Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer, where'd you go?

Wow, Summer was a whirlwind. It was HOT! It was fun, but way too fast! I love autumn but for some reason, I am not looking forward to like I usually do. Something has changed. Not sure what it is but I am just not feeling like I did towards fall. Is that I know the cold and sickies will follow? I had a rough winter last year. Being without power for 3.5 days in sub-zero weather did something to me. Left a scar, a long, deep scar. A very ugly scar. I'm so sick of rain. I just want to be able to enjoy my Son's football games without it pouring and freezing. Everytime we have a game, it rains. And gee...calling for rain tomorrow too. Grrr...

I've got a lot on my plate still. I'm learing to say no to things but when I do, I say yes to one more thing because I know I have said NO! Must stop with the yes'. I wean myself off one project only to pick up a new one. But I'm mixing it up so that has to count for something.

I'm ready to go a full house PURGE. I feel like my interests have changed and things that I used to like are not what I like now. Color, decor, stuff. I have a lot of Stuff. Too much. It needs to go.

So many thoughts running around in my head and I'm not sure I wanna talk about them. Seems like when I do something comes along and changes it. So if I keep to myself, maybe things won't change. I think I am jinx'd. Just as soon as I say something the total opposite usually happens and I don't get what I want or thought I wanted. Everything happens for a reason and I firmly believe it but why can't things just go MY WAY once?!

whine whine whine whine whine....be thankful I don't post here more often!

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