Thursday, July 10, 2008

South Haven Lake Michigan

Yesterday we took another day trip. We went to South Haven, MI to play in Lake Michigan. Just the boys, my MIL, and myself. It was a little on the cool side (windy) but we still had a nice day. That water is freezing though... I got in up to my ankles. That's it for me, thank you very much.

This template is by Jennifer Miller. A simple graphic template which allowed me to work my magic on the rest! Fun!

Other Credits: All Krystal Hartley stuff. Just a hodge podge of all her fun stuff rolled into one! Some old, some new. Some red, some blue. Some recolored, some stayed the same too! LOL

Just a fun filled day at the great lake. The boys had a blast! And they actually got along well!

Credits: Heather Mannings- By the sea (shells), Standing on the beach paper.

ETA: I want you all to know that HEATHER MANNING DID THE PAPER it is NOT a part of my original photo. I did an extraction of the boys and blended them. I have gotten a lot of compliments saying love the large photo...the water (background) is NOT part of my original photo. Please give credit to Heather Manning for that!!
This is my original photo.

Kristin Aagard-Turtle, leaves, acrylic star

Micheline Martin- relax word art


amy jo said...

Did you put that turtle on there just for me? Love ya!

Izzy said...

Wow! great layouts and looks like the boys didn't care that the water was freezing ;) Wonderful memories.