Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mad rush

Trying to get my layouts done before I head out of town this week. I have to go to Chicago for a Dental Convention. Sine has some really cool templates coming out on Friday. Here's a few layouts using them. Kristin has a really cool new kit coming out and I got those layouts done. But can't post. The Ettes have a new kit coming out as well. Got 3 layouts done using that kit. But can't post those either. So yes, you can say I had a productive few days. But not much to show for it! LOL

So I am still dealing with this sinus crap. I have now developed a nice cough to go along with the stuff nose. Life is just so unfair.

My sister and I went to Ikea yesterday. Had a blast. Took along a little friend of mine too. Can't really go into details on that little event yet either! LOL So secretive, aren't I?
I promise once I can share all this fun stuff with you all, I will.

I have been short one son all weekend. The oldest went to stay with his Aunt Abby in Bowling Green. Josh has been gone all day. Work. So it's just been Willy Bob and I home alone all day today. He's been playing Club Penguin and coloring all day. And I have been on the computer getting stuff done.

So I suppose you all want the back story on the weird al layout huh?! LOL Well, my girlfriend/coworker wore this half wig to work on Thursday and for whatever reason, my boss got the bright idea he was going to put it on. Well I didn't believe him. And when he walked into the room at lunch with it on, he literally scared me. I jumped because I had no clue he had put it on. You know how you can just tell when someone is standing behind you, well I turned to look because I knew he walked up behind me. Well this is what I saw! I ran to get my camera. And he actually stood there and let me take his picture. Silly silly man. Does he not comprehend the word BLACKMAIL?! We laughed very hard for awhile and little did we know that our next patients had come into the office. And we are all are in the back laughing so hard. So I ran up to use the restroom before lunch was over and there they were. Sitting there in the lobby wondering what in the heck was happening because we were laughing so hard and loud they heard us. So he of course had to go up front and show them. Oh...days like this make all the crappy ones worth it! He really does have a great sense of humor when he chooses to share it. It's just that he doesn't share it very often.
Well I also made the comment that it looked like a mop. And I said it reminded me of the swiffer commerical where the mop keeps trying to get back inside. And the song, Baby Come Back, is playing in the background. So all day long...we would move our own mop around the office with a sign on it that read, "Baby Come Back". It was extremely funny! It would be in the bathroom, the break room, the kitchen, our exam rooms, the waiting room. You get the idea. Cathy would stick it up behind the door so only I could see it and make me laugh while working on a patient. And then my last patient put on the wig and had it on when he walked into my room to do her exam! It was a classic!


Wendy said...

Very Cute Story, sounds like you have a lot of fun at work!

Love this layout of you and KH!
The colors are great together!

Hope you are feeling better soon, nothing like feeling crummy on a trip!

Kristin said...

That is hilarious! He totally looks like Weird Al too!