Monday, July 7, 2008


Ok...I have been creating layouts but I can't share them yet! Top secret stuff I tell ya! Top secret. I actually have to kill my own mother now since I showed her what I did! LOL JUST KIDDING!!!

I also made my way over to the forum and found this thing called 52 card pick up. You are making a card a week with specific requirements. Well, they are on week 7 now, I think. I have some catching up to do but I am gonna do this! I made one last night. Just the digi part. It's printed and laying right here in front of me. I am so bad about that. I start a million things and never finish. But I will! I tried to make a baby one last night and had no mojo. I had it all done and hated it. So I cleared it out. I wish I would have saved it because sometimes in the morning things look ok. Or the opposite is true! LOL

We worked in the yard all day yesterday and today we are heading to the Toledo Zoo (yes, Again) I have a pass and just love going. There is something magical about zoos for me. I see something new each time. For some it's Disney, for me, it's zoos! Love 'em! And thank you to Kristin for working on my all time biggest request. An adult zoo kit! I saw a sneek peek of a couple animals. WHOA NELLY! Some peoples talent just is soo out of my league. (KH, AS, KA) you know who you are. You make the stupid people so happy! We love you!

Well, I was going to show you my card, but I just remembered....I can't yet. Oops. Sorry! So I do have time to finish it to show the final product!

I did a layout for a challenge that I can post.
Credits: Paula Phillips-Summer Stroll kit. We had to use a template they provided over at ColorLineDesigns. So these are my boys at our local summer rec program. They have a blast here. And I remember doing the same thing when I was little. Ahh...the memories.


Shelley Moore said...

Love the springy-summery colors! Neat template too! I remember doing those rec things too when I was younger... lol

Anonymous said...

You are such a tease! I wanna see your layouts! I NEED your inspiration!

Izzy said...

Love the Summer Rec layout.... and I'll have to head over the the sweet shoppe and check out this 52 card pick up.... sounds interesting :)