Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm an On Call Girl

Wow you don't hear me say that out loud very much! LOL I couldn't resist. The no stress, do it if I want to offer. So there's what I have done with the latest download. The kit is called A Little Ray of Sunshine. So yep, I am now on Peta Boardman's ON CALL CT! And she's having a sale from now until April 15. So hurry!

This picture is of Will yesterday at the Children's Museum in Indy. He has no clue that he really does have the whole world in his hands right now!

I did this with the kit I bought. Oh it's a great kit. I can see many more layouts coming from both these kits. And that is how I can tell if it is a great kit. When I want to do more than one layout! Now it's finding the time to do that! heehee


Wendy said...

Love the layout of you and the one of will of course. You have alot going on. But you do a great job of juggling!

Shelley Moore said...

You sure it's not just "call girl" ? hee hee hee! Forgive me :)