pressured to spend the summer tied to the computer. I want to enjoy my time with the boys and see about having a small garden/or just helping the InLaws with theirs! The boys are each growing seeds in the house right now. Will is doing watermelon seed and Zander is growing a Pinto bean plant. He loves his refried beans so this is a good chance for him to see where they come from! Both are doing well at this point! (not a green thumb girl) so time will tell if they produce a product or not!

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