Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Colie's Corner-City Boy

Credits: Colie's Corner-City Boy kit available at
Ok I have the strangest child in the world. Zander is just such a nut. I don't know whatelse to say about him. He wraps my scarf around his head and walks around the house like that for a while the other day. I asked him what he was doing and he just looks at me and muffles thru the scarf: Being a terrorist. Like it was just the dumbest question I could have asked him. So that really gets me thinking. He's 10. I can't even imagine what runs thru his mind about that topic at age 1o. How sad is that we live in a nation that kids that young know about stuff like that? I am sure someone along the way will take offense to his comment but hey, its called REAL LIFE deal with it. I am sorry he has to even know what they look like. And I am not going to cover my tracks and not share something just because it might offend. Tough toenails folks...unfortunately that's life now. And sometimes the truth is painful.


Izzy said...

Great layouts! I love the colors and textures in them!

Shell said...

yep for sure, the innocence of youth is a thing of the past